3 Best Rat Poisons on the Market: Most Effective Poison Baits in 2017

Are you facing a rat problem in your house, and you want to know what is the best rat poison on the market?

Rat traps really work, but many times, rats sense that it is a trap and they don’t get caught.

In that situation, the only weapon we left is the most effective rat poison.

Today, in this article, you will read the reviews of best rat poisons available on the market that you can use in the attic, garage, outdoors etc.

Best Rat Poison for Home & Outdoors

Old Cobblers Farnam

Old Cobblers Farnam is one of the most effective poison for killing rats. The main reason behind its popularity is that it really works.

You can go to a local store, and easily purchase a rat poison for the home of an unknown brand for a few bucks. But, the problem with these cheap products is that there is no guarantee they will work or not. They are not tested, nor reliable.

The key ingredient present in it that is responsible for killing the rodents is Bromadiolone, 0.005%.

The one thing you should note that it can take 4 to 5 days to work. Even, the Company says itself that, after placing the bait, it can take 4 to 5 days to see any dead rodents. This happens because of its ingredients and the type of poison they’re using in it.

But, it is lethal.

Not only for rodents, even it can be dangerous for humans and pets. Therefore, it is very important to keep it away from the reach of children and pets. Even, when you place the bait, make sure it is inaccessible to kids and pets.

For the best results, place 6 to 8 baits at different locations that increase the chances to get eaten by these rodents.

If you see the details of Old Cobblers Farnam on Amazon, you’ll find that it is very cheap, and still, it works great. So, having a very less price with effective rat poison bait makes it one of the most popular products on the market.

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Ratx Rat Bait

This is one of my favorite poisons for mice and rats.


Because it is safe for people, pets, and wildlife.

It looks weird that it is a poison for rodents while it is safe for other animals, but it all happens because of its special ingredients.

It is a non-toxic product that works differently from other poisons. There will be no risk of contamination of crops, food, or to the secondary poisoning of the birds.

Ratx is like a food source, but after eating this bait rats die due to dehydration. The mice and rats have sensors in their stomach that tell them when they’re thirsty. So, after eating the bait, it blocks their stomach sensors and their brain doesn’t get any information about their dehydration and even if they drink, they body doesn’t absorb it because of kidney failure.

At the end, dehydration, kidney failure, coma, and eventually they die somewhere.

The Company states that it is safe for pets and humans. But, still, do not take any risks. There could be hundreds of reasons it can do harm.

So, make sure, you place the bait at a place that is inaccessible to pets and kids.

If you are willing to pay a slightly higher price as compared to other rat poisons, for safety, then Ratx is the best choice for you.

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JT Eaton Rodenticide Bait (Peanut Butter Flavor)

JT Eaton is one of the oldest companies that make rodenticide to kill rodents like mice & rats. It was established in 1932.

When you purchase this product, you’ll get 144 packs of 1-ounce rodenticide bait blocks.

This anticoagulant block bait is specially formulated and comes with a peanut butter flavor. As peanut butter is one of the favorite baits of all the catchers because it attracts them quickly. Having a peanut butter flavor, rats & mice can’t control themselves from eating it, and finally, they die.

But, you have to note that, they will not die immediately after eating it. This rodenticide contains Diphacinone with 0.005% that kills rats after a few days after the feeding. But, it really kills them.

It is perfect rat poison for attic, garage or basements to get rid of them from such common hiding places.

This product also comes with a 1-year limited warranty, so that; you don’t have to worry about any defect in it.

The Company didn’t say anything about it being pet-friendly. So, you can say that it can harm your pet if they eat it.

Note: Make sure, you place the bait at the locations that are inaccessible by pets and kids. As it has peanut butter flavor, it can attract pets towards it.

When it comes to its price, it’s quite affordable.

It is neither the cheapest nor the expensive, its price is affordable.

Check Details of JT Eaton on Amazon

Final Words

These 3 are the best rat poisons available on the market which you can buy. These are deadly to rats and mice, and they may take a 3 to 4 days to work, but eventually, you will be able to get rid of rats from your house with these rat poisons.

But, make sure, whenever you place the bait; keep it away from the reach of children and pets. These can be very harmful to them.

Have you ever used any rat poison before? What are the special things that you can share with us?

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