6 Best Roach Killers: Eliminate Cockroaches in Just 1 Week

We don’t want cockroaches in our home. We want to get rid of them. These disgusting looking creatures spread diseases, and we don’t want to see them.

What’s the solution?

Cockroach Killer! Let’s kill them all.

There are many types of product available like traps, gel baits, bait stations, and sprays. But, gel baits and sprays are the widely popular because of their effectiveness and ease of use.

But Wait, what’s the best roach killer on the market?

There are many products available which claim to make your home free from roach infestation. But in reality, only a few of them really work. In this article, I have shared the best cockroach killer for apartments which are trusted by people, and you can purchase them without hesitation. You can also use Home Remedies for getting rid of roaches, it’ll not cost you money but they’re not as fast as these things.

6 Best Roach Killer Products

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait (I recommend)

Advion Best Roach Killer Gel Baits

Currently, this is Amazon’s best seller product in Pest Control Baits & Lures. This product is used by thousands of users, and they are all satisfied with its quality.  This product is far ahead than its competitors.

This is the best roach killer for home which has Indoxacarb as the main ingredient. It has 2 years of expiry after the date of manufacturing. Therefore, after 2 years, it’ll hardly last longer.

This gel bait attracts roaches, and they die after eating it. You don’t have to think about which roach species are present in your home, it’s equally effective on all the species. With this cockroach poison bait, you can easily control the roach population.

The company recommends that you should apply this gel bait at 4-5 places. This is the strongest cockroach killer which is able to fight from huge roach army. More than 90% users of this product recommend it.

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12 Dupont Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas

Best Roach Killer Baits

This is another great home roach killer. It’s very effective, and can make your home free from these pests. Whether you want to use it for residential or commercial purposes, it’ll not disappoint you.

According to the company, this product is safe for pets and only targets cockroaches. But, to be on the safe side, be careful while using it if you have pets in your house.

This product will not cost you much, it’s quite affordable. You can check the current price and the reviews.

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Roach Spray by Bengal Chemical

Pest Killing Spray

If you’ve roaches running in your home, and you don’t want to use poison baits for killing roaches then this product is made for you. It’s the best roach killer spray which quickly kills these dirty pests.

Most of its users highly recommend it. If you use this product then be careful, it’s a gaseous poison spray which is highly dangerous. When spraying it on the infested areas like crevices, or directly on the roaches kill them instantly. After using it, leave the room for 30 to 50 minutes so the air becomes normal again. Do not let your kids or pets go near the places where you spray it, it can be highly dangerous.

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Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel

Combat Source Kill

Combat provides one of the best cockroach killer baits for the home use. It’s quite cheap and very affordable. This poison bait attracts roaches, they eat and die slowly. They’ll not die just after eating the bait, but definitely on the next day, you’ll be collecting dead roaches.

You can put the bait in cracks so you don’t have to worry about kids and pets. As this cockroach killer is very cheap, and effectively kills them, therefore, it’s one of the first choices of the people. With this cockroach killer, you can make your home free from roach infestation in less than one week.

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Combat Source Kill Max R2 Large Roach Bait

Best Cockroach Killer 2016

This is another effective product from Combat, but unlike gel, you’ll find bait stations. These poisonous bait stations effectively kill both small and large cockroaches. It’s very easy to use, you just have to place it near the infested area, and in the next few hours, you’ll see dead roaches. There is nothing to activate. After eating the bait, the roaches will die in the open so you can easily clean the mess.

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Harris Roach Tablets

Best Indoor Roach Killer 2016

This is one of the cheapest roach killers which are used by people from generations. In the box, you’ll get 100 tablets which you have to put in a place where you suspect roaches in your house like under the fridge, furniture etc. They don’t produce any odor and doesn’t attract cats or dogs. But still, it’ll be good if you keep them away from the reach of kids, and pets.

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These are the best roach killers which are trusted by thousands of users. But, if I have to recommend any product to you, then I will go for Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait because it’s the most popular, highly effective, and affordable. If you have cockroach infestation in your house, then this gel bait will kill them all. Along with this gel bait, you can also purchase a roach spray, so if you found any cockroaches moving in your house then kill them immediately with the spray without waiting for placing the poison baits for them.

Which cockroach killer do you use? What’s your experience? Share it with us in the comments!

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