Gopher Poison Reviews: 5 Best Gopher Killers & Poison Baits

Do you’ve moles & pocket gophers in your garden?

If yes, then you should look for the best gopher poison on the market.


Why gopher poison?

Because, it’s most effective way to get rid of them. Poison baits that are not eaten immediately will also be effective after several days if the next gopher family comes.

So, let’s move to the gopher baits.

What is the best gopher killer on the market? 

I recommend JT Eaton.

It’s a great product, and effectively kills gophers, and make your garden rodent free. Gophers will love to eat that, and after that, they’ll die.

Before making your decision, I highly recommend that you read the reviews of people who used this product.

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5 Best Gopher Poison Baits in 2017

Bonide 697 Mole & Gopher Killer 8 oz

It’s one of the best gopher poison baits which you can use to kill gophers in your garden. It’s very economical, and you need just one teaspoon for the treatment of a tunnel.

It consists of 2.0% zinc phosphide, which acts as a poison for gophers. It works excellently as bait.

There are many happy users of this product, and most of them say that it works great, and after using it, they didn’t see any gopher activity in their garden.

But, before using it in your yard, it’ll be good if you take a close look where you’re going to apply it.

Many people didn’t get any good results, not because of the product, just because of the fact that, they didn’t apply it correctly. Therefore, no gopher gets reached to it.

Another benefit of using this gopher and mole poison is that it’s very inexpensive. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars, you can take it home for just a few dollars, and from the next day, it’ll take care of your garden.

But, you shouldn’t purchase it just by reading, what I’ve said.

As you’re spending money, therefore, I’ll highly recommend that you read the reviews of this gopher bait, analysis it according to your situation, and then decide.

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JT Eaton Gopher Bait

The JT Eaton Gopher Bait is an excellent product.

From all the products I’ve reviewed here, I personally see it as the best gopher & mole poison.

It effectively kills these rodents and makes your home free from them.

On Amazon, when you’ll check the product page, you’ll see that it works only for gophers.

But, wait!

The anticoagulant diphacinone is the active ingredient in it. It is also one of the best gopher baits on the market. Just the manufacturer missed writing about it.

As compared to other products, I’ll prefer JT Eaton.

So, if you are thinking about buying one, then make sure, you check it before making your decision.

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Sweeney’s Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts

It’s a pack of 4.

It not only works for gophers, it’s also a good mole poison.

You can use this gopher & mole pellets in your garden as a bait, and it’ll attract the unwanted animals. After eating them, they will die quickly.

The cone tip on the top of it can be used to punch holes in the active tunnel surfaces, and it’ll be easier to place these poison pellets.

Just like the previous one, this product also contains zinc phosphide for the effective killing.

For using it, first, you have to determine which are the most active tunnels in your yard. You can check them by either putting some pressure on a small section of the tunnel or by removing a 1-inch soil from the roof of the tunnel.

Now, recheck them, if you see some activity after a few hours, or if the roof has been repaired, then it’s a clear sign that it’s an active tunnel.

Remember, for getting the best result; apply it only on the active tunnels.

Now, you’ve identified the active tunnel, punch a hole on the top of the tunnel, using this cone, and drop a teaspoon of the gopher pellets, and close the tunnel.

For many users, this product worked good, but some people complain that it didn’t work that well as expected.

So, check the real user reviews, and decide which one you should buy.

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Giant Destroyer Gas Bomb

The giant destroyer is able to kill moles, gophers, rats, squirrels, skunks, and other similar rodents.

But, what’s the giant destroyer?

It’s a gas bomb or a smoke bomb.

You’ll get a total of 8 tubes.

These gas bombs work and kill the rodents.

Personally, I don’t like them, because they stink, and you’ve to be very careful when using them.

But, it’s a very affordable product which does the job.

So, if you want to check it, or want to read reviews, then go ahead.

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Tomcat Mole Killer

If you’re struggling with the mole presence, then this is the best mole killer for you.

Moles eat insects like the earthworm, and therefore, Tomcat mimics their food source.

The worm-shaped bait mimics their food source, and therefore it attracts them.

After eating it, they’ll die.

As gophers are vegetarian, it’ll be only effective for moles.

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Caution: When using a gopher killer or poison bait, keep them away from the reach of children & pets. Before using them, make sure it’s legal to use them in your state.

Along with poison pellets, you can also use the gopher traps for the maximum results.

So, these are the best gopher poison baits, and these are well tested by the users. Before purchasing any of the products you should read the reviews which help you to take your decision. If you have any suggestions, feel free to write them in comments.

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