Killing Rats with Coke (Coca Cola or Pepsi): Does It Really Work?

If you’re facing a rat & mice problem in your house, then you’re willing to try any home remedy that can eliminate them from your house.

Moving to the higher floor isn’t a solution, rodents like mice can climb walls. You need something. 

There are many home remedies that have been used by people. And one of them is soft drinks.

Now, the question arises,

Does coke kill rats?

It is a popular home remedy that is used by a lot of people. But, the percentage of those people is also high who says, it doesn’t work.

Let’s be positive.

If you can kill rats with coke, then it’s great. It’s cheap, and we can find it in our refrigerator.

How to Kill Rats with Coke

Killing rats with coke

For killing rats with coke, you need soft drinks like Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

There is no rule like you has to use Coca-Cola or Pepsi, we just need soft drinks that contain carbonated water, and it should be sweet.

Now pour some coke on a plate, because rats and mice can easily drink it from the plate.

Place it where you expect their activity like in the attic, dark corners, and other similar places.

The sweetness of Coke will attract these rodents, and they’ll drink it.

What happens when we drink coke?

Our stomach gets filled with gas, and we have to burp to release the carbon dioxide.

As far as we know, rats can’t burp.

So, after drinking the carbonated soft drinks, they’ll die because they can’t burp, and they’ll be unable to get rid of the carbon dioxide created by the soft drinks. And, you can say, it is coke rat poison, they drink and die.

Note: To kill rats with Coca-Cola, always use fresh & sealed soft drink because it’ll have the maximum gas. An opened soft drink will be less effective. And, make sure, your pets don’t drink it.

But, Will it Work? (The Truth)

People say it works.

But, a lot of people say that it doesn’t work.

Even, some rats & mice owners say that their own rat is drinking coke from a long time, and it didn’t die.

Should I Try to Kill Rats with Coke?

There are fewer chances that it’ll work.

If you have a soft drink (Coca Cola or Pepsi) in your house, then you can try it, as it doesn’t cost you a lot.

But, from the experiences of a lot of people, I will say that coke is not a good rat killer.

You can try if you want, but, according to me, there are high chances that coke will not work.

Coke is cheap and can be found in our home, but it is not a reliable option.

Now, What?

If coke doesn’t work for you, as expected, then you should take help of a real rat poison. Old Cobblers Farnam will be the best choice for you.

Why I’m recommending Old Cobblers Farnam?

Old Cobblers Farnam is very cheap. It is one of the cheapest rat poisons available on the market. Still, it is highly effective.

Before making a purchase, you should read the customer reviews of Old Cobblers Farnam Rat Poison to check whether it’s good for you or not.

Final Words

If you’re facing a rat & mice infestation in your home, then you should try killing these rodents with the soft drinks, if it works.

It is a safe way to get rid of them.

My recommendation is Old Cobblers Farnam, but you can purchase any poison you want, according to your budget & needs.

But, will it work?

Try it, and you’ll find out.

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