Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs? Everything You Want to Know

Let’s don’t waste time, and move to the point.

Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

There are a lot of people and victims of bed bugs claim that alcohol really kills bed bugs.

But, the percentage of those people who say, it doesn’t work is also high.

So, should I use it? Let’s find the answer.

How to Kill Bed Bugs with Alcohol

Will Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

This becomes a tricky question because in some studies it is found that alcohol is not a good bed bug killer on which you can trust.

According to an article from Science News, rubbing alcohol doesn’t work that well as everyone expects. In one test, it only killed about half of the bed bugs that were sprayed directly.

While according to a study of Rutgers University, bed bugs that were sprayed with Isopropyl alcohol aren’t much affected by it. Even, very much of them were alive for 4 days after the initial experimentation. So, Rutgers University classified alcohol as “does not work home remedy” against bed bugs.

But, the Internet is full of stories that say, rubbing alcohol really kill these bugs. In this thread on the Bedbugger forum, the person used 99% isopropyl alcohol because the local drugstore didn’t have the famous 91% isopropyl alcohol. That 99% alcohol worked really well for him.

Some expert entomologists recommend that the use of a higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol is more effective when dealing with bed bugs. So it means, if you use 91% & 70% isopropyl alcohol, the one with 91% concentration will work faster and will be more effective. Maybe, this is because it worked so well when he used 99% concentrated alcohol, in the above example.

How to Use Alcohol to Kill Bed Bugs

  • First, vacuum the whole house. It’ll eliminate any bugs that are crawling on the bed, under the furniture, and in other places.
  • Remove all the clothing, bed sheets, pillowcases etc and seal them in a plastic bag, so that, these bugs won’t come out. Now, use the dryer to kill them. Read this short article about using a clothes dryer to kill bed bugs.
  • Rub alcohol on the surfaces like the bed, box springs etc, or you can also spray it using a bottle.
  • Follow this alcohol treatment after every 3 to 4 days to get rid of them.

Downsides of Isopropyl Alcohol

  • It is flammable. The more concentrated it is, the quicker it catches fire. So, be careful when you use it.
  • It dries out fast, so store it in a sealed bottle.
  • It is not good for the skin. It’ll dry out your skin.
  • When doing the bed bug alcohol treatment, wear a mask because its strong odor can be toxic.
  • It can leave stains on fabrics and on some similar surfaces.

Can Only Alcohol Remove Bedbug Infestation?

If the infestation is low, and it has not spread everywhere in your house. Then go ahead, give it a chance.

But, if there is a heavy infestation at your house, then, unfortunately, rubbing alcohol will not be enough to get rid of all the bedbugs present in your house.

It is also possible that these pests have developed immunity towards alcohol and therefore, they don’t feel any deadly effect.

You can use this home remedy, but it is not the one on which you can fully trust.

Final Words

If you are facing a heavy infestation, then alcohol may not be the best option for you. But, you can use a steam cleaner that works really well. If you’ve one at your home, then there is nothing better than this. Reading this article about steamers will help you.

After using alcohol, please share your experience with us in the comment section. It’ll be very helpful for all of us.

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