Are Ants Attracted to Urine? {Why Ants Love Bathrooms}

Do you see answer around your toilet bowl? Are ants attracted to urine?

Why do ants infest public bathrooms? What does it mean if you see ants on urine? What is in urine that attracts ants?

In this article, we will find out the answer to the question, are ants attracted to urine?

Are Ants Attracted to Urine?

Yes. Ants are attracted to urine because it contains glucose. Our kidneys regulate glucose and expel through our urine.

Kidneys that are not working properly can contain even more quantities of glucose. Some myths suggest that people with high blood sugar levels and damaged kidneys can attract more ants on their urine.

Ants on your urine doesn’t mean that you have diabetes. This is simply not proven to be a fact.

Do Ants Like Human Urine?

Yes. Ants are attracted to human urine because it contains glucose.

Sugar ants that we know and understand to be drawn to any sweet substances, are in fact, greatly attracted to human urine.

Apparently, sugar ants prefer it to sugar water. Multiple tests have been conducted to prove this.

Why Do Ants Get Attracted to Urine?

Ants get attracted to urine because it contains glucose. Kidneys in our bodies are regulating glucose all the time. They are helping us to expel the glucose in us.

Ants are able to detect the glucose in our urine as we relieve ourselves in the bathroom. They are always traces of urine around the toilet bowl.

Ants are attracted to these traces and will find themselves foraging for sweet substances. They will find enough glucose in your urine to ingest and bring back to their colony.

Are Ants Attracted to Pet Urine?

Yes. There are plenty of studies that have been undertaken to find out that ants are attracted to urine in pets as well.

Ants are attracted to dog urine. There is a high urea content in dog urine. This also indicates that glucose levels are exceptionally high in dog urine.

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Does Ants on Urine Mean Diabetes?

No. This is a misconception. Just because you have ants on your urine, doesn’t mean you have diabetes. Everyone has glucose in their urine.

Some myths were surrounding the idea that if your blood sugar is very high, ants will be attracted to your urine.

When kidneys are working hard to regulate the glucose in your body, they may be damaged when they expel too much of it.

Before modern medicine, it was suggested that diabetes was present in those patients where ants were attracted to urine more than those who were not diabetic.

Why is Urine Attractive to Ants?

Ants like urine because:

  • of the high urea content.
  • it has an interesting smell or aroma that they are drawn to.
  • there are energy sources and minerals for them to ingest. 
  • urine contains water that ants need to survive.
  • urine could be the only option for ants who are hungry and looking to forage.
  • there is glucose in urine.
  • urine can also contain protein.

High  levels of glucose in urine is quite normal. Ants are drawn to glucose. They also enjoy the urea content inside urine.

Ants finds the food sources, moisture and humidity to be comfortable in bathrooms. This is why we see many ants in urinals and all around public bathrooms.

What Substances in Urine Attracts Ants?

Ants are attracted to urine because of the glucose contents in it. Those who are diabetic have higher contents of sugar in their urine.

Ants need this sugar for energy. You do not need to have diabetes for ants to be attracted to your urine. Some kidneys expel more glucose than others.

If you notice ants on your urine and no one else’s, it may be a good opportunity for you to check your blood sugar levels.

There are better tests to conduct in clinics or hospitals to find out whether or not your blood sugar level is too high.

Do Ants Smell Like Urine?

Many people equate the smell of ants to urine. The odor is especially strong at their source. The nest of ants can smell like:

  • urine
  • ammonia
  • vinegar

This smell is a defense mechanism that can ward off predators. The formic acid that ants can leave behind smells like vinegar, ammonia or urine.

Formica ants for example, have a very strong scent that resembles a bitter or foul odor. Too many of them together create such a strong odor that will cause you to leave the area.

If your sense of smell is sensitive to urine, vinegar or ammonia, you will not wish to be near this location.

What Are Odorous House Ants?

Odorous house ants get their name from the foul scent that they release when they are trying to fend-off larger predators. The odor is especially strong when they are crushed.

Some people describe that smell to resemble ammonia, vinegar or urine. This is why it’s a bad idea to step on them.

It is a very powerful defense mechanism for these ants. Odor is how these ants can spread their colony and become multiple colonies in a process known as budding.

If you are trying to use chemicals against them,  they will sense the odor and bud to spread out into other colonies.

If you are smelling a strange pungent odor, but you can’t trace where it is coming from, there is a chance that you may have an infestation of odorous house ants.


Ants are attracted to urine because there is glucose inside it. Your urine also contains enough water and minerals that ants can thrive on. It is quite normal for ants to be attracted to urine.

Just because ants are on your urine doesn’t mean that you are diabetic or have kidney damage. Modern medicine allows us to voluntarily undergo testing to find out the quality of our urine and whether or not our kidneys are functioning normally. You do not need ants to determine this for you.


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