Are Termites Attracted to Light at Night? (Which Ones?}

Do termites like the light or are they hiding from it? Are termites attracted to light at night?

Which termites are drawn to light? Which termites hide away from it? Why do termites swarm around light?

In this article, we will find out if termites are attracted to light at night.

Are Termites Attracted to Light at Night?

Yes or no. Only the winged termites in their development stage are attracted to light at night. Workers , soldiers and queen termites do not enjoy well-lit areas. They are dwelling, working and eating inside the walls are wooden structures of your homes where it is dark.

Termites enjoy moisture, humidity and darkness while they are in there adult stages. Winged termites are attracted to light at night when they are looking for a new location to start their next colony.

When do Termites Swarm?

Termite swarm in the early stages of their physical development when they still have wings. They swarm in the late afternoon or early evening is in the summer.

Termites are mostly nocturnal and will be drawn to sources of light around your home when they are flying in a swarm. They are looking for lamps, motion lights or any type of light that is reflecting from the inside through your windows.

If there are any gaps, cracks, crevices or other entryways for these swarming, winged termites to enter, they will push their way through.

If you notice their wings shed, this means you have left them behind and started in the next stage in their development where the colony could grow into the thousands or even the millions inside your home without you noticing.

Are Termites Attracted to Light?

Only winged termites are attracted to light. They are called alates. They are swarmers that grow wings.

They are usually males who have a purpose of trying to find a new location to start their colony. They do this during the spring and summer months.

These termites are definitely attracted to light. It will start with porch lights in the neighborhood. In a matter of seconds, there could be thousands of winged termites flying around neighborhood lamp post. They could be looking for light reflecting through windows or open doorways.

All it takes is for a couple of winged termites to make their way into your home and begin the process of infesting it once they shed their wings.

Which Termites are Attracted to Light?

Winged termites are attracted to light. There are also called alates. King, queen, workers and soldiers are not attracted to light.

They are looking to either build, dig or feast inside poorly lit areas that are moist or rich in cellulose contained within the wood. They do not want to be noticed, and they can live in the darkness for months or years this way.

There are other winged termites such as males and females who become the kings and queens that mate and create new colonies through nuptial flights. These are not the same as the smaller, winged termites who are flying around trying to find a new place to swarm and reproduce.

Light invites them in. Once their colony matures, new kings and queens may develop larger and longer wings to create the next colony.

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Why are Winged Termites Attracted to Light?

Winged termites are often seen near homes. There are flying around searching for places to start new colonies. Sources of light allow winged termites to find new destinations where wood is readily available.

This will happen during the afternoons or early evenings of spring and summer. Make sure you close all entryways, windows and doors to make no room for winged termites to enter your home.

If you noticed wings have been shed around your windows or doorways, it was a good chance the infestation has begun.

What Do Flying Termites Look Like?

Flying termites are not as big as king or queen termites who also have wings.

  • They are usually tan or beige in color.
  • Their wings are translucent or white.
  • They are usually double the size of the length of their body.
  • Wings termites are called alates.
  • They have 2 antennae hat are straight but curved slightly downwards at the tips.

Monitor these flying termites in the spring and summer late afternoons or early evenings. You can try termite bait and liquid termiticide treatment.

Please lock and shut all windows during this time. Close the doors. Do not allow these winged termites to enter your home. Seal all the gaps around your house.

Do Winged Termites Come Out In The Dark?

Winged termites come out at night in swarms when humidity levels are higher in the late spring to early summer. Soon they will shed their wings and not be attracted to the light at all.

They will enjoy living in moist, warm, humid and dark environments to reproduce then feast on cellulose inside the wood materials of your home.

Drywood, Formosan, dampwood and subterranean termites are going to enjoy the darkness when they are building tunnels, poking holes in the walls, and structurally damaging your home as they eat.


If you are noticing flying insects with straight antennae, straight waste, discarded wings, and flying in swarms, you are probably looking at winged termites and not flying ants. They are looking for a new place to begin their infestation and build another colony.

Spot them before it is too late. Set termite traps or better yet, make sure your home is completely sealed during the spring and summer seasons when their swarms are active in the late afternoon or early evening.

It is always wise to have an annual termite inspection as well to make sure that these winged termites who are attracted to light have not entered your home without you noticing.


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