What Does Armadillo Poop Look Like? {How To Identify With Pictures}

Have you found some poop that you think is from an Armadillo, do you know what does armadillo poop look like.

Are you sure the poop is from an Armadillo?

Below I will cover how you can identify the poop and will include images.

What Does Armadillo Poop Look like?

Armadillo poop will be small pellets of about an inch long.  The texture will be clay like and usually contains small insects such as beetles.

An Armadillo scat can be identified even without taking a look at it as they smell tremendously offensive and nauseating. The droppings are easy to step on while strolling around your backyard or garden.

The droppings can be extremely difficult to clean up especially when stepped on.

The shape, size, and color of the feces generally depend on the food they have been feeding on. However, the scat always appears as a structure of pellet that is small measuring about an inch in length only.

Picture Of Armadillo Poop

Below is a picture of an armadillo poop I took earlier this year.

As you can see the poop is around 1 inch in size and looks very dry.  It looks very dry because it will contain a lot of soil the armadillo consumes when hunting insects.

picture of armadillo poop

The color of the feces determines the amount of time it has been exposed to the outside environment.

Final Words

The Armadillos can be both a blessing as well as curse to use. They feed on the beetles, wasps, leeches, and centipedes that infest your house and keeps you on your toes fearing their arrival into your house.

Hence, they are responsible to keep these bugs out of your homes and away from the surroundings of your environment.

However, the droppings carry bacteria with them that can lead to serious illness especially for the workers handling the cleaning of Armadillo droppings. They also tend to destroy your backyard causing more damage than preventing it by digging huge holes.

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