Baby Scorpions Images: {Everything You Want to Know}

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Nobody likes to find a scorpion in their house, roaming around freely and lazily but they are quite a common pest and if not taken care of immediately, can pose a huge problem of infestation. And one of the most common signs of scorpion infestation is spotting baby scorpion in your house.

Baby scorpions, which are also known as ‘scorplings’, if seen in your house is an indication of a bigger problem! But before we address the problem, let’s find out a little more about them

What Do Baby Scorpions Look Like?

Baby scorpions are sometimes difficult to spot as compared to the adult scorpions because they are much smaller in size and light in color (they are usually a light creamy color).

Also, baby scorpions do not glow under black light unlike the adult scorpions (they glow because of the chemicals they have in their exoskeleton) and because of that, they are even harder to notice.

Can Baby Scorpions Sting?

Baby Scorpion Identification

Yes, baby scorpions can sting and their sting has the same effects of an adult scorpion’s sting. Some people say that baby scorpion’s sting is more dangerous than an adult’s but that is no true.

Baby scorpion’s sting presents the same risks as the sting of an adult scorpion because the venom is the stinger of a scorpion that is the same throughout their life.

If I Found One Baby Scorpion Are There More?

Yes, if you found one baby scorpion in your house, there is a very good chance that they might be more because female scorpion gives birth to a brood of up to a hundred scorpions at the same time. After birth, these baby scorpions ride on their mothers back till they are ready to go off on their own.

Baby Scorpion Images

How to Get Rid of Baby Scorpions in your House

Like I mentioned above, if you notice one baby scorpion in your house, then there is a bigger problem for you because you might be dealing with a scorpion infestation because a female scorpion gives birth to around a 100 scorpion at the same time so there might be 99 more somewhere roaming around in your house and these baby scorpions are very small in size and cannot be seen under black light like an adult scorpion, you do need to take certain measures to immediately get rid of them and the infestation.

Some of these measures are:

  • Fill in all the cracks and crevices in your house because this where they usually live once inside your house.
  • Scorpions like damp and dark places; therefore, you need to get rid of excess moisture in your house like standing water, etc. to avoid further dwelling.
  • You also need to get rid of any area in or around your house that could be a good scorpion shelter like empty cardboard boxes, cluttered clothes, and other things.
  • You can also use sticky traps and lay them all around your house, especially in common dwelling places of the scorpions. Sticky traps are usually used to catch rats and other insects but they work equally well for Scorpions.
  • Please remember that some sticky traps have pesticides sprayed in them which could be harmful to your pets and children if they come in contact with them. Hence it is always suggestible to buy non-toxic sticky traps.
  • Scorpion control products, especially made for this purpose, like insecticides and wettable powdercanalso be used but it is always better to use them under the guidance of a specialist.
  • However, the fact that you found a baby scorpion in your house calls for a much severe step because there could be tons of them more crawling all over your place, so in such a case, one of the best solutions is to call an exterminator because they are well equipped with all the necessary tools and measures to handle such situations.

To get rid of baby scorpions, you need to focus on eliminating water and food sources for them along with keeping your house dry with sufficient light.

Final Words

Stings of scorpions, whether baby or adult, can be very painful but are rarely life-threatening. Nonetheless, it is better to avoid them completely especially from letting them live in your house because once there is an infestation; you need to be quick and well prepared with all the measures to get rid of them.

Spotting a baby scorpion inside your home is usually a sign of infestation so it is better to be cautious from the start and keep your house well maintained to steer clear from this problem altogether.

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