Best Vacuum for Bed Bugs: {Bed Bug Vacuum Cleaner}

Have you had an encounter with bed bugs before? If yes, then you know it’s imperative that the issue gets under your control. In order for you to be able to do that, you must acquire the right information before proceeding to our review on the best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs.

Bed bugs infestation are common issues, many homes are victims just as you are. So there is no need to be scared or worried about them.

What to expect — we discuss all necessary information and products needed to help facilitate your understanding about beg bugs & dust mites and get rid of them once and for all.

To begin with, let get to know what these annoying pests are all about.

Q1 Bed Bugs — what are they?

Bed bugs are a really annoying pest who derives a lot of pleasure from feeding on human blood and leaving irritating bite marks (rash as popularly called). Generally, most people are not aware of the forms beg bugs exist. They exist in different and numerous forms. This makes it paramount that you understand what they are before taking necessary actions.bed bugs in house

Bedbugs eggs — these eggs are very thin and can hardly be seen easily with our naked eyes. These eggs are laid by fully grown beg bugs. The eggs can be found laying around at any location, especially area they have already infested. You can also use some effective home remedies, like bleach for getting rid of eggs of bed bugs

Bed bugs in a few noticeable — they remain tiny, small and barely noticeable before they commence feeding. Despite their small size and their bite still, cause more harm.

After feeding — immediately, they begin to appear big and reddish after feeding a lot of human blood. At times, when beg bugs do not intend to feed they hide anywhere in your home.

Q2 Why are bed bugs in my home?

It’s crucial that you are fully aware of the reasons why pests like bed bugs actually exist in your home. This leaves you wondering how you got it in the first place.

People who travel from places to places with luggage always tends to bring home with the luggage attached beg bugs. A single bed bug is enough to cause an infestation.

Ignorance also has a lot to do with how to get bed bugs infestation. Equally, having dirt or abandoned houses are more likely to have bed bugs laying around. Places like this make it easy for bed bugs to breed. There can be many other causes of their infestation in your house

Q3 — How to Figure Out if you have Bed Bugs

Knowing the right information about this pest can help you figure out if you have them laying around somewhere.

However, we are here to help, we will discuss few among the many processes of detecting if you have one these pests.

Bed Bugs Traps — the method is really appropriate if these are your first time you are encountering pests such as this. Look for a store and ask for bed bugs traps. Upon getting on, put the traps in places where you feel is infested by bed bugs.

Inspect your bed — if you already have a bit of experience with bed bugs, then these should be easy for you. Take a proper look at the surface of your bed and bedspreads, look for visible traces or marks caused by bed bugs.

What you should look out for: tiny bloodstained, egg shells and live or dead bed bugs are all signs of an infestation.

Other Method — there are many other means of detecting if you have an infestation. 

Q4 — What I Do After An Infestation?

You don’t have to panic about the infestation. There are two easy things to do — contact a professional or take care of it yourself.

Get a professional — this is the easiest means so far if you want to get rid of bed bugs. Although it is efficient and easy, it is very expensive.

Get it done yourself — if you are choosing to do it yourself, you should be aware it isn’t going to be easy like getting a professional and definitely requires a lot of patience before the infestation is properly gotten rid of.

There are many ways to get it done: bed bugs vacuum, freezing treatment and heating treatment.

Bed Bugs Vacuum — this method is actually very easy. This treatment can be used by anyone (first time encountering bed bugs or already have). Using a vacuum to capture bed bugs physically gives you the assurance that they are dead or gone for good.

Using the Freezing treatment — this method might seem funny or a joke but it works. This treatment requires you to take infested beddings and freeze them. At very low temperature, bed bugs and their egg can’t suffer, leading to demise. In addition, you have to be worried about the fabrics of your beddings, it’s totally safe.

Using the heat treatment — this method is quite similar to that discussed above. This is quite different, you can make use of a dryer or oven to heat up (not burn it) infested beddings. Bed bugs can only survive in a place with room temperature, any beyond or lower is capable of killing them. Use of steam cleaners on a mattress to kill bed bugs is a good option.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Bed Bugs & Dust Mites— buyer’s guide

Best Vacuum for Dust Mites

This review is to help you choose the best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs, but before then you need to know what is a vacuum cleaner for bed bugs.

This instrument is basically designed to kill bed bugs and make your home perfectly clean from all sort of pests — dust mites, bed bugs, etc.

When it comes to bed bugs, the vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to handle such matters.

There are different types of vacuum cleaner for bed bugs, all serve the same purpose — stop an infestation. However, we will only be presenting you in this review the best vacuum cleaner for dust mites & bed bugs.

Why Do You Need A Good Bed Bugs Vacuum?

A good bed bugs vacuum should have the following qualities —

  • Lightweight
  • Chemical-free sanitizer
  • Easy to use

Top 3 Vacuum for Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

Vacuum for Bed Bugs & Dust Mites


This vacuum has amazing qualities, that not only made it stand out but also customer’s choice. It’s not only effective for killing bed bugs, but also dust mites, allergens, germs and many more.

This vacuum has high power suction — 8.5kPa suction force and 3500RPM vibration action to suck all pests. This product is quite light and very compatible. It weighs about 3.1 Lbs, making it very easy to carry around and use.

The vacuum is safe, you can make use of it indoor with no worries about air pollution. It also has a HEPA filtration system — it can capture almost all bed bugs without them escaping.

It is one of the best vacuums for dust mites and the common bed bugs that you found in your home.

Light and compatible
HEPA filtration system
Very Powerful suction force
Nice design
Easy maneuver


Fragile — easy get spoilt if you ram it too hard on hard surfaces.


Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Portable Vacuum makes use of UV technology to kill germs and equipped with harmless sanitizers.
This bed bugs vacuum cleaner has amazing qualities, it has an immense power suction, which enables all bed bugs killed.
Verilux CleanWave makes use of light disinfection method, these light helps reduce germs, bed bugs and others. The UV light has the power to penetrate the microorganism cell membrane and destroy their DNA structure.

Another amazing thing is the huge power motor about 400 watts. This power rating makes it superior and consistent. It also comes with great suction power (operation: cyclonic action), you can rest assured every pest will be sucked.


Easy to use
Laboratory tested and proofing efficient
Immense power (400 watts)
Germ-reduction UV Technology


The sensor is not highly sensitive


Are you looking for an affordable vacuum bed bugs cleaner? Anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum Cleaner is your best shot (with high qualities no less).

Being affordable doesn’t mean it has a low efficiency in helping you get rid of bed bugs. It has a great performance, very portable, and works on all pests — bed bugs, allergens, germs, dust mines and much more.

When using this vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about it damaging your sofa, bed, rugs, pillows, and others.

Its UV light indicator is always unless the three rollers leave the surface. This makes it unique and protects you from unwanted complications.


Sleek design
Easy to use
The very powerful UV light
Awesome features


The UV light trigger is very difficult to activate. It requires more pressure to achieve your aim, which many customers find hard and unpleasant.


After the above discussion, we can come to a verdict that vacuum cleaner for bed bugs are really efficient and a great tool to stop a pest infestation.
We have done a careful review of top 3 vacuum bed bugs. However, it is left to you to chose one which you find appropriate.

To do a proper treatment of this problem, along with vacuuming, you can also use bug sprays for killing bed bugs. These are also very effective & affordable.

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