Best Bug Bomb for Spiders: Spider Fogger Reviews {2020}

Let’s be quick.

Do bug bombs kill spiders?

Yes, if you use them correctly, they’ll kill spiders, even those that are hidden somewhere in your house.

So, today, I’ll review the best spider bombs that you can use in your house, and you can easily get rid of these pests.

The Quick Review

If I have to use one spider bomb in my house to kill all the bugs crawling, then I will use Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger.

Whether you are suffering from spiders, roaches, or ants, it will kill all of them.

After the application of Raid Deep Reach Fogger, its residual action keeps killing bugs for the next 2 months.

The good thing is that Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger is very cheap, and in the box, you’ll get 3 foggers.

But, don’t purchase it just because I’m recommending it. Make sure, at first, you read the customer reviews of Raid Deep Reach Fogger.

3 Best Bug Bombs for Spiders

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

As we all know, Raid is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to dealing with pests.

As the name suggests, Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger effectively kills spiders, ants, and roaches.

When you purchase this set, you’ll get 3 foggers.

These are non-staining, so after using it in your house, you don’t have to worry about it will leave stains in your house.

It’s more like a fog, that’s why it’s named as a fogger. It’ll penetrate into the cracks and crevices where they live and breed, therefore, with the help of this fogger you’ll be able to kill all those crawling insects which are hidden in the cracks and those about which you didn’t know.

Another good thing is that it’ll keep killing the bugs for up to 2 months. Its residual action kills the insects for up to 2 months. This is what the company says, but it totally depends on how and where you use a fogger, and it depends on the number of factors.

One fogger can treat an entire room that is 25’ x 25’ with an 8’ ceiling. So, if you want to treat 3 rooms of your house, then this one box will be enough for you. As, you can place one fogger in each room, but if you’ve more rooms, then you’ve to buy another box.

Whenever you use a spider fogger, you’ve to leave your house for at least 4 to 6 hours because of the chemical odor and properly ventilate the house before entering.

If you don’t ventilate your house properly, then you may feel irritation in nose, eyes, skin, and throat because of its odor.

Reasons to Purchase Raid Concentrated Fogger

  • Price is very low; it’s a highly affordable product.
  • The residual action of this bug bomb keeps killing the insects for up to 2 months.
  • It effectively kills spiders, roaches, and ants.
  • Easy to use.

Hot Shot 96181 Pest Control Fogger

This is one of the best bug bombs for spiders on the market.

It is able to eliminate heavy infestation of spiders from your house.

Just like the previous one, its residual action will kill them for up to 2 months. Not only spiders, but you’ll also be able to get rid of roaches, flies, ants, and other insects that you can see on the box.

Bugs hide in the cracks, crevices, and other places where we generally don’t notice. With the help of this spider bug bomb, the pesticide will reach all the places where they hide, and it’ll kill them.

In this one box, you’ll get 4 foggers for the price of 3, while each fogger will be of 2-ounce and with one fogger you can treat up to 2,000 cu. Ft.

If you closely check the box, you’ll find that Hot Shot offers a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

If you use this fogger as directed by the company, then there’ll be no stains, and there’ll be no harm to upholstery, fabrics, floor tiles, walls, clothing etc.

The price is low, and it’s able to kill flying & crawling insects in your house. These abilities make it a great spider fogger for your house.

Spectracide Bug Stop Fogger

Here, you’ll get 6 foggers of 2 oz each at a very low cost.

The good thing with this spider killer bomb is that, after bombing your house, you can return to your home after 2 hours.

There will be no stains, your upholstery, clothing, fabrics etc will be fine. After using it, there’ll be a very little to no odor.

The most important thing, it kills the spiders, and other similar bugs on contact, that’s what we want.

When using this spider mite bomb, be careful, it’s hazardous to human and domestic animals. If swallowed accidentally, call the doctor immediately.

The ingredients present in this spider bug fogger are highly flammable, and it may cause a fire or even explosion if not handled with care.

Before using it, open the cabinets, doors, drawers, etc so that it can reach all the places where they can hide.

Things You Should Know

The price of a spider killer bomb is low.

You can purchase 3 to 4 foggers by spending just a few dollars. They work and kill the various kinds of pests.

But, before using a spider bomb in your house, you’ve to cover all the things. You wouldn’t want the chemical residue on your utensils, children toys, and on other things.

After activating it, everyone (including your pets) has to leave the house for at least 3 to 4 hours. After returning, you’ve to properly ventilate your house. Inhaling or swallowing the fog can lead to health issues, so be careful.

So, these are the few things that you should know, and after purchasing the spider fogger, don’t forget to read the instructions.

How to Use Spider Bomb in Your House

Prepare the House for Spider Bombing

Insecticide for Spiders

The first thing which you’ve to do is to calculate the area of your house which you want to bug bomb.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need one bomb for one room. However, if you want to treat the basement or a big room, then you may need to use 2 bug bombs. If you’ve small rooms, then you can place a spider mite bug bomb in the middle of two rooms by opening the doors and windows, so that the fog will reach to the next room.

But, which is the best fogger for spiders on the market?

That’s a good question.

The answer is whichever works for you.

You can choose one from the above-mentioned bug foggers, or you can take advice from your friends about which fogger works well for them.

So, now I assume, you’ve purchased one. If you didn’t, check these spider foggers on Amazon.

Generally, all the foggers operate similarly, but you should read the instructions carefully to check if there is any exception.

For operating the fogger, pick a time, when everyone will be gone for at least 3 to 4 hours, including your pets. The pesticides present in them are poisonous, and they can be very dangerous to people and pets.

Open all the doors, cabinets, drawers wherever you can find spiders in your house.

Remove the food items, crockery, and utensils, so that, they didn’t come into contact with the fog.

Don’t forget to cover your furniture & electronic equipment, and turn them OFF. These spider killer bombs contain highly flammable ingredients, so be careful.

Remove or cover your things as much as you can.

Before starting the treatment, make sure all the windows & doors are closed. Leaking of fog will decrease the effectiveness of spider bombing.

Time to Use Spider Bomb

Best bug bomb for spiders

Spread a newspaper or a plastic bag in the middle of the room, and place the spider fogger on the top of it.

Once it’s activated, leave the house as soon as you can. Therefore, first place all the foggers in every room, and then activate them one by one.

It’s a good idea to start the fogger from the farthest room, and then move to the closest room from the exit point of your house.

After activating the fogger, make sure, no one gets inside for at least 3 to 4 hours. The pesticides present in it can lead to illness. If you swallowed or inhaled the fog, then reach to a doctor immediately.

Note: Before using the bomb, make sure, you carefully read all the instructions on the product.

When you return home, you’ve to clean each and every place of your house because the fog reached everywhere. You’ve to deal with the chemical residue and dead insects.

And, importantly, as soon as you enter the house, open the windows and ventilate your house.

Final Words

Now, you know about some of the best foggers available on the market. Along with it, you’ve also read that, how to bug bomb a house for spiders by step by step.

After reading this article, I hope you would not find any difficulty to handle a spider infestation.

How you’re dealing with these pests in your house? Please do share in the comments.

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  1. do you have any thing to say about setting one of the green foggers off in my storage. I think the best time to set it off to rid my black widow problem is at night. No one goes in there, there are no windows just 1 door. What do you think?

    1. Hi Amy, Sorry for late reply. You can use the fogger at any time of the day. The important thing to note that, before entering the room, ventilate it properly.
      If you have just 1 door, with no windows, then use the fogger, and ventilate the room with some homemade tricks. Like open other doors & windows of your house, and place a table in the storage room, room freshener, etc.

  2. And because every bomb foggers are different and can cover a certain area, I don’t really necessarily need one fogger for one room depending on area coverage, yes? For ex., if the product says that one fogger can cover up to 2000 cu ft which I believe is about the same size as my house then I can just use one? I just want to make sure that I am doing the calculations correctly.

  3. I really hate spiders and roaches. Thanks for sharing these great product that I can use to eliminate them. I will try to use Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger.

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