Best Chipmunk Traps: Humane & Lethal Chipmunk Traps

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There are two types of chipmunk traps available on the market.

Some are lethal chipmunk traps that kill chipmunks, while others are live cage traps.

These rodents have a habit of digging, and therefore, they create a lot problem in the yards.

So, if you have decided to choose your best chipmunk trap, then you easily deal with them.

In the below, I’m sharing information about both types of traps. If you don’t have time to read the whole article, then the next section is very important to you.

5 Top-Rated Chipmunk Traps in 2020

Chipmunk TrapsOur RatingCurrent Price
Havahart 0745 One Door Trap9.9/10Check Price
HomGarden Humane Cage Trap9.8/10Check Price
PestZilla Electronic Rodent Trap9.8/10Check Price
Havahart 1025 2-Door Trap9.7/10Check Price
Kensizer Humane Trap9.6/10Check Price

Best Chipmunk Traps in 2020

As we discussed above, there are also other methods, but people prefer using traps because they are easy to use, cheap, and most of them don’t harm any animal. But, you can find hundreds of traps on the market. Now, the question arises, which is the best chipmunk trap which meets your needs?

best chipmunk traps

In this section, we have talked about some of the great chipmunk traps which are trusted by thousands of users, and we have reviewed them so that you won’t have any problem in selecting any special kind of trap. Let’s begin.

Havahart X-Small Professional Trap for Chipmunk – 0745

This is a well constructed professional trap. Along with catching chipmunks, you can also trap squirrels, rats, voles and other similar sized animals.

In the normal traps, which you can find anywhere, people often complain about rust and corrosion. But, in this Havahart Professional trap, sturdy rust-resistance wire mesh is used with steel reinforcements which provide this cage a long life. It’s also properly galvanized which increases its resistivity towards rust and corrosion.

The mesh openings are smaller in this cage as compared to other similar products which prevent chipmunks from stealing bait or prevent their escape after getting caught.

It has only one door, which works with gravity, and a very sensitive trigger. All these things ensure a very quick and secure capture of the target animal.

Its door is very solid which ensures that when you transport the rodent to a new place, it doesn’t get open by itself or by the weight of the animal.

We are using this live cage trap because we don’t want to hurt the animal, and that’s why its internal edges are smooth which prevent any injuries to the caught animal. It’s fully tested by professionals and users.

Its size is 16 x 6 x 6.4 inches which is ideal for catching a chipmunk. It’s also not very heavy, it’s highly portable.

It’s one of the most popular traps available on Amazon because the price is also affordable and you’ll get a high-class product.

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Rat Zapper Classic RZC001

Yes, it works absolutely fine on chipmunks.

This electronic trap quickly kills rats and chipmunks with a deadly electric shock. With this shock, the rodent dies instantly and doesn’t feel any pain. You can say, it’s the most humane way to kill chipmunks.

It’s very easy to use. You just have to insert batteries, place the bait, and turn it on. Now Relax.

After some time, you will find your first dead rodent.

Many times, users complain that, when they use chipmunk snap traps, they have to clean blood or the corpse which they don’t like. But, in this electronic rodent killer, you don’t have to see the rodent, whether it’s dead or alive. It’s fully sure that it’ll be dead.

When cleaning this device, you don’t even have to touch the dead. Just open the gate, and slide the dead animal to the trash cane.

If you want to completely remove the chipmunk infestation from your home, then this is the most effective trap which you can use.

Don’t forget to watch this video.

It’s slightly costly as compared to other non-electric devices, but you can easily buy it, and it’s worth the price because it’s extremely fast, safe and reliable. I like this trap, because it can kill rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and other similar rodents. It will be my number one choice.

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Havahart 1025 Two-Door Trap

This is another very popular trap from Havahart. It’s a non-lethal way to get rid of them.  It’s slightly different from the previous one. Instead of one door, this Havahart trap has two doors which increase the possibility of catching a rodent. The rodent can enter the trap from either side.

The good thing about this trap is that you have options. You can use it as a one door trap or a two door trap. It’s your choice.
The most common question which comes to our mind is that, if the rodent comes into the cage by one door, then it will go out from the cage from the second door. But, it’s not like that. Both the doors close down simultaneously.

Along with it, it’s made of rust-resistant wire mesh which provides it a long life. The mesh openings are also smaller as compared to other products. Its sensitive trigger ensures that your target animal gets caught without any mistake.

This Havahart Two Door Trap is ideal for catching flying & ground squirrels, chipmunks, red squirrels, rats, and other similar sized animals.

You know, what’s the good thing is?

It has two door systems which increase the possibility, and still its price is quite low. Check yourself.

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Intruder 16525 Rodentrap

This trap is made for killing. Its jaw teeth come down with 30% more force because of the strong stainless steel spring than other similar sized products.

The manufacturer claims that it doesn’t produce any blood mess. It will suffocate the rodent, or cleanly break its neck.

You just have to throw the dead animal.

But, it’s not as popular as the Havahart Chipmunk trap, maybe because people don’t want to kill them. They want a humane way to get rid of chipmunks.

For this trap, the rating is satisfactory, but not very good. People may be discouraged by its cruelty.

But, if you want to use it, then it’s not costly. Its price is low than others, which we discussed earlier.

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Easy Chipmunk Trap

It’s considered as one of the easiest to use chipmunk traps. It’s not as popular as Havahart traps, but still, it has something.

In the one pack, you’ll get 2 traps. It’s very easy to use because you don’t have to think about the snapping springs. This trap is quite safe around pets and children.

When using it, you have to take care of few things like you need to check it every day, because if not then the animal can die if left in the trap for more than 24 hours.

It’s made of plastic, therefore it’s very light, along with that you need not worry about rust and corrosion. It can be cleaned by running water on it.

It has two openings from both ends.

When placing bait for trapping chipmunks, you need to keep in mind that, if you place bait too close the door, then the rodent may not get caught. So, you should take care of this thing. You can also close one door with the help of a brick.

Its price is low, and the users have shared a lot of very useful reviews about it, which are worth reading.

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Snap-E Mouse Trap

Yes, it’s a mouse trap. So what?

It works great whether you are catching mice, rats or chipmunks.

It’s the advanced version of the old fashioned snap traps, but it’s more fast, secure and deadly for rodents.

With the proper bait cup, you can now place the bait very easily and accurately.

The high-class steel construction gives it a hard look and strong design, which doesn’t get corroded, and it’s resistant from rust.

In the one pack, you will get 6 traps. The new vertical strike bar comes on the chipmunk so quick that it doesn’t even feel.

It’s very simple and safe. You can easily place the bait, and after killing the rodent, you can get rid of it without touching it.

You can check this video which compared it with other snap traps.

If you want to kill them, then this is one of the best chipmunk killers.

And, don’t worry about the price. It’s very low.

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Some Important Facts about Chipmunks

A chipmunk has reddish-brown fur having 5 blacks and 2 white strips on its back. You can easily identify them with these characteristics. You can also say that these ground squirrels which love burrowing and digging the ground, but they are different from squirrels.

Chipmunk Control Tips

The black and white strips can also be seen on their face. These rodents love digging the ground a bit more as compared to other rodents. Even, these little rodents can dig your entire garden, if they want in the search of food. That’s why, farmers don’t like them, and think that they are their number one enemy.


catching chipmunks with traps

Chipmunks run on their four feet, but they can also stand vertically on their two legs. They have very sharp teeth. These rodents resemble with squirrels that are 8-10 inches long because they are of the same family. Like the squirrels, they run by keeping their tail up.

Where they live?

Generally, they live in the wild areas, which are far away from the human activities. But, occasionally they reach into the cities, and the fields where they get attracted towards the greenery of gardens and parks.

These rodents live in the deep holes which they create, and they are very smart when it comes to hiding the entrance with leaves and rubbish. In their holes, they make various living rooms, and along with that, they also make special places to hide their stored food. And, don’t forget, they are excellent climbers.

Is it easy to catch a chipmunk?

chipmunk trapping

It was very easy to catch a chipmunk, in the video. Right. It was more like a chipmunk trap bucket. But, it doesn’t happen every time. We all know that.

If you’re thinking that you can catch a chipmunk without having any special traps which are designed especially for this purpose, then you’re wrong. These little rodents are very careful, and of course, they are very fast. They often climb trees to check the surrounding places so that they can feel the danger if there is any. If they sense, there is some kind of danger present, then they tell other chipmunks by producing a loud sound.

Only experienced hunters or the animals like weasels, snakes, cats, hawks, and some breeds of dogs can catch them.

If you want to catch them, then you should have some kind of chipmunk live trap which works instantly and perfectly made for this purpose.

Difference between chipmunks vs. ground squirrels

These two small rodents look alike, and some people even think that they are the same. But, actually, they both are different.

Chipmunks are small rodents who have distinct stripes, while the squirrels, or the tree squirrels, are larger rodents as compared to chipmunks, and they don’t have stripes. The ground squirrel has a longer tail as compared to chips.

Chipmunks also have stripes on the head, but the ground squirrel has only body stripes like chips, but don’t have any head stripes.

But, they all look same because they have short fur along with small rounded ears.

If you want to know more about the similarities and differences of chips and squirrels, then you can read this article or this one.

You can also guess the presence of chipmunks by looking at the droppings. These are similar to droppings of mice, but a little different. To know more, check this guide on chipmunk poop.

Why are Chipmunks harmful to humans?

Chipmunks look cute, but why people think they’re harmful to them? This question can arise to anyone’s mind who don’t have a garden or a farm, or to those who live on the 20th floor. There are many times when farmers or people who love gardening find themselves in a situation when they have to deal with these little rodents. Here, I have shared a few things why the clash between chips and humans take place.

Crop Eaters

If you have a big farm then you may not face a lot of damage, but seriously, these rodents have the ability to damage a small garden. They can eat herbs, roots, mushrooms, bulbs, flowers, fruits, berries, seeds, and even eggs, small animals. If you’re a big farmer, then it may not be a big issue, but if you have a small farm, then definitely you’ll be looking for something to get rid of these chipmunks.

What are the effective chipmunk traps?


These rodents are very good diggers. By digging holes in the soil, they can even damage the building foundation. They can eat the roots, and by digging the surface just right below the plants, they also destroy them indirectly, because those plants don’t get nutrients.

So, they’re not capable of destroying your entire house, but they can surely do some minor damage, can fully destroy your garden.


It’s very rare that chipmunks attack humans. But, it still happens. This usually happens when you try to catch this rodent, and you fail in your attempt, or sometimes due to other reason. These chips can attack kids or pets, and sometimes even they can attack adults. If they attack, then the saliva of these rodents can carry rabies.

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks?

There are many ways by which you can protect your yard from these little creatures. Every method has its own merits and demerits. They are similar to gophers, so you can also read this article about killing gophers & moles in the garden, or if you can check these ways to protect your garden from gophers. Now, we will discuss what are the best ways to get rid of them.

Protect your garden from chipmunks

A Fence

Building a fence is a great idea. You can build a fence around your whole garden, or just around your favorite plants. But, if the fence is not properly placed, then it will be of no use.

The fence will only give you benefit if it is planted deep enough in the ground so that a chipmunk can’t reach the plants by digging.

Another thing which has to be kept in mind while planting a fence is that your fence should move outwards in the ground.

By planting a fence around your garden, you can protect your plants and yard from chipmunks and other similar rodents in a very effective way.

Using Effective Chipmunk Traps

most effective chipmunk trap

There are many traps available on the market, some of them work, while others don’t. If you can find the best chipmunk trap for your garden, then this is the best thing.

Catching these rodents with the help of traps is the most effective way to get rid of them. In this way, you’re not harming any rodent (if you’re using a humane trap), you just trap them, and send them away from your house.

But, if you want to kill them, then you can also do that with the help of some electronic chipmunk traps. They produce a strong electric shock which is able to kill a small rodent in seconds, and they don’t even feel it.

You can also check this article about gopher traps, it may be helpful for you.

Poison Baits

Many people say that poison baits work great for them. There is no doubt about it, these are made for killing. But the thing is, rodent eats these baits, and they die after a few hours. Now, you don’t know where the dead rodent is. It may be in their holes, in a garage, or behind some plants. You will find them when you discover the smell of a dead rodent. If the dead animal is present in their holes, then you may have to do a lot of work to get that animal.

But, as you know, they are capable of killing. You can check poison baits if you like.


In the case of repellents, there are mixed responses. Some people say they work while others say they don’t.

These are not very costly. If they work for you, then these are the best thing for you because you don’t have to do anything. Once a repellent is on, you’ll not find any chipmunk near your garden. So, you will not have to set any traps or baits. You can also check these mice repellents.

Rodent sheriff is also a popular repellent. But, people ask a natural question that, does rodent sheriff really work? And, yes it works.

Most of the times, they work. Therefore, I’ll suggest you that, you should check them. They’re cheap, and you can afford them easily.

Okay, But what’s the best way?

Whatever you say, chipmunk trap is the most effective way to get rid of them. Like, in the case of poison baits, we have to deal with the deadly smell, and we have to do a lot of work after the animal is killed.

In the case of repellents, they can very useful. But, you have to trust them. If you purchase a low-quality repellent, there will be no use.

But, the traps will do their work. It will catch them dead or alive.

What is the best bait for chipmunk traps?

best bait for trapping chipmunks

The traps will be of no use if the animals don’t enter it. Placing the proper bait is very important to attract any rodent. In the below list, I have listed some common bait options which work great for chipmunks.

Sunflower Seeds



Cereal Grains



Peanut Butter


Prune slices

Final Words

These were the best traps for chipmunks which can effectively catch these rodents. But, purchasing one doesn’t mean your work is finish. You have to check them every day if the infestation is high, and then keep checking after every few hours.

What is your experience with traps, poison baits, and repellents? Please share with us.

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