7 Best Electronic Mouse Repellents 2020: Safe for Humans and Pets

Nowadays, people prefer electronic rodent repellents because they’re easy to use, affordable, and safe for both children & pets.

But, the question is;

Do they work?

Yes, ultrasonic pest repellents really work.

If you’re in a hurry, I’ll quickly guide you which is the best electronic rodent repellent for your house.

My Personal Choice

I’ll recommend Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Campfire Stuff for your home.

It’s highly effective in repelling the pests away from your house, and it’s both human and pet-friendly.

It is one of the best-rated product out there. And, they also offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.

But, whatever product you choose, make sure, you check the customer reviews.

If you want, you can read the customer reviews of Campfire Stuff Electronic Mice Repellent

7 Electronic Mouse Repellent Reviews

Campfire Stuff Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

In a very short period of time, Campfire Stuff Pest Repeller became the number one choice of people.

If you check the Reviews of Campfire Stuff Ultrasonic Repeller, you’ll find that its users are highly satisfied because of its ability to repel a lot of different kind of pests.

It uses Electromagnetic technology to drive pests & rodents away from your house.

It works great on mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, snakes, fleas and many other similar household pests.

It’s inaudible to humans & pets, therefore, you and your pet won’t feel any disturbance after the installation.

This electronic rodent repellent works for an area of up to 800 – 1200 square feet. But, you should understand that ultrasonic waves can’t pass through walls. Therefore to make your home perfectly safe from these rodents you’ve to use one sonic pest repellent in every room.

After the installation, there’ll be no need to use any poisonous chemicals or traps. This is a safe & effective way to deal with them.

What I Like in Campfire Stuff

  • Repel a lot of different kinds of pests including roaches, fleas, mice, and others.
  • Price is low, it’s affordable.
  • A lot of reviews show that it works for everyone.

What I Don’t Like in Campfire Stuff

  • It may take 2-3 weeks to fully repel each & every rodent from your house.

The Conclusion

In the past few months, the Company has sold a lot of electronic pest repellents because their products are really working.

We can trust them.

So, I’ll say, you should definitely try it once.

Check Details of Campfire Stuff Ultrasonic Repeller

Important Note: Editor’s Thoughts

A lot of ultrasonic rodent repellers are available online, but I found that most of them don’t give desired results.

You can choose any product, it is your choice.

But, from my personal experience, Campfire Stuff Pest Repeller works way better than any other product.

So, if you want to try any other repeller, it’s your choice. But, I suggest you before placing an order, at least take a look at the Campfire Stuff Ultrasonic Repeller.

Pest Soldier Ultrasonic Repeller

Nowadays, Pest Soldier Ultrasonic Repeller is one of the most popular electronic rodent pest repellers on the market.

After installing it in your house, there will be no need to use any hazardous chemicals or any electronic traps.

It protects the entire house by producing ultrasonic waves of very high frequency (20–55 kHz). These high-frequency waves are inaudible to humans, and therefore, you won’t hear its sound.

A number of insects & rodents like mice, cockroaches, flies, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, and rats find it disturbing, and it repels them away from your house.

New rodents will not come inside your house because this sonic pest repellent will be present, and it’ll repel them even before they’ll enter the house.

They also offer Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty, so if you don’t like this device, you’ll get the full refund.

If you read reviews of Pest Soldier Ultrasonic Repellent, you’ll find that a lot of users purchased it because it’s highly effective and it doesn’t disturb their pets, whether it’s dog or cat.

The low maintenance is also a key to success of these sonic rodent repellents. Just plug it in, and forget about them. They’ll work 24/7 & you’ll not hear their sound, and there’ll be no need for maintenance.

Some people think that using products that produce high-frequency waves may affect their household appliances. But don’t worry; they’re perfectly safe with this soldier.

But, there’s a catch!

These work great, but you have to purchase a separate device for every single room because the ultrasonic waves do not stay very effective after penetrating through walls. But, you can try one device for your whole house, if it works.

You might have heard from a few people that, “Hey! Electronic mouse repellents don’t work”.

These are working for thousands of people. Maybe they didn’t install a device for every single room, and that’s why remaining rooms become hiding places for the rodents because these are unprotected.

What I Like in Pest Soldier Repellent

  • It’s affordable. The price is not high, and you can easily purchase it.
  • It works 24/7 and protects your home from pests.
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Pet-friendly, your pet dog or cat will not get disturbed by its high-frequency waves.
  • Works for mice, cockroaches, spiders, ants, rats, and other insects & rodents.
  • Low maintenance, after the set up there is no need to check them every day.
  • Easy to use, just plug it in, and it’ll start working.
  • No killing, it’s a very humane way to get rid of them. There is no need to kill them by using poison baits, electronic or glue traps.

What I Don’t Like in Pest Soldier Repellent

  • For the best results, you’ve to purchase one separate device for every single room. One box contains 4 devices, so one box will be enough for a normal house having 3 to 4 rooms. If you’ve more rooms, then I’ll recommend buying two boxes.

The Conclusion

The Pest Control Companies charges hundreds of dollars to remove the pests from your house.

With the Pest Soldier, you can save hundreds of dollars, and you’ll not see the rodents again in your house.

They are effective, pet-friendly, non-violent, and affordable. It has so many qualities, and that’s why it has thousands of happy users.

See Price & Details of Pest Soldier Electronic Repeller on Amazon

 Home Sentinel Pest Repellent by Aspectek

This product is manufactured by a reputed company, Aspectek.

It has 3 LED Function status lights, while you’ll get a built-in blue LED night light.

The ultrasonic waves will make sure that rodents will not come inside your house. These high-frequency waves are completely inaudible to the human ears, but for pests, it’s unbearable. They will get annoyed, and leave your house for good.

Its automatic switch will turn ON in the nighttime, and it turns OFF in daytime.

Whether you’re facing rodent problem, or insects like spiders, roaches or more, you can deal with them

I-pure Electronic Pest Repeller

This product eliminates pests from your house. Whether you are facing mice & rat problem, or insect problem like roaches, spiders, fleas, and much more, this product can help you.

It’s a simple to use product. You just have to plug it in, and it’ll protect your house from the popular pests, and make them leave your house.

The device produces a sound which is inaudible to humans, but, the common rodents will find it very irritating.

You can use it in the single rooms, garages, warehouse, or any other place.

The Company is very confident on their product, therefore they give lifetime guarantee.

GreenGuardX Ultrasonic Pest Control

This is one of the best electronic pest repellers which you can use in your house. Its electromagnetic and high-density ultrasonic frequencies will make the pest run out of your house.

With this mice deterrent, you don’t have to use any glue traps or poison baits. Your home will be completely safe for your pets and protected from rodents and insects.

This product also comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

It’s not costly and trusted by a lot of users. You can check yourself.

Victor M792 Pest Repellent by Victor

When it comes to dealing with rodents, Victor is one of the most trusted brands. Here, Victor is providing a good rodent-repelling product that keeps away rodents like rats, mice, and other insects. It is one of the best mouse repellents out there.

You can use it in the large rooms, attic, garage, and other similar places. Its 6 feet long cord enables you to place it wherever you want.

A really good feature which you’ll find is that it produces varying ultrasonic sound waves which prevent rodents from getting habitual of it.

You will not get disturbed because it’s inaudible to the human ears.

And, it’s not costly. You can easily afford it.

T3-R Triple High Impact Mice

You’ll not hear it because it produces sound waves which are above the human hearing level, but the common household pests find it disturbing.

Its 6 feet long wire enables you to place it easily in your room.

If you have pets, then you don’t have to worry. It’ll not disturb them. It’s 100% safe and green earth friendly.

If you’re using this sonic repellent, then the rodents will leave your house within a 12 to 16 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to rodent repellers work?

how does ultrasonic rodent repellents work

An electronic rodent repeller is plugged in the socket where you face mice problem. The electricity produces ultrasonic waves & high-frequency sound which rodents, especially mice & rats don’t like. These waves irritate them, and to avoid it, they leave the area.

It is one of the most recent developments in the pest removal industry. These electric rat repellents designed in such a way that they repel rodents from entering your house.

On which pests, these repellents will work?

It depends on the product. But most of them work on cockroaches, rats, bats, squirrels, fleas, spiders and other similar pests.

How many repellers do we need?

The more number of plug in mouse repellers you use, there’re more chances that pest will stay away from your home. You can use one device in one room.

For better results, place it near the entry places of these pests like the main gate, window, near a hole etc.

Do these ultrasonic mice repellents really work?

By considering thousands of reviews by customers, you can say that, Yes they work.

But sometimes, if it is not placed at a good location, and mice get a place to hide. Or if you have many rooms, then using one device for the whole house is not sufficient. In that case, you’ll be thinking it is not working.

Final Words

It’s up to you which pest repellent you use. There are many options, every product has own merits and demerits.

But, using them can really decrease your task because you don’t have to place any baits to attract mice or some special traps. With them, there is no need to kill them.

But, whatever product you choose, don’t expect an overnight result. Sometimes, they can take up to 4-6 weeks to show their effect.

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  1. Louise

    Will the sound waves irritate my birds?

    1. Dinesh Kumar

      Well, it depends on the type of bird. But, a few people reported that some electronic repellers irritate some kind of birds. Now, the question is, Will these sound waves irritate your birds?
      There are more chances that it will irritate your birds. But, different species have a different reaction towards these waves. So, I suggest you to use it once before making any opinion.

  2. Keith Harry

    If there are no electrical outlets in the attic, will placement in rooms below attic be sufficient?

    1. Dinesh Kumar

      No, placing in the rooms will not be effective for the attic. You may have to use an extension cable to use the repelling device.

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