Best Flea Fogger for House: Flea Bomb Reviews {2020}

Are you looking for the best flea fogger for your house?

Purchasing any random flea bomb is not the best way to deal with these pests.

Before purchasing a fogger, you should know the answers to these questions.

Does the gnat bomb kill eggs?

How long does it provide protection?

Does it kill other pests also?

Here, I’ve shared the reviews of top selling flea foggers and this will help you to choose one flea bomb.

Before moving to the reviews, you can read the next section that talks about my personal favorite flea fogger.

What is the best flea bomb on the market?

5 Best Flea Bomb Reviews

Precor Plus IGF Fogger Flea Control

Precor Plus Flea Bomb is one of the best flea foggers for home.

You’ll get 3 flea fogger cans of 3 oz. each. One fogger can treat nearly 750 sq ft. of the area.

If you have a large house, then it’s a perfect choice because you can use 6 cans at different locations like a garage, basement etc

The Precor Flea Fogger contains insect growth regulators which prevent reinfestation for up to 7 months.

The water-based & odorless formulation won’t stain and doesn’t leave any residue.

The Plus Permethrin ingredient quickly knocks down adult fleas, while Precor IGR kills pre-adults from creating a new infestation.

The Precor IGR molecules penetrate deeply to the places where pre-adult fleas hide like drapes, pet bedding, upholstery fibers, carpet, rugs, and floor cracks.

This is the flea bomb that kills eggs.

It’s not very costly, and effectively eliminates bugs from your house.

Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger Review

If you’re looking for a fogger that doesn’t leave a huge mess, then Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger should be on your list.

In the one box, you’ll get 3 cans of 1.2 ounces each. With one can, you can treat up to 2,000 cu. Ft.

Hot Shot Flea Fogger kills them when they come in contact with it. With this, you can even control a heavy infestation.

In various bug foggers, it’s recommended that you close all the lights, but with Hot Shot, there is no need to turn off pilot lights.

Hot Shots’ dry-fog formula resists staining, leaves the minimum mess, and also helps in neutralizing the odors. So, you won’t feel a lingering scent behind, and there will not be any oily residues.

Because of its dry fog formula, it’s one of the safest and best flea foggers on the market.

Its users are very happy with its performance. Don’t believe me, you can read real customer reviews on Amazon.

If you use Hot Shot as directed, its non-staining & odorless dry fog won’t do any harm to fabrics, floor tiles, furniture, clothing, walls, shades, and upholstery. But, still, you shouldn’t take any chances.

Recommended use in enclosed spaces like apartments, basements, garages, attics, cabins, homes, sheds, households, and storage areas.

Hot Shot kills both flying & crawling bugs. Along with fleas, it also kills ticks, crickets, mosquitoes, gnats, ants, spiders, moths, silverfish, house fly, roaches, water bugs and more. But, it’s not much effective on bed bugs, fire ants, pharaoh ants, and American cockroaches.

It keeps

for up to 6 weeks.

It effectively kills bugs, and you can purchase it at a very low cost, that’s why Hot Shot is the best flea bomb for the house.

Raid Flea Fogger Review

Raid is a popular brand in the Home Pest Control Industry. Raid Flea Killer is specially made for killing eggs along with the adult insects.

Good thing is, along with killing fleas, it also kills roaches, crickets, ants, gnats, hornets, spiders, yellow jackets, ticks and much more. But, it doesn’t control bed bugs.

This flea bomb is manufactured to work indoors. So, you can use it in the places like in your house, garage, basements, attics etc.

Its water-based & non-staining formula works perfectly fine in killing these small insects for up to 4 months. With this flea fogger, you can eliminate their population from your home.

Before using it, turn off all the flames and pilot lights. If you need help with your pilot lights, then you can call your management company. Shut Off fans, and other electrical appliances.

It has a light smell as compared to other foggers. You should definitely consider it before purchasing.

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

Raid Flea Fogger is one of the most effective flea bombs for apartments.

This Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger is able to kill fleas, roaches, spiders, and ants.

This fogger penetrates into cracks & crevices and kills all the bugs where they hide. Wherever this fogger settles, it keeps killing for up to 2 months.

Its non-staining formula doesn’t produce any wet or messy residue, which is quite easy to clean.

The active ingredient in this flea bomb is cypermethrin.

But, there’s a catch!

It has one drawback. It doesn’t kill flea eggs. Therefore, you need another treatment with Raid fogger after 14 days, when their eggs hatched.

Its one package contains 3 foggers, but, you can buy a pack of 2 & 4.

People report that they get very good results with it. With its cheap price, it’s the best flea fogger for home and a good fit for the budget conscious users.

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Fogger

This fogger is not much popular, and few people reviewed it. But, it’s a great flea killer.

The people who reviewed it say that it’s the best flea fogger for the house.

The best thing is that it kills fleas, eggs, and their larvae. Other popular brands don’t give that much facility.

According to the Company, after using it once, your home will be protected from fleas for up to 7 months. If not 7 months, then you can expect at least 3-4 months of protection.

It’s non-staining and highly easy to use.

Along with them, its special formula also kills spiders, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and cockroaches.

On Amazon, you can read the real user reviews.

How to Flea Bomb a House

Preparing the House for Flea Bombing

Best Flea Fogger

The first step in preparing your house for flea bombing is to calculate the area of your house. There are many brands who manufacture fumigation bombs & foggers which are of different sizes, and they contain various type of chemicals & pesticides.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need 1 bomb to treat per room. However, if the rooms are small, then you one bug bomb can treat two rooms at the same time. For that, you need to place it in the middle by opening doors and windows so that the fog can reach the next room.

Now, it’s the time to purchase.

Purchase the best fogger for fleas. For that, you can ask any expert, or you can also select one from the 5 foggers which we have mentioned in the above.

It’ll be a good idea to talk to your friends and family about a specific brand and their effectiveness if they’ve used.

Whatever brand you prefer, first you should know how many cans you’ll need. If you’ve 4-5 rooms, then you need 4-5 foggers.

Generally, the flea bombs operate in a similar way. But, you should read the package instructions carefully, if there is an exception.

Suppose, you had purchased one fogger for fleas, and it’s time to operate it. You wouldn’t want to operate it at the time of sleeping.

You should plan a time when everyone will be gone for several hours, including your pets, dogs or cats. The chemicals used in the flea foggers are poisonous, which can be very dangerous to people and pets. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you thoroughly read the label.

Open all the doors and drawers where you think infestation can be present so that the chemicals & pesticides can kill them. You can also open the cabinet doors, drawers, and furniture.

Remove the food items, crockery, and utensils, so they don’t come in contact with the chemicals. Utensils and crockery won’t get infected, but storing them away from chemicals is easier than cleaning them after the bombing is finished.

With the chemicals present in the bug bombs, special furniture, and electronic equipment can be damaged. Therefore, it’ll be good if you cover these items with something which doesn’t allow penetration.

If you have a fish tank in your house, then don’t forget to properly seal up your fish tank. You can also move that to another location. The pesticides are very dangerous to fish, so you should take a proper measure.

The pesticides present in the flea bug bombs can catch fire and can be highly flammable. Therefore, it’s advised to turn off all the lights and other electronic devices.

Before starting the treatment, make sure all the windows are properly closed. If the fog gets leak outside, then it’ll be not that effective as it should be.

Time to Bombing

Just before doing the bombing, clean your whole house with the vacuum cleaner. When you use the vacuum cleaner, then its vibrations cause the larvae to emerge, and when they come outside, they become the easy target.

Remove all the dirty clothes from your house. The larvae and eggs may be present in your dirty clothes. Ensure that, you don’t have any dirty clothes present in your house.

When you do flea treatment for the house, spread a newspaper or a plastic bag in the middle of the room, and position the fogger on the top of it.

Once it’s activated, everyone should leave the house immediately, because the exposure can lead to illness. Therefore, before activating any fogger, first place them in every room and then activate them one by one.

Once a fogger is started, don’t enter in that room. Therefore, start activating the bombs from the farthest room, and move to the closest room from the exit door.

Make sure, no one goes inside the house for at least 2 to 4 hours. It can lead to illness. The recommended time will be a label on the product; therefore, we highly recommend that you read the instructions because it can vary from one brand to another.

When you return home after doing the treatment of your house, make sure you clean each and every place. You’ll find chemical residue and dead insects everywhere. Clean the tables, wash clothes, sheets, and curtains.

You should wear gloves when doing the cleaning, and after that, dispose of them.

Open the windows to ventilate your house, and to reduce the odor of the chemicals.

Be ready, you may need to do another treatment if there are a few insects which survive, and hide somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Flea Bombs for Home

Which insecticides kill fleas?

Fleas are like other insects, and they also have a powerful shell, which is also called an exoskeleton. If you want to kill these insects, then you have first destroyed their shell. Some insecticides which can do the work are given below.

How to Long Does It Take to Flea Bomb a House?

Usually, it takes 4 hours. But, it totally depends on the product to product.

In a few minutes, the product bottle gets empty, but it takes a few hours to settle the mist, and penetrate the hidden places, and to kill bugs.

Is there any organic or natural flea killers?

Yes, there are some organic flea killers, but these are not that effective as foggers.

Some essential oils like citrus oil, orange oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, and other similar oil can kill these insects, and also able to repel them with their odor. But, these are not very effective. From all of these, clove oil is the most effective because of the active ingredient eugenol.

According to the Clemson University Cooperation Extension Service, “Eugenol is a fast acting contact insecticide that is effective on a wide variety of household pests such as crickets, fleas, dust mites, cockroaches, and others.

Many people also use Diatomaceous Earth. Scientists also believe that this organic product is a good natural flea insecticide.

Do Flea Bombs work?

It’s a very common question, and a lot of people don’t purchase a fogger just because they think that these foggers don’t work.

Yes, they work.

The only thing you need to check is that you purchase the best flea bombs for home. Always purchase from a reputable and trusted brand.

There are various foggers available, but you should choose that one which also kills their eggs. Therefore, you’ll be able to eliminate their infestation completely from your house in a single treatment.

What is the best flea fogger on the market?

As I told you earlier, Precor Plus is the best bug bomb for fleas that can be used in apartments and houses.

Does Lysol Kill Fleas?

No, Lysol doesn’t kill fleas.

It’s a misconception that, it kills them. It’s designed to kill only germs, not insects.

If you really want to get rid of them, then you need to hire a professional. But hiring a professional will cost you hundreds of dollars, therefore the best way to control them is the DIY method.

Can I Flea Bomb One Room and Stay in the House?

Well, it depends on the house to house.

If you flea bomb one room and the rooms in your house are designed in such a way that, the fog doesn’t come to other rooms. Then, go ahead, you can flea bomb one room, and you’ll be safe in your house.

But, another thing that you must note here is, when you flea bomb one room, then there are chances that fleas will move to the other rooms, which are ineffective from the bombing. Fleas can also be present in your other rooms. This results, even after treating your house with foggers, you’ll still not be able to get rid of them.

Therefore, even if, you’re safe in other rooms of your house, you should leave the house empty, and use the foggers in all the rooms. This ensures the maximum flea removal.

Can Flea Bombs for Home make you sick?

Yes, they can make you sick.

It doesn’t matter; you are using the product of a reputable company. If you don’t follow the instructions and don’t vacate the house, then you can get sick.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to read the instructions carefully, which will tell you clearly that how long you should stay out of your house.

According to a survey, from 2001 to 2006, 466 people were injured and became ill due to the bug bombs. For the majority of them, the reason was that they didn’t leave the home when they activate the fogger, re-entered in the house too early, excessive use of the fogger than recommended, and failure to alert other people.

How do you know it’s a flea?

They are tiny creatures of about 1/8 of an inch. They are reddish brown in color. They have sharp mouthparts which help them to puncture the skin and reach to the blood.

What are foggers?

A flea fogger is same as other bug foggers. In these foggers, you’ll get a small canister having aerosol at high pressure. This aerosol is mixed with insecticide.

Generally, five chemicals are used as pesticides for controlling these small insects. These are given below.

  • Methoprene
  • Nylar
  • Cypermethrin
  • Tetramethrin
  • Permethrin

It depends on the brand, which pesticides company uses. They could use one or more ingredients during the manufacturing of these bug bombs. These insecticides can be dangerous for you and your pets, therefore, it’s advised to leave the room for at least 4 to 6 hours, as directed by the manufacturer.

How do foggers work?

You just need to activate the fogger, and then leave the house for at least 4 to 6 hours, as directed by the manufacturer. The company put the aerosol in the can at high pressure, and when you activate it, then aerosol having insecticides start releasing. Wherever it settles down, it kills the pests.

But, it’s also important to note that, these foggers won’t achieve 100% removal rate. Now, you may be thinking that you had purchased it to kill them, and now you’re saying it won’t kill each and every last insect of them.

This happens because it kills only those insects which come into the contact, but it doesn’t reach some fleas which hide during the process like under the furniture.

Therefore, it’ll be highly effective when you use it in the empty house. Generally, it happens when a landlord is waiting for the new tenants for their homes. If you move to a new house, then it’ll be a good idea to bug bomb your house before doing all the arrangements.

You can also use bug bombs to kill spiders and other common pests that are hiding in your house.

Can we use flea fogger on our pets?

No, don’t use them on your pets. If you think that these foggers will kill fleas on your pets, then it’s a bad idea. There is no doubt about it that your pet will be free from these insects, but what happens after that.

The insecticide present in the aerosol is dangerous for the pets. Your pet can become sick, therefore, it’ll be safer to use some other methods for removing them from your pets’ body instead of using this aerosol on them.

If there are fleas on your pet dog, then you can use coconut oil for dog fleas.

You can also use professional flea products like Advantix Flea Drops on your Dog. Here, you can also read the review of Bayer K9 Advantix II.

What are the safety warnings?

In the below, a few safety warnings are given which you should consider.

  • Foggers are usually flammable and can cause a fire. Therefore, it is advised that you should turn off all the electrical appliances along with lights.
  • All the gas ignition systems should also be turned off because it can also cause a fire.
  • Don’t use more than one bomb per room. If the flea infestation in your house is high, then you may think that using more than one will be more effective. But, it can be a mistake. Use only one fogger per room. If you use too many, then it’ll leave a large amount of residue and your family along with the pets may face the risk of getting sick.
  • If someone has an asthma problem in your family, then be careful. Sometimes, after a few days of treatment, it can still give an asthma attack.
  • The fumes coming from the can is the insecticide, so don’t inhale it.
  • Wear a mask which will protect you from getting exposed to the fumes.
  • All the food items should be stored in a safe place where they don’t get exposed to the chemical residue.
  • The flea bombs spray fumes upwards; so, make sure you maintain a proper position. Keep your face away from the canister when activating it.
  • Everyone should be out of the house for at least 4 to 6 hours. Along with your pets.
  • If you have a fish tank in your house, then make sure it’s properly covered. If the fumes fall in the fish tank, then it can be dangerous for the aquatic animals.
  • Don’t use the bombs in a small place like cupboards.
  • Birds are more sensitive to the toxins. So, make sure move your birds and their cages as far as possible when doing the flea bombing in your house.

Where to buy flea bombs?

There are various stores from where you can purchase a good bug bomb. But make sure, you purchase the product of a reputable and trusted brand.

You may be thinking that, from where can I buy flea bombs?

My personal choice when purchasing anything is Amazon. I always prefer Amazon as compared to other E-Commerce brands because I really liked it. The products I get from them are genuine and I never got any fake item.

Therefore, in my personal experience, I always recommend purchasing anything from the E-Commerce giant Amazon.

They have offices in various countries, and they have millions of customers in the world.

What is the cost of a fogger?

It totally depends on the brand. If you are purchasing a product of a very reputable brand, then you may get a slightly high price but, if the company is not much popular than then prices may be slightly low.

But, generally, you can find them at a low cost. They will fall in your budget.

Are there any health effects of breathing fog from bombs?

Yes, there can be health effects. Generally, it will not be very highly dangerous to your health. But, everyone has different health and immunity. Generally, if you breathe the fog then it can cause throat and nose irritating, cough, and vomiting. There can also be skin and eye irritation. If there are some people having respiratory problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and other diseases, then they can also reach to some serious breathing difficulty, and after breathing the fog, they may require emergency services.

Washington State Development of Health gave an example of how a  woman gets problems after exposure to fumes of a bomb.

A woman used 3 bug bombs in her apartment, while it would have been enough if she had used only one fogger in her apartment. The label directs that users should stay away from the treated area for at least 3 to 4 hours, and then you should open the windows to ventilate the rooms. But, she entered her apartment after only two hours. She opened the windows and then fell asleep for two hours. She awoke with nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headache, and difficulty breathing. She has to go to the hospital and she missed one day of work.

Can we get rid of these pests using soap?

Yes, you can use some dish soap and water as a trap to get rid of fleas. But, it’s not a very effective method; therefore a lot of people don’t use it and simply move to more effective solutions like pesticides.

If you want to use this homemade trap, then you will need dish soap and water. For making this trap, you have to fill a plate or bowl with the mixture of dish soap and warm water. Then place it in the rooms where you see the infestation.

The solution of soap and water will act as glue, and it will trap them because of its viscosity.

To make this work, place the bowl having solution in each and every room, and do this activity daily.

To increase the efficiency, you can also do this at night. You can also place a candle near the solution which will attract them, but it’s advised that you don’t use a candle, because of the potential risk of fire.

What about Herbal Flea Spray?

You can create a herbal spray for killing these small insects. You just need to mix 4 liters of vinegar, 500 ml of lemon juice, 2 liters of water, and 250 ml of witch hazel. Properly mix them, and then fill them in a large spray bottle.

Before spraying the mixture in your home, first, it’s advised that you vacuum your whole house, therefore, fleas will come outside due to the vibrations of the vacuum cleaner.

Now, spray the mixture on the various infested areas like carpets, windows, doors, and other similar places.

Do Flea Bombs kill Eggs?

It depends on the product to product.

But, Yes, there are flea bombs available on the market that kill flea eggs, like Precor Plus IGR Fogger is a good example of that.

Does Baking Soda kill fleas?

Yes, it’s able to kill fleas, but it’s not that effective as compared to insecticide. All you have to do is lay down the baking soda along with your carpets and furniture, and then rub it on the fabric using a hard brush. And after that, you need to do vacuum cleaning of your whole house.

How to use Salt against fleas?

Just like baking soda, you can also use salt to kill fleas. Salt is a dehydrating agent, and it’ll help you to remove them from your house.

For doing the treatment, just like baking soda, sprinkle the salt on all the carpets, and then leave it for 1 to 2 days. After that, vacuum your whole house and your house will be free from fleas.

Along with salt, you can also use borax for killing fleas in your home.

How to use Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth is one of the most effective solutions, just like room foggers. It is the microscopic fossilized algae remains, diatoms. It’s like a fine powder which doesn’t do any harm to humans and causes dehydration to the fleas.

If you want to use diatomaceous earth, then sprinkle the powder over the suspected areas, and then leave it for 2 days. Then vacuum properly, but along with that, you may need to take the help of a bug bomb or something like that.

How did my pet get fleas?

If you’re not using any preventative treatments, then it’s highly difficult to prevent fleas. These small insects can easily reach your pet animals. The pet owners, who love long walks, are great carriers.

Not only animals, but even humans can also carry them. These little creatures can stick onto your trouser leg, shoes or on your carry bags. If you or your pet has visited your neighbor having a pet, then there can be high chances that they can enter your house. Even, these fleas can also live on humans.

What type of environment do they prefer?

Generally, they can’t live extreme hot or cold weather conditions. They prefer to live in warm climatic conditions. That’s why, our home becomes an ideal place for their stay since they’re air-conditioned, humid, and warm which make them comfortable.

What do flea bites look like?

Yes, they also bite humans, and their bite generally looks like a red spot surrounded by a red halo.

How long do they live?

If they are present on the long-haired animals, then they can live longer, while if they are on a small haired animal they might live shorter.

Can fleas cause diseases?

These insects are annoying, but they also spread diseases. If the infestation is high, then their bites can cause nervous conditions in your pets. If they come from rodents, then there is also a possibility of diseases like plague. Therefore, it becomes highly important to get rid of fleas using bug bombs or by other means.

How are Foggers different from Spray?

At first, they both look same. They are both insect killer. But, the main difference is that, when using a spray, we have to first identify them in your home.

Suppose, you saw that creature then you will use the flea killing spray, and then you’ll kill that insect. But, for that, you should know their location.

But, if you are using the fogger, then you don’t have to find each and every insect before killing them. The fogger will do the task for you. You just have to set up the fogger in your room or the place where you want to kill these pests. Then turn on the device, and it will release the fumes of insecticide which will kill them whichever pest will come in contact with that.

The best flea bomb on the market, not only kills them, but they are also capable of killing a wide variety of pests in your house which include mosquitoes, ants, roaches, silverfish, flies, yellow jackets, hornets etc.

Therefore, when it comes to killing in my house, I personally prefer most trusted fogger for fleas from a reputable brand. Like Hot Shot & Adams are the flea foggers that work and will help you to fight them.

If you are using a fogger, then you have to do cleaning after the bombing the house. It may take some time. You will have to cover many things in your homes like electrical appliances, furniture, and bed sheets. Therefore, this will increase your work.

But, if you are using the flea spray killer, then there is no need to cover electrical appliances because you won’t spray on them.

So, in the nutshell, if you saw them in your house, then you can kill them using spray. But, if you suspect that there are a lot of these pests in your house, and you can’t fight them with a spray bottle, then flea bombing is your best weapon against them.

Is bombing dangerous to your health?

It depends on how you use the fogger in your house.

If you use it without looking at the warnings, and without taking any precaution then it’ll be dangerous to your health.

Final Words

It is possible that after flea bombing your house, you may find a few bugs crawling in your house after a few days. But, it’s completely fine, because these foggers usually don’t achieve 100% killing rate.

There can be hundreds of hiding places in your house, and where they survived the bombing process.

But, don’t worry, the next bombing will kill all the remaining fleas and their eggs.

I hope this article helped you. If there is anything you want to ask or suggest, then feel free to use the comment box.

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