Best Rat Poisons: For Attic & Apartments

If not immediately, rat infestations can cause severe damage to homes and health. Studies show a rise in Typhus infections in California due to the increased rat population in particular urban areas. That is why it is crucial to get rid of the rodent issue in their early stages.

In this article, we will help you choose the best rat poison in 2021, so you can live in your homes safe from rats and any infections that might affect you and your family. 

Best Rat Poison

The best rat poisons are listed below

1. d-Con Mouse Poison

The d-Con Mouse Poison is one of the strongest rat poison and tested in a laboratory setting. It has a new formula this is 10x tastier to mice because of its 99% food-grade ingredients. So if you suspect that there is a growing rodent infestation in your homes or yards, then you would want to try out this d-Con Mouse Poison to get rid of them.

This product is the safest bait station as it is resistant to tampering by children and pets. It does not contain any neurotics and anti-coagulants that make it safe to use at home. So you can free yourselves from worrying when you want to get rid of rats in your homes.

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As mentioned earlier, mice love this to death as it is tastier. However, it is deadly to them. They might think this is their next favorite snack, but they start to die three days after eating d-Con bait. It can also be used indoors or outdoors, as well as it is ideal to use in corners, attics, behind appliances, basements, garages, and sheds. 

It is also weather-resistant to use it anytime you want to help get rid of mice infestation. Make sure to try out this bait to protect your property as well as your family’s health. 

  • It is safe as it contains 99% food-grade ingredients.
  • It does not contain neurotoxins and anti-coagulants.
  • It is 10x tastier to mice.
  • It is weather-resistant.
  • It only takes effect on three days of usage.

2. J T Eaton Apple Bait Block

JT Eaton’s Apple Bait Block is the first-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, which contains the active ingredient Diphacinone. This rat poison is less dangerous to consume by mice as they need to be eaten in large quantities to kill the rodent. It usually takes two to four days to kill them and is less toxic to mice.

Do not worry if your pets consume them as veterinarians can cure poisoning, and large amounts of the poison are excreted. If you are a beginner in getting rid of rats in your homes, this is an excellent first-choice poison. So we recommend incorporating this bait block into your rodent baiting initiatives for maximum efficacy.

Additionally, the apple aroma easily attracts rodent’s attention, which increases the chances of getting rid of rats. The blocks have center holes which is easy to use for bait stations. It is also recommended for long-term use in agricultural areas and effective in attics, basements, among other indoor locations. 

In conclusion, this bait block is economical in value as well, as it contains 64 blocks. It is formulated with a proven effective solution and apple-flavored scent that mice love to death. Whether you are a beginner or expert in getting rid of rats in your homes, we recommend to try out this product so you can protect your homes from sneaky and dangerous rodents. 

  • It is an anticoagulant bait block that attracts and eliminates mice and rates.
  • It is laboratory tested.
  • It has a proven solution, and apple-flavored scent attractant.
  • It is perfect for long-term use in agricultural areas.
  • It only takes effect in two-four days.

3. Just One Bite Mouse Bar

The next recommendation on our list is one of the best rat poison on the market. This bait is a second-generation anticoagulant poison that contains the active ingredient, Bromadiolone. The second-generation anticoagulant poison is a good option if you have more intelligent rats resistant to the first-generation poisons. 

The increased potency makes this poison 2x effective in killing rats faster. What this means is that they are killed in just a single dosage. You get much more effective results, however can really cause collateral damage in your homes or yards. Let us educate you on why it can cause severe damage. 

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One of the disadvantages of this poison is that it has an increased impact on the broader environment. This poison caused damage to hawks, owls, mountain lions, and other predators. Its poison lingers in dead rats due to its highly toxic quantities than first-generation poisons. This bait is dangerous to pets and children who are tempted to consume the bait.

That is why you should use this with extra precautions, as this rodenticide is a powerful and effective one. We recommend that you only use this as your last resort as it carries an increased risk to children, pets, and the environment.  

  • It contains second-generation anticoagulant poison, with active ingredient Bromadiolone.
  • It is 2x effective in killing rats.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • It kills Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice.
  • It can cause collateral damage if used around pets, children, and the environment.

4. EcoClear RatX Natural Pellets

The EcoClear Rat X Natural Pellets is an alternative way to eliminate rats in a more “humane” way. This bait contains all-natural ingredients. Since it is non-toxic, it is also 100% safe for people, pets, and other wildlife. So if you are an animal lover, then this is the best product for you if you want to control rat infestations in your homes. 

This rat bait effectively coats the rat’s stomach lining to eliminate the brain’s messages to drink water. This way, the rat will eventually be dehydrated, which leads to blood thickening and circulatory collapse that ultimately leads to coma. It is important to note that this only takes effect after a day or two of consumption.

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We recommend strategically place these pellets in areas where rat activities are seen. Remove other food products in the treated area. This is to ensure that it is the only thing to be consumed by those pesky rats and mice. 

One disadvantage is that this bait might not be effective to voles, gophers, and moles, as they have a different digestive system. However, with rats, this pellet is effective. So if you want to get rid of rats in your homes, this is the right product. 

  • It humanely kills rats and mice.
  • It is non-toxic and is safe to use around pets, children, and the environment.
  • There is no reported risk of contamination to crops or food.
  • Effectively eradicates rats and mice.
  • It is not effective goles, voles, and moles.

5. Tomcat Bait Chunx

The Tomcat Bait Chunx is one of the most effective rat poison in the market. This product is engineered for rural and agricultural areas. It uses a different type of active ingredient, which is Bromethalin, a neurotoxin.

One of the key features of this rat poison is that it has a diminished risk of secondary poisoning to other animals, such as hawks, foxes, pets, or other animals that are at risk of consuming the bait. This means that you may safely use this bait without worrying if your pet can be at risk of death when ingested.

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Additionally, its advanced toxin formulation is more potent against rats who became resistant to first-generation anticoagulants. Norway rats are found to be resistant to first-generation anticoagulants, so this rat poison is the best choice if Norway rats are in your homes. Worry no more with this product!

This product has received good reviews from customers, and they are very satisfied with the results as it is a more humane way to resolve their rats’ issues. So if you want to control infestations in your homes or yards, you better try this rat poison and let us know your thoughts! We always love to hear your feedback. 

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  • It kills Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice.
  • It is effective in agricultural and rural areas.
  • It is a more “humane” alternative to killing rats.
  • It has an all-natural ingredient.
  • It does not guarantee that rats will not return.

How to Use a Rat Poison

Knowing how to use rat poison is crucial in getting rid of mice and rodents in your homes. So here there the ways we recommend that you follow to make sure that you get the most out of your rat baits:

Remove the bait from its packaging, and place the bait station flat side down where you see signs of rat activity. We recommend placing the bait in a location where it is inaccessible to children, pets, or any animals. Place them approximately eight to twelve feet apart if you are using multiple baits to maximize efficiency.

Lastly, continue to use bait for at least four days of use and see signs of feeding inactivity. Make sure to check for rodents daily and wear protective gears when collecting and disposing of dead rodents and leftover baits. 

Final Words

Getting rid of rats infestation should be a top priority to protect your property and family from serious harm. That is why we recommend only the best rat poison in the market and how to use rat poison effectively. So use this article as a reference whenever you want to get rid of rats in your homes. 

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