Best Copperhead Repellents: Get Rid of Copperhead Snakes

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Copperhead snakes are one of the most commonly found venomous snakes in North America.

If you have recently encountered a copperhead snake in your yard r if you live in such places where they’re very common, then you need something to repel them.

But, is there anything you can do to repel copperhead snakes?

Yes, there are a few things that you can do to keep copperheads away from your yard, and get rid of them if they’re already present.

So, let’s get started.

3 Top-Rated Repellents for Copperhead Snakes

Snake RepellentsOur RatingCurrent Price
Victor Snake-A-Way9.9/10Check Price
Ortho Snake B Gon9.8/10Check Price
Snake Defense Natural Repellent9.7/10Check Price

Personal Recommendation for Copperheads

To keep copperhead snakes away from your yard, first, you need a good snake repellent. You can use Victor Snake Repelling Granules to repel them.

These snake repelling granules not only repel copperheads but also repel other poisonous as well as non-poisonous snakes.

The active ingredients of this repellent are naphthalene (7%) and sulfur (28%).

All the snakes including copperhead are very sensitive towards smells because of their highly developed olfactory sense organ, Jacobson’s organ.

The Victor Snake-A-Way Repelling Granules targets their Jacobson’s organ, and therefore, it causes the snake to move away from your yard in the search of fresh air.

It is also tried & tested by other users who had the snake problem in their yard, and it worked really well.

But copperheads are poisonous snakes, and it’s possible they may enter in your yard from a different way where you forgot to spread Victor Snake Repelling Granules.

So, it’s very important to have at least one snake tong in your house, especially if you have kids.

No matter, which snake repellent you use to keep them away, you should always be prepared for the worst case, because they’re poisonous, and their bite can be fatal.

I recommend you should have a good snake tong along with the snake repellent. You can buy EXHD Snake Tong, in case, if you don’t have one.

It’s available in 7 different sizes from 25 inches to 96 inches so that you can catch a snake without going close.

It is also one of the best-rated snake tongs on the market because you don’t want to save money on a snake tong.

Best Copperhead Snake Repellents in 2020

best copperhead repellent in 2020

Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules

Ortho Snake B Gon is one of the most popular snake repellents on the market this year.

It prevents snakes from entering in your yard, and if they’re already present, then the use of this repellent will keep them away.

The good thing which makes it popular among customers is that, along with repelling garter and rattles snakes; you can also use it to repel copperheads. The manufacturer didn’t give any formal information regarding it, but, you can find a lot of reviews where users used it, and successfully repelled garter, rattle, and copperhead snakes from their yard.

So, if you feel scared that copperhead or rattlesnakes can enter in your property, then using an Ortho Snake B Gon is a good choice.

It contains natural ingredients, and these are; Clove Oil, Castor Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint Oil, & Geraniol.

These essential oils are added in a specific concentration that overwhelms the snake’s sense of smell, and they cannot smell its prey for some time. Then, in order to prevent this, the snake moves to the areas with fresher air.

As the ingredients are essential oils, so it’s safe to use around pets, plants, and people. But, use it as directed with proper care & safety, otherwise, it can cause harmful effects.

Comes with No-Stink Formula.

And, if you like spicy scents, then you’ll find its scent good.

It gives a long-lasting performance. Approximately, you’ve to reapply it after every 30 days or whenever you see a new snake.

It’s ready to use formula; there is no need to add anything to it. Just shake the bottle before use, and apply liberally to the turf and soil around the plants & flowers.

The manufacturer states that 2 lb. Ortho product provides safety for 1440 sq. ft., but a lot of users don’t get that. If you use liberally, then according to me, it’s not sufficient for 1440 sq. ft.

So, when purchasing it, buy a bigger size as per your requirement, because of 2 lb. size may not be sufficient for you.

The container is easy to handle a shaker top.

When applying it, don’t forget to wear gloves because the essential oils are present in a good concentration, and direct contact with your skin can cause some irritation.

There are some users who claim that their pets don’t mind the usage of this essential oil based repellent. So, it’s a good sign that it’s safe for pets.

It is trusted by thousands of users, but, still, it gets some bad reviews, and we can’t ignore that. Some people reported that they saw a snake near the places where they sprinkled the granules, while others say that, this product worked but not on all the species.

Approximately 70% of users are happy with its performance, and the rest of them are disappointed with its performance. 20% to 30% are not happy with it.


  • Easy to Use
  • Safe for People, Pets, and Plants
  • Natural Ingredients: Essential Oils
  • Smells good, the scent is not an issue
  • No other chemicals
  • Trusted by hundreds of users
  • Works for approximately 30 days
  • Can be used to repel copperhead, rattle, and garter snakes
  • Affordable Price


  • As per labeled, 2 lb. container will work for 1440 sq. ft., but, a lot of people find that to treat 1440 sq. ft. area you’ll need a bigger version.
  • Trusted by thousands of users, but approximately 20% to 30% of its users are disappointed with it.

Final Verdict

Ortho Snake B Gon is easy to use, safe for pets & plants, and affordable. It is used by thousands of users who use it to repel garter, rattle, and copperhead snakes from their yard.

But, this product gets some bad reviews.

There can be many reasons for that, like, they didn’t use it as labeled, or there can be some different species of snakes in their yard. It is also possible that their expectations from this product are so high that the normal effectiveness may seem lower to them.

So, you can use it in your yard as a copperhead snake repellent because many other products don’t work on these snakes.

Dr. T’s 4-Pound Nature Products Snake Repelling Granules

best repellent to keep copperheads away

If you’re afraid that garter and rattlesnakes will come to your yard, then there is nothing better than Dr. T’s Snake Repelling Granules.

The manufacturer honestly admits that it gives a 91% repellent rate for rattlesnakes and garter snakes, while no tests were conducted for other species like copperheads.

There are hundreds of users who used it against garters and rattles, but only a handful of them say that it works on copperhead snakes.

This product has the ability to repel both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes from your property.

It is one of the very few snake repellents that are registered with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The active ingredients are Sulfur (28%) and Naphthalene (7%). These are chemicals, so if you want a natural snake repellent then it’s not for you. You should try something else.

It is very easy to apply.

You just have to sprinkle the granules. To repel garter snakes, sprinkle the granules 4 to 5 inches wide, while to repel rattlesnakes sprinkle 8 to 12 inches wide.

But, while using this product, don’t forget to wear gloves, and use a shovel. These are chemicals can be very dangerous to your health. Inhaling them can also be highly dangerous, so wearing a mask is necessary.

Keep it out of reach of the children.

Do not sprinkle it on the places where children play.

These chemicals can be very dangerous, therefore; it’s highly recommended that you do not use it near the food items, or the fruit or vegetable plants that are used for consumption.

According to the manufacturer, the 4 lb. product can treat 5 acres of land, and the residual action works for 2 to 3 months.

But, many users complain that its residual action doesn’t last for 3 months. They had to use it after every 1 to 2 months. If the rain washes everything, then you need to apply it again.

When snakes move, these chemicals are picked by the snake, and that disrupts the functioning of Jacobsen’s organ, temporarily. Therefore, it disorients and it leaves your area to find some fresh air.

But, it should be noted that it’ll work only when if it gets to the Jacobsen’s organ. If not, then the snake will remain crawling in your yard.

The scent of this repellent may be an issue for you.

Many users complain that it smells like mothballs, and it’s very strong. It works well, but some users don’t use it just because of its strong scent.

According to a few dog owners, their dog doesn’t take any interest in it and shows no adverse reactions due to these snake repelling granules.

Just like Ortho B Gon, it also gets some bad reviews. There can be various reasons for that, but it works for most of the users.


  • 91% success rate in repelling rattle and garter snakes
  • Repel poisonous and non-poisonous snakes
  • Trusted by hundreds of users
  • The residual action lasts for at least 1 to 2 months, 3 months in ideal conditions
  • Easy to Use
  • Registered with EPA
  • Covers 5 acres of land
  • Affordable price


  • Contain chemicals: Sulfur & Naphthalene
  • Strong mothballs smell
  • Use carefully, it can be dangerous
  • Most of the users are happy with it, but still, some people didn’t get satisfied with its performance.

Final Verdict

Dr. T’s Snake Repelling Granules work really well in removing garter and rattlesnakes from the yard and achieves 91% success rate. After using it once, it keeps working for at least 1 to 2 months, while the manufacturer claims for 3 months, which is in the ideal conditions.

But, this product specifically tested for garter and rattlesnakes. The manufacturer didn’t say anything about copperhead snakes (another commonly found snake). But, there are a few reviews that show that it can also be used against copperheads.

The chemicals present in it are also a cause of concern for some users. You have to be careful while sprinkling it in your card; wear gloves, mask, and use shovel. And, keep the children out of its reach.

There are a lot of good reviews, but some users reported that it doesn’t work. As I told earlier, there can be many reasons for that.

I’ll suggest you try it, because it’s not very costly, and the majority of its users are satisfied with it. So, in 2020, you should definitely test it out.

Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent Spray

This Snake Defense Repellent Spray is manufactured by Exterminators Choice.

It is a natural snake repellent that contains essential oils of peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, and clove oil, and therefore it is safe to use around your home. But, keep it away from children.

It comes in a liquid form, and you have to spray it where you see their activity. As it comes in a liquid form, and it’s natural, therefore, you can use it in your house, garage, or basement. Even, some users also said that they use it in their kitchen.

As it comes with a spray pump, it’s very easy to use. You just have to shake well before use, and spray it on the desired places.

It works on all kinds of snakes whether they’re venomous or non-venomous.

Along with that, it doesn’t smell horrific. People always consider smell as an important factor when buying a snake repellent, and in that case, there’ll be no terrible smell. But, you’ll the scent of essential oils.

But, some users complain that it is a little costly as compared to the price of essential oils.


  • Highly effective against poisonous and non-poisonous snakes
  • No terrible smell
  • Easy to Use
  • Trusted by hundreds of users
  • Natural ingredients


  • Slightly costly as compared other snake repellents

Final Verdict

This Snake Repelling Spray is a natural product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. The above products mentioned will surely make the rattlesnake deterrent.

It is a trusted product, and a lot of users highly recommend it to other users. As it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, you can use it around your house.

But, it may seem slightly costly to you, and you may have to reapply it after every one to three weeks. That makes it even more costly as compared to other products.

However, if you just want to repel snakes from the yard, without thinking about a few extra dollars, then it’s a good choice for you.

3 Most Common Snakes in the USA

Garter Snake (Garden Snake)

How to Get Rid of Garter Snakes

Garter Snakes are nearly harmless.

Some species of garter snakes possess neurotoxic venom, but that is not dangerous to humans.

There are many different species of garter snakes, and if you heard your kids shouting “There is a snake in the garden”, probably it’ll be a garter snake.

If they bite, it can cause itching or minor swelling in humans. If this happens, clean the bite thoroughly, and it’s not a cause for concern.

According to Animal Diversity Web, there are extremely rare cases that when people get allergic reactions due to the saliva of these snakes. As it’s extremely rare, therefore, they’re considered as harmless snakes.


Get Rid of Rattlesnakes

You can easily distinguish a rattlesnake because of its rattle.

They’re venomous, and their bite is dangerous to humans. With proper medical care, you can treat their bite.

As they eat small rodents & lizards, so it’s possible that you can found a rattlesnake that entered in your yard in the search for food.

Copperhead Snakes

Repel Copperhead Snakes

According to the North Carolina State University Cooperative Extensive Service, in recent years, copperhead snakes have bitten more people than any other species of snakes.

Fortunately, their venom is not that strong. But, if you get bitten by a copperhead, don’t take it lightly, you need medical attention immediately.

Copperheads are also a concern because if they feel threatened, they don’t give any warning signs, they just bite.

And, their bite is extremely painful.

I highly recommend that you read the whole article, but, if you’re short on time, then reading the next section will give you a quick idea about the most effective snake repellents that are safe for dogs and other pets.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Snake Repellent

copperhead snake repellent

Type of Snake Repellent

It’s important to consider whether you want a chemical or natural repellent.

I’ll not suggest you try electronic snake repellents for the yard, as they’re not very effective.

To be more specific, I personally prefer natural snake repellent because I don’t want to use chemicals in the garden where kids & pets play.

You can use repellent granules as they’re tried and tested.

Should be Pet Safe

It is very important that your product is pet safe.

Sometimes, pet safe products are not that effective as compared to chemical repellents, because they keep the active ingredients at a safer level.

Sane repellent safe for pets

But, if you have pets like dogs, then make sure to find the best dog safe snake repellent.

Should Repel Specific Type of Snakes

As I told earlier, there are 3 very common species of snakes that you can find crawling in your yard. These are rattle, garter, and copperhead snakes.

So, if you’re living in a region where a specific species of snakes are more active, then purchase a snake repellent that targets them.

Garter and Rattlesnake Repellent

keep snakes away from your yard

If garter or rattlesnakes are more active in your region, then Dr. T’s Nature Products Snake Repellent Granules is a good choice.

This product is registered by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

It contains Sulfur (28%) and Naphthalene (7%), and its residual keeps repelling them for 2 to 3 months.

For garter snakes and rattlesnakes, you’ll get a 91% repellent rate, which is great.

But, the manufacturer didn’t say anything about copperheads.

So, if you’ve garter or rattlesnakes in your yard, then you can use Dr. T’s 4-Pound Nature Products Snake Repellent Granules.

Copperhead Repellent

If copperhead snakes are commonly found in your area, then you should buy Victor Snake-A-Way Repelling granules to repel copperhead snakes.

There are some repellents that only repel non-poisonous snakes, so it’s better to take a close look.


Generally, liquid spray and granules are preferred because they work really well. But, you’ve to do the treatment after every few days, depending on the specific product.

In that case, ultrasonic or electronic snake repellents are more convenient to use, because you just have to place it and forget about it. But, they’re not good at repelling snakes.

You can use ultrasonic repellents to keep the rodents away from your yard. That way, you’ll eliminate the food of the reptiles, and there’ll be no reason for them to stay.

Which Type of Snake Repellent Should You Choose?

how to repel copperheads

We all know there are many repellent for rattlesnakes are available on the market. So, here, I’ll talk about the effectiveness of each type of repellent.

Ultrasonic or Electronic Snake Repellent

The ultrasonic or electronic snake repellents rely on their ultrasound to repel various types of pests from your yard.

It was a common misconception that snakes can’t hear. A recent study shows that they can hear the sound because of their vibrating skulls. But, they can’t hear ultrasound.

This point out a question on solar powered snake repellents.

Do Electronic Snake Repellents Work?

In general, these produce ultrasound waves, and can’t be heard by snakes.

So, the ultrasonic repellents don’t work on snakes.

It’s possible that, if you place an ultrasonic device in your yard, then it’ll repel rodents (food of snakes). Therefore, snakes leave your area in the search for food, and you’ll think that this device has a direct impact on snakes.

My opinion: Ultrasonic repellers don’t work.

Natural Repellents

Essential oils and a few other natural things are the active ingredients.

In a tech note published by APHIS, they clearly mentioned that clove oil, cinnamon oil, and a few other things can be used as an effective snake repellent.

Different types of snake repellents

So, in short, natural snake repellents for yards are a good choice.

Chemical Repellents

Sulfur and Naphthalene are used in a specific concentration, and it is found to be a good alternative for repelling these reptiles.

If used separately, these don’t work well.

Final Words

Snakes look scary to a lot of people.

They can be venomous and non-venomous, but normal people don’t know the difference between them.

Whether they’re venomous or non-venomous, you don’t want them in your garden where you kids and pets play.

In the above, I’ve mentioned the snake repellents that work and will help you to get rid of them from your property.

I hope that this article helped you.

If you’ve anything in your mind, then feel free to ask me in the comment section, or you can also share your own experience.

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