Best Wasp Sprays 2020: Long Range Wasp & Hornet Killers

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How many times you have tried to get rid of the wasp and hornet nests from your home but have failed miserably?

Isn’t it difficult to search for the best wasp spray on the market?

Well then, your search is going to end as we discussed below the best five wasps and hornet killers in 2020 with a detailed guide on each product.

We also have ensembled the various precautionary measures and methods to use while dealing with these insect killers.

In this article, we’ll discuss and try to find the best spray for wasps as well as for hornets.

Best Wasp and Hornet Sprays in 2020

Best Wasp Spray 2020

Spectracide HG-95715 Wasp and Hornet Killer

The wasps and hornets are the flying insects that sting aggressively as soon as they sense a threat to them. It is their natural way to protect themselves from an attack by stinging more than one time. They can sting multiple times that can lead to life-threatening effects on the person.

The wasp nests resemble the shape of an umbrella whereas the nest of a hornet resembles the shape of a ball both located quite above the ground level in trees, bushes, or roofs. If you suspect activity by either a wasp or a hornet, you should take immediate action to drive them away to avoid a threat to your family.

The Spectracide wasp and hornet killer is the most effective wasp spray as well as hornet spray available in the market. However, you need to read all the instructions described on the label before using it and follow the instructions as mentioned on it. The Spectracide is the ideal defense against the wasp, hornets, and yellow jackets by destroying their nests.

The Spectracide kills the flying insects on contact with its 27 feet jet spray that allows maintaining a safe distance from the nests. While spraying wears a pair of gloves and keeps the maximum distance from the nest. The Spectracide takes around 24 hours to kill these flying nests by destroying their nest thus it is advised to remove the nest after 24 hours.

The Spectracide is a long-range aerosol spray that can kill the insects that visit the sprayed area even after a few days. It has a non-staining nature and is formulated for outdoor use only. The Spectracide should be used at the time of sunset when these insects are least active. It comes in a pack of 12 with 20 ounces of spray in each can.

Ortho Home Defense Hornet and Wasp Killer

The Ortho Home Defense as the name suggests protects your home from flying insects like wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. They can kill the insects by destroying their nests that hang around above the ground surface or are dug under the ground. The wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are quite dangerous as they can sting multiple times as they suspect an attack.

The sting of these flying insects can be a life-threatening experience for the person hence it is advised to take immediate actions as soon as these insects are spotted.

The ortho home defense spray kills these flying insects by entrapping them with the foam released from the can. The foam from the spray builds a layer around the nest that traps the insects inside them and eventually kills them. It also ensures to kill the wasps, hornet and yellow jackets that return to the nest even after few days.

The Ortho Home Defense spray has a long-lasting effect on the area sprayed thus always wear gloves while removing the nest. The spray can come with 20 feet jet spray that allows maintaining maximum distance from the nests. The jet spray can pinpoint the accurate spot in the nest for the foam to be sprayed. The nests are most likely found under roof eaves, around carports, doorways, window frames and other outdoor areas. However, it is advised to read all the instructions described in the label carefully and act accordingly.

The Ortho Home Defense Spray is one of the most effective wasp spray as well as hornet killer but does not work on the yellow jackets efficiently.

Syngenta 73654 Demand CS Insecticide

The Syngenta CS is known for manufacturing the most effective insecticides in the market killing more than thirty common insects including the wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Demand cs is an insecticide with a water-based concentration that allows controlling the pests both indoors and outdoors.

The Demand cs come in a pack of two each containing 8 oz that makes around 8 to 40 gallons. In the Syngenta Demand cs, lambda-cyhalothrin is combined with a micro-encapsulated technology that offers the insecticide with an unmatched residual as well as protection against a lot of common insects.

Demand cs is the best insecticide available in the market as it leaves no odor as well stain on the surfaces ascertaining to be pretty harmless for the indoor infested areas. However, it does not comes with a jet spray thus it fails to impress the customers on a large scale.It also fails to kill the flying insects efficiently due to the absence of a jet spray.

The Demand cs also doesnot have quick action on the bugs as it gets stuck on the back of the bugs that take it back to the nests and eventually get killed. Hence, one can say that the Syngenta Demand cs is a long term solution to get rid of the wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. The price of the Demand cs is also on the expensive side but two bottles are more than enough for a long time.

The Demand cs requires hard work as well as patience but you won’t be regretting the purchase as it has excellent effects on the wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. It is one of the strongest wasp killers spray as well as hornet spray in the market.

Raid Wasp and Hornet Spray

The Raid Wasp and hornet spray are effective as well as long-lasting insecticide available in the market. The Raid has been in the market for a long time and has been known for their cleaning supplies.

They also manufacture insecticides and pesticides to control the insect and pest infestation in your house.

The Raid Wasp and Hornet spray come with an instruction label on the backside of the can that should be read thoroughly to prevent any chemical hazard or accident.

The instructions described on the label should be followed methodically and step by step. The Raid wasp and hornet spray come in a pack of three in a container of 17.5 oz.

It kill these flying insects by attacking their nest and forming a layer over the nest with the spray. This spray allows you to dispatch the whole nest within a safe distance as it comes with a jet spray that sprays up to 22 feet. The spray also ensures to kill the wasps, hornets and yellow jackets that come back to the nest.

The Raid Wasp and hornet spray are also electrically non-conducting over 32,500 volts thus can be used on nests built on electric wires or appliances. This spray kills the wasp, hornet and yellow jackets as soon as they come in contact with them.

It is really one of the best wasp sprays in 2020 that also kill hornets effectively.

Zevo Wasp Hornet and Yellow Jacket Stinging insect killer

The Zevo insect killer is a natural and environmentally friendly way to kill the flying insects like wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. The Zevo insect killer uses the extracts of the plants to manufacture plant oils to make the formula rather than the traditionally used chemical pyrethroids.

The active ingredients used in the making of formula have been chosen by taking inspiration from the natural defense techniques of the plant. The formula is selected biologically and is devoid of any harsh chemicals that leave odor as well as stain behind on the surfaces. They are quite easy to use due to the jet spray technology that allows keeping a maximum distance from the nests.

The Zevo insect has an instant effect on the wasps, hornets and yellow jackets as it directly attacks the nervous system of these insects due to the presence of specific nervous receptors that are active only in insects. These specific nervous receptors are absent in the body of humans as well as animals hence have zero side-effects on them.

The Zevo insect killer has an extremely light smell that keeps your nerves calm rather than nauseating. The formula of the Zevo insect killer contains friendly ingredients and is devoid of any harsh chemicals like pyrethrin, imiprothrin, butane or propane. It can effectively and efficiently kill the wasps, hornets and yellow jackets in no time.

The Zevo insect killer is an instant wasp killer that is popular in the market and has been preferred over every other insect killer due to its instant actions.

How to Use Wasp Spray

The Wasp spray can be extremely hazardous and dangerous if handled carelessly thus it is advised to follow the instructions described on the label thoroughly and methodically. There is a step by step process to use a wasp spray in your house to get rid of the wasps.


Firstly, you need to identify and mark the spots in your house where you spot a wasp nest and analyze the level of infestation. This would help you to choose the wasp spray wisely as well as economically. The wasp nests have paper-like appearance and take the shape of an umbrella rather than the hornet’s nest that has a sphere-like appearance.

Best Wasp Killer on the Market

Choosing a Wasp Spray

This is an important step in the whole process as you need to research a lot and investigate your home thoroughly to have an idea about the level of infestation.

An insect killer spray would be the best way to handle these sting insects and the quantity of the spray can be determined by studying the number of nests in your house.

Taking Precautions

Since these chemicals can be dangerous to humans, it is suggested to take maximum protection and precaution while applying the spray on the nests. You should wear a mask to protect your mouth and nose along with gloves in your hands to prevent the falling of the chemical on your hands. Always keep a safe distance from the nests to keep your protected from the sting of the wasps.

Safely Using the Spray

Now keep a safe distance from the nest, apply pressure on the nozzle by pointing it to the nest and spray the insecticide all over the nest until it is saturated with the insect killer.

Many insect killers do not instantly kill the wasps hence you will have to wait for about 24 hours to remove the nest. It is always advised to spray during the early morning or in the evening when the insects are least active.

The following process of using a wasp spray is the same for both the hornets as well as yellow jackets.

Precautions to take while using Hornet and Wasp Sprays

Wasp and Yellow Jacket Spray

The wasp and hornet sprays are quite dangerous to handle due to several hazardous chemicals used in the manufacturing of the formula thus it is always to take precautions while working with these chemicals. Some of the precautions are mentioned below that you can also read on the label behind the can.

  1. Always wrap a stole or a handkerchief all around your face while spraying the insect killer on the nest. You can also use a mask to cover your face especially your mouth and nose to prevent the chemicals to enter into your system.
  2. Always wear gloves while applying the spray on the nest as this allows preventing the chemical to drop on your hands and irritate later.
  3. If the chemical falls on your clothes or skin then immediately change the clothes wash your skin with water to avoid contamination as well as irritation.
  4. As soon as you have applied the spray exit the area immediately and remain outside the area you have sprayed until the spray has completely dried.
  5. Always stand opposite to the wind as the wind may blow the chemical towards you that can be dangerous.
  6. These wasps, hornets and yellow jackets spray are extremely toxic, especially to the aquatic invertebrates and fish.
  7. Always wait around for 24 hours before you remove the nest as the nest may still contain the wasps, hornet or yellow jackets that may sting on coming in contact.
  8. Apart from protective clothing gears, you should also take the time of the day to attack into close consideration. The wasps, hornet and yellow jackets are extremely active as well as aggressive in the day thus early morning or late evening is the best time to deal with these insects.
  9. Even the disposal of the nest should also be done in the early morning or late evening as the cool weather and low temperature makes them highly inactive during these times.
  10. Always use an insect killer with a jet spray nozzle that allows you to keep a safe distance from the nests while attacking the nests. This prevents you from getting stung by the wasps, hornets and yellow jackets while attacking their nests.
  11. You should clean the whole area after the disposal of the nests as the chemicals are extremely toxic and can be hazardous if you came in contact with children or pets. They should also be cleaned thoroughly as soon as possible as they have oil bases.

FAQ about Wasp and Hornet Killer Sprays

How does wasp spray work?

how wasp spray works

The wasp sprays are mostly neurotoxins that contain chemicals like pyrethrins and pyrethroids as the active ingredients in the formula. These chemicals directly attack the specific neuroreceptors found only in the insects by knocking down the sodium channels of the insect nerves by holding them open.

What is the best wasp killer product on the market?

The aerosol sprays are the best wasp killer product available in the market as they come with a jet spray that allows the attacker to attack the nests from a safe distance. This protects the attacker from the sting of the wasps while attacking their nests. It mainly formulated for outdoor use only and cannot be used indoors especially around children and pets.

How far does a wasp spray shoot?

The wasp spray can shoot typically within a range of 20 to 30 feet depending upon the brand of the spray. The jet spray allows the attacker to keep a safe distance from the nests while attacking the nest with the spray.

What is the best time to spray on wasp nest?

The wasps are pretty inactive during the early morning as well as in the late evening due to cool weather and low temperature. This is the ideal time to destroy their nests by attacking them with your insect killer. Since they are inactive during this period, there would not be fear of being stung. However, always take maximum precautionary measures while dealing with a wasp or a wasp killer.

Final Words

These insect killers can be extremely dangerous as well as toxic so it is advised to choose them wisely and economically. You can also choose natural killers rather than the formulas containing toxic chemicals. However, it all depends upon you and the level of infestation in your home to choose the right insect killer.

We hope that this article helps you get rid of these flying insects and you have a peaceful life as well as home.

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  1. Ross

    I agree as I’m deathly afraid of all bees/wasps and have used many kinds trying to find the best. Raid and spectracide are the only two I use. I prefer raid due to killing them faster with less chance of them flying at you but if I can’t find the raid I use spectracide hands down works very well not as fast acting but does get the job done as a plus is cheaper and can find it most anywhere. With yellow jackets I usually take car wash concentrate fill 5 gallon bucket and at night dump it in the hole with bucket over hole.

    1. Dinesh Kumar

      Thank you Ross for sharing the details. As you mentioned, Spectracide is cheap, but when it comes to killing wasps & bees, Raid is one of the best products you should choose.

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    The Best Wasp Spray is Hands down CRC Wasp and Hornet Killer Plus,
    Its the only Wasp Spray that kills instantly.

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