How to Kill Mice: Best Ways to Kill Mice at Home

How to kill mouse in your house

So, you’ve tried all the methods to get rid of mice without killing them, but still, they’re in your house. Probably, the only way is killing them.

But, what is the most effective way to kill mice, and how to apply that?

This article is focused on mouse killing. Here, you’ll get best ways to kill a mouse in your home. Some work instantly while others take time. So let’s start our hunting guide.

How to kill mice in your home

how to kill mice in your house

1. By Using Traps

You can use traps to kill mice in your house, which are easily available at local shops or online. Some of them are brutal and give a painful death to a mouse. While some humane traps are also available which kill them within few seconds. So let’s check them.

Snap Trap

Everyone is familiar from the wooden snap traps. But, people often ask, “do snap mouse traps kill instantly?” When applied correctly, snap trap kills a mouse instantly without giving much pain. But sometimes, it gets hurt and dies a painful death after suffering for hours. Even, sometimes it takes the bait without triggering the trap. Therefore, you should apply a small amount of bait while setting a snap trap, because if you place a large amount, then the mouse can eat or take the bait by standing away from the trap.

But, you’ve to be careful.

Snap traps can hurt you, your children and your pets when getting contact with them accidently.

Place these traps where you see rodent activity, and make sure your children and pets don’t go near them.

The best thing about them is that they are cheap. You can use them anywhere, in any weather conditions. You can buy them for few $.

Glue Traps

Glue Traps for the mouse are not fast as a snap trap. These traps look like cardboard houses, the floor of a trap is lined with sticky glue, so when a rodent comes over, it stuck there. Don’t able to move their feet. After some time, they die because of starvation and dehydration.

You can place them where you see rodent activity, like in the attic, behind the refrigerator etc.

Be careful, getting contact with it, you’ll not get killed by starvation, but it’ll increase your work to get rid of the sticky glue.

Most people don’t recommend them because you catch a live mouse and let it dies a painful death by starvation and dehydration. This disturbs people, and it’s not a humane way to kill a mouse. Therefore, you can say that glue traps for mice are inhumane but these can glue traps can be considered as the best way to catch a mouse.

Also, it’s not reusable; you need a new glue trap for every mouse you catch. Along with that, they don’t work always.

Electronic Trap

This is one of the best choices you can make. Electronic traps are the fastest way to kill mice in your home. Electronic trap gives a high-voltage electric shock to kill a mouse in few seconds. You just have to place bait inside it to attract a rodent. It’ll do rest of the job.

It’s easy to use these traps. It kills mice in a humane manner with high-voltage shock. And you don’t have to clean the mess because there is no mess. While getting rid of the dead mouse, you don’t even have to look at it. Just open the trap and the dead animal will come out.

These electronic mouse traps are safe for kids and pets because they are designed in this way that no one can enter them except a mouse.

These electronic traps mouse have almost 100% success rate. If you’ve placed bait accurately, and if mouse entered, then the trap will surely kill it.

Another great thing about electronic traps is that these traps are the quickest way to kill mice; therefore if you’re suffering from mouse infestation, then probably these are the best for you. There are some electronic traps available out there, which can kill up to 10 mice after setting once. Think about it, you placed your trap at night, and in the morning, you’ve killed nearly 5-10 mice. So, it’s able to decrease the population very quickly.

There are many brands available which provide electronic mouse traps, but Victor is the most popular and trusted. You can read Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Review here, or you can also check the list along with the review of the best rat trap.

2. Use Animal for Killing

Most effective way of killing mouse

There are many animals which hunt mice like snakes, cats, and many others. You can’t take an animal like a snake in your home to get rid of mice, but you’ll love a cat.

Cats love hunting and eating them. Even, you can train a cat to kill mice, and eat them outside your home. Along with that, you don’t even have to spend money on cat food. Cat knows mice better, than human. So it knows their hiding places and can sense them for efficient killing.

Along with these rodents, cats will also help you to keep lizards away from your house.

But there’s a catch.

There are many places where a mouse can go, and it’s not physically possible for a cat to go after a mouse. Even, mice can climb up on the walls.

If you’ve mouse infestation, then a cat can’t take care all of them. They’re too many. But, once you get rid of the mouse infestation, then a cat will make sure that mouse infestation does not happen again. So, if you’re dealing with few mice, then cat deserves a chance.

3. By Using Poison Baits

You can place poison baits, where you see rodent activity. And from the next day, you’ll start to see dead rodents. These poison baits are able to kill mice from few hours to days. Check this article to find some powerful rat baits.

But using these poison baits are dangerous. Therefore, people don’t recommend it. As the baits are poisonous, therefore, it can also kill your pet, or even if it didn’t kill your pet, it can make them ill or suffer from pain.

But, when you use these baits, place them in those locations where you think only mice go, like in the tunnels, under the furniture etc. These mouse killing baits are not much costly, and you can find them anywhere from a local store to online.

But there’s a problem.

When you kill a mouse by using a trap, you know that where exactly it is. Traps will kill mice, where you placed them. But, when you use these poison baits, you don’t know where the mouse will go to die.

Sometimes, mouse dies in a hole, under the furniture etc. and you’ll not know it died until you sense a foul odor of a dead rodent. Even sometimes, getting rid of that dead animal becomes a big headache. A small dead mouse can produce a very bad smell in your whole house. So, when you use poison baits, start checking every corner of your house from the next day.

It is not the fastest way to kill mice, but if you think, you can handle a dead mouse, and can protect your kids, and your pets, then go ahead.

Final Words

If you’re facing a mouse problem, then these mice killing ways are worth trying. But, if I have to pick one option to fight against them, I will choose electronic traps because they’re efficient, safe for pets and does not create a mess.

Now, it’s up to you, which one you choose.

But, if you still facing mouse problem, then calling a professional is always an option. But, hiring a professional will cost you lot of money.

So, what you do to kill mice in your home? Did you succeed killing them effectively with these ways? Let us know in the comments!

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