Borax for Roaches: A Step by Step Guide to Get Quick Results

Cockroaches are one of the toughest insects, and also one of the most disgusting.

There are many popular ways to eliminate roaches from your home, and using borax is one of them.

But, the question arises,

Does borax really kill cockroaches?

And is it really effective?

Yes, borax effectively kills roaches and you can trust it.

Not only roaches, it also very effective in dealing with termites and killing fleas present in your house.

So, today, in this short article, you’ll read about how you can use borax to get rid of cockroaches from your house.

Borax for Roaches

Getting Rid of Roaches with Borax

20 Mule Team Borax is the most popular when it comes to purchasing borax. If you’ve 20 Mule Team at your home, then there is no need to buy anything.

Due to its properties, it is used as a pesticide to kill different kinds of insects. Even, you can find borax in some professional roach control products.

It will only work if borax gets inside their system. It attacks the digestive system of these pests and dries out their exoskeleton.

We can’t do spoon feeding to roaches, so we need to do things differently. There are two ways to do that.

A Step by Step Guide

Whichever method you use, important thing is that you should know where they live, where they hide.

Generally, roaches live in dark, moist areas like sewer pipes, bathrooms etc.

Spread Borax

When you find the possible areas where they live, then you can spread borax around it.

When they walk through it, borax will stick on their feet. Eventually, they’ll eat it, and die.

Invite Roaches to Eat Borax

You can use organic things like sugar or cornstarch, or whatever attracts them.

Here, we are going to prepare a mixture of sugar and borax.

The sugar present in the solution will attract the roaches. They will eat it, and the borax present in it will kill them.

To make it work, the most important thing is that, you apply the mixture at the places where they can find it. Just apply it to places where they love to go like near drainage pipes, sink etc.

Can I Get Rid of Heavy Roach Infestation with Borax?

That’s a good question; we all want to know the answer.

Yes, you can use it to eliminate all these creatures from your house. But to do that, you’ve to apply it in the right places, along with the proper application.

Borax works so well that, it’s even used by some companies in their pest control products.

Due to its excellent properties, it’s one of the best home remedies to control the pest problem. You can also read this short article about home remedies to fight these crawling creatures.

Final Words

Now, we know that you can use borax to kill cockroaches in your house.

But, when using this home remedy, make sure you wear gloves and don’t put the borax where pets & children can reach it. It can be harmful to them.

After using this home remedy, please tell us how it goes in the comment section.

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