20 Mule Team Borax for Roaches: Get Rid of Roaches

If you suspect the amount of infestation in your house to be not much, there are many ways in which you can yourself exterminate cockroaches. One of these methods is by using borax based solutions.

Borax combined with a few other commonly found household substances can create effective borax for roaches solution to get rid of cockroaches. One of the well-known brands in the market to kill roaches is 20 Mule Team Borax.

Does Borax Kill Roaches?

When it is the matter of roach control, Boron containing compounds are picked up by insects quite effortlessly, and boric acid, an unoriginal form of borax, has extremely low vile qualities that make it an effective long-term pest control option that does not lower in efficacy over time.

Does Borax Kill Roaches

Borax can be easily processed into boric acid or can be used on its own. Boric acid solutions are also available as pesticides.

Borax and 20 Mule Team Borax are low-risk pesticides that can in high concentrations cause skin and respiratory irritation but have negligible health effects otherwise if not ingested directly.

Will 20 Mule Team Borax Kill Cockroaches?

Yes, using 20 Mule Team borax will surely exterminate the cockroaches. If you’re dealing with a roach problem, borax in any form can help you exterminate these unwanted house guests.

The risks are especially high for children and pets, who may accidentally inhale or ingest borax without an adult person’s supervision. There are products like 20 Mule Team borax which may not be as fatal as it might seem if used less frequently.

Borax Roach Bait Recipes

Borax Roach

These are some of the recipes to kill roaches using borax that has been there since ages and still effective in the year 2020. The borax roach killer solutions are easy to make, cost-efficient and very effective.

Borax and Peanut Butter

The peanut butter is pretty tempting to the roaches as the sugar due to its crunchy and sweet consistency.

The preparation of this roach bait recipe requires only two ingredients peanut butter and 20 Mule Team borax that is mixed thoroughly in a container and later spread, sprayed or scattered across the affected zones.

Borax and Flour

The borax and flour recipes are one of the most used, effective and easiest roach bait recipes to kill roaches as all the ingredients required are easily obtainable.

This bait of borax and flour is quite alluring to roaches and as soon as they feed on this bait, the chemical is ingested eventually showing its effect.

You can also add your DIY methods to this flour and borax recipe to make it more effective.

Borax and Egg Yolk

The egg yolk is appealing to the roaches as they are extra sensitive to the smell that makes it the perfect bait to subterfuge them and kills them.

The preparation of this homemade roach killer recipe is performed by mixing the two main ingredients egg yolk and borax powder in a container and then spreading, spraying or scattering all around the suspected areas of the house.

Precautions to Take While Using Borax

Although 20 Mule Team Borax is naturally occurring, it is highly hazardous to ingest or handle often in the indoors. While borax for killing cockroaches is fine, frequent exposure has many worst side effects and may result in borax poisoning.

•        Avoid having any pets near or on areas recently treated with borax

•        Avoid getting it anywhere on your clothes

•        Remember to avoid contact with nose, mouth, and eye

•        Remember to securely cover any open wounds before handling a borax product

•        People with children at home should avoid using pesticides, cosmetics, or other products containing borax in them. If an infant touches a pesticide, they may accidentally ‘ingest’ it into their bodies through contact with their hands, mouth or their nose.

As little as 5 grams of borax can be harmful and potentially fatal if an infant consumes it or comes in contact with it.

Some potential risks if a child consumes borax include fatal shock, nausea, or even death. Instead, you can look for products with components that are non-toxic to children.

Final Words

So, to prevent the roach’s infestation and causing too severe conditions, follow the steps mentioned above as well as remember to seal all food packets in your kitchen and fridge.

Remove any cardboard items you have as roaches like to consume these.

Keep your houses clean, and be sure to clean any spillages as soon as you can to prevent any germs or pests to grow through the unclean environment.

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