Do Termites Bite Humans? Everything You Want to Know

We all know that termites can damage your wooden furniture, walls, and can cause structural damage to your house.

You may think that termites and ants are of the same size. If ants can bite, then maybe termites bite humans.

What’s the truth?

Do termites bite humans?

No, termites do not bite humans.

In a termite colony, soldier termites are able to bite human beings. But, they rarely do. Even, when the young termites leave their colonies in the search of a mate, they do not cause any risk to human beings.

Soldier termites have abilities to bite with force, but their jaws are tiny, and therefore they don’t leave any mark.

There are some species that rarely bites like Formosan termites. However, it’s very rare to get bitten with Formosan termites. Even, if you get bitten by the termites, their bites won’t cause any illness or infection.

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