Can Wasp Nests Damage Your Home? {Do You Have To Remove It?}

You see a wasp nest, but are unsure of its impact on your property. Can Wasp Nests Damage Your Home?

If you are not fearful and you are certain that you aren’t allergic to wasps, you may decide to leave the nest alone. What if the nest itself damages the exterior of your home?

Should you remove a wasp nest? In this article we will discover, “Can wasp nests damage your home?”

Can Wasp Nests Damage Your Home?

The nest of a wasp is not typically a cause for significant property damage. Sometimes, a wasp nest can create broken roof shingles or damage the panels of your garden sheds.

Nests that are left for a long time and not eliminated, may cause wood damage around the vicinity where it is located. It is important to get rid of a wasp nest after you are sure that they have moved on or died off. Winter is the best time to remove a wasp nest.

Will Wasps Come Back if You Destroy Their Nest?

The nest of a wasp is surrounded by pheromones that they have released while they were working. Even though the nest has been destroyed, wasps will investigate the area and consider rebuilding once again in this space because they have the ability to detect that there used to be in nest here in the past.

The pheromones of wasps can linger where the nest used to be. This is why it’s important to spray the area with pesticides, chemicals, essential oils, bleach or other cleaning solutions to eliminate the odor of wasp pheromones that we cannot detect, but they surely can.

What Happens if You Cover a Wasp Nest?

Covering or blocking the nest of a wasp is not the best way to deal with this issue. It’s confining these wasps and a tighter space will agitate them even further and cause them to attack.

Wasps are also capable of chewing through wood, plasterboard and various other materials if you choose to cover them.

You will have to remove a wasp nest in other ways that are more safe and secure for you and all others involved. You may have to consult with the professional removal service that can do the tricky task for you.

Why Is It Important to Remove Wasp Nests?

Even though the property damage is limited when considering the existence of wasp nests, removing them is important nonetheless. Wasps are dangerous and can return to the location where they had previously built nests.

You may have a whole new colony on your hands for a whole new season of wasps working and residing on your property. It’s best to remove the nest.

Wasp removal experts will make sure that you will be able to access every location around your property without the risk of being injured or attacked.

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Can You Just Leave a Wasps Nest?

If you leave a wasp nest alone, you can be assured that they will eventually die off inside the nest or escape before they do so before the winter season arrives. If you see a wasp nest in the winter, it is unoccupied.

Wasps are able to pollinate and keep your garden beautiful. If you do not have an issue with wasps, there is sufficient space and no one around your area is allergic to their stings, you may be able to reside in this area by leaving the wasp nest alone.

The nest will die off soon and the queen that comes out of this nest will be able to find new locations for the following spring to build another nest.

Does Home Insurance Cover Wasps Nests?

Most home insurance policies contain emergency clauses to include the coverage of wasp nests or other nests of rodents that could create damage or pose a risk to the property value of your home.

It is important to check the fine details of your home insurance coverage in your area to find out if they will pay for the cost of removing the infestation of these nests without you having to pay for yourself.

Wasp nests can pose significant risks for homeowners and it’s a factor that home insurance companies take into account when creating plans to service their customers.

Is It Ok to Leave a Wasp Nest on My Roof?

Leaving a wasp nest on your roof could block vents or damage shingles. Significant water damage that results from wasp nests is minimal, but can occur. Wasps can create nests in:

  • chimneys
  • eaves
  • overhangs
  • swimming pool boilers
  • garden mulch  rows
  • bird boxes

Is important to remove these nests after the wasps have died off for the season. Typical times to safely remove wasp nests would be in the winter or you can resort to calling an expert service to help you with exterminating the wasp and removing the nest professionally at any given time.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Wasp Nest?

It may cost anywhere between $100 to $1,300 for a professional exterminator to arrive in your home to help you remove a wasp nest. These numbers are based on averages that equal about $375 in most cases in the typical American properties.

A one-time pest control visit is usually cheaper than significant follow-ups if wasps continue to come back and build more nests.

The sooner you react and deal with the initial nest, the cheaper it will be in the long run for the infestation to be eliminated.

Can Wasps Damage Your Home?

Wasps can damage homes by chewing through wood to create materials for building their nests. Wasps can lay eggs or create structural damage on top of your attic or roof.

Excessive chewing can leave open holes in your ceiling and create water damage. Spraying chemicals or powders into the wasp nest itself requires experience and safety measures that you may not be able to undertake by yourself.

This is why we recommend the consultation and use of a professional removal service to help you with this problem before it can get worse.


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