6 Most Common Questions & Answers about Termites

Common Questions about Termites

Whether your house is infested by termites or not, these are the common questions which you want to be answered. Getting answers to these questions which will be very helpful for you, because you’ll know many things about termites. So let’s start it.

What are the warning signs of termite infestation?

If your solid wooden furniture sounds like a hollow, when tapping on it, then it’s a warning sign that your wooden furniture is infested by termites because they live inside wooden things, and they eat it from the inside.

If you find any leftover small sized wings, then it can be a sign of termites in your home.

When termites eat wood, they produce wooden-colored droppings known as frass. If you observe any frass coming from wooden furniture, doors, or walls, then it’s a clear sign of termite infestation in your home.

There are also many other warning signs, but these are the most common which you can easily recognize.

How quickly do termites spread?

There is no clear answer, but if your house is infested by them, then you should take action as soon as possible. Generally, they spread in the houses when people transport wooden things, which already are infested by termites. If your house has a termite infestation, then probably your neighbor’s house can also be attacked by them.

I don’t see any warning signs of termite infestation, means I need not worry?

Many times people don’t recognize any signs of termites, until they do any damage. You should look at the common warning signs, but you can’t be 100% sure. Therefore, it’s advised to look closely after every few weeks or you can use any home remedies before any infestation, so you don’t have to worry.

If I have a termite infestation, now what to do?

You can take the help of a professional exterminator to get rid of them, but it’ll cost you a lot of money. If you don’t want to spend much, then you can do by yourself using several home remedies and products.

What are the effective home remedies to fight termites?

You can use various heavy wood oils, but petroleum jelly is the most popular. Rub the petroleum jelly on the wooden surfaces, and polish it after 1-2 days. This will protect your wooden furniture from termite attacks.

Aloe Vera is a plant, which is widely used for killing termites. Crush the plant, add a small quantity of water in it, and make a solution of it. Now spray the solution to kill termites.

Exposing furniture in the sunlight will kill termites, because they can’t bear high temperature.

Orange Oil is extracted from the orange peels, which is able to kill them. Just add water in it, and infect it in the infested area by drilling.

Prepare a solution of boric acid and water. Apply it on the wooden surfaces using a paintbrush, where you find their presence. Use Borax for Termite Killing.

If you want to know more homemade remedies, then this article is worth reading which is focused on effective ways to kill termites without exterminator.

How much does a termite treatment cost?

If you can’t control them by yourself, then you need to call an exterminator. But, if you’re going for a termite treatment for an average sized home, then be prepared for spending at least 2000$. The exact price will vary according to the company which you’re calling.

If you’ve any questions which you want to be answered, then feel free to comment in the below. We’ll love to provide you the answer.

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