Do You Need a Queen Ant for an Ant Farm? {Will They Die Without A Queen?}

Are you looking to start an ant farm? Do You Need a Queen Ant for an Ant Farm?

Why is it so hard to purchase a queen ant? How do you find a queen ant?

In this article, we’re going to explain the reasons why you can have an ant farm without a queen and also why you should have a queen ant for your colony as well.

Do You Need a Queen Ant for an Ant Farm?

A queen ant is not required for an ant farm. However the colony depends on the queen to reproduce. Without her, there is no point for worker ants to sustain their colony for much longer than a few weeks to a few months.

Worker ants will survive for 3-4 months or less than this time period in an ant farm without a queen. If your aim is to to care for ants temporarily, you can forgo finding a queen. Queen ants are essential for the long-term survival of any ant colony.

Why Can’t A Colony Survive Without an Ant Queen?

An ant colony without a queen has a very low survival rate. The queen is the one that is responsible for all the reproduction that takes place within the ant colony.

If you own an ant farm but you do not have a queen, the worker ants inside this farm will only survive for a few weeks to a few months.

The queen is necessary for reproduction. Your best bet is to catch a queen ant in the wild and bring her into your ant farm to ensure the survival of the rest of your worker ants.

Can I Start a Ant Colony Without a Queen?

Yes. You can start a colony without a queen. If this is a temporary hobby that will only last for a few weeks to a few months, then you will not need a queen.

If you would like your ant farm to last much longer than that, you know what you need to do. You can try to purchase a queen ant, but in some countries that is frowned upon. This is because the queen can affect the delicate ecosystem balance if it escapes and reproduces in the hundreds in places where it shouldn’t.

You can still find the queen ants in the wild. Worker ants cannot lay any eggs and will not be able to do much in your ant farm, except move around aimlessly. Worker ants are here for their queen and without one there is not much need for them.

How Do You Get a Queen Ant for an Ant Farm?

You are looking for an ant hill that is hollowed out. You can search for one in your yard or any outdoor spaces where you suspect ants to be.

Your aim is to pour a steady stream of water into the ant hole. The worker ants are going to begin scurrying out of this hole. Their job is to move the larvae out to a location that is dry.

Continue to wait a little bit longer and you will find that the queen will eventually emerge from the hole as well. She will most likely be one of the last to leave. It’s time to scoop her up and bring her into your ant farm.

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How Long Can an Ant Colony Live Without a Queen?

A colony must have a queen in order for it to survive long-term. Without a queen, the ant colony can remain active for up to 4 months.

In many cases it would take much less than that for all the worker ants to die out. Worker ants will try to remain active for up to a year considering average their life span being 12 months.

When the queen ant dies and worker ants do not remain active, the strength of their numbers will reduce and their purpose will become meaningless. This is why it’s extremely important to have a queen ant in your ant farm.

How Many Ants Do You Need for an Ant Farm?

You will need at least 20 to 25 answers to begin your ant farm. You can start by capturing a queen and placing her in a tube with a cotton ball.

You can add drops of sugar water or diluted honey onto this cotton ball. This is going to be her safe space to lay her first eggs.

If you wish to build an ant colony without a queen, you will need to gather up to 20 to 25 ants to build your ant farm. The problem here is that you will never get any more ants. Ants cannot reproduce without a queen.

Will Ant Eggs Hatch Without Queen?

After a queen is non-existent, there will be no more eggs. The eggs that have been laid before the queen dies, will be able to hatch. When the queen is gone, the entire colony will die off eventually. This could happen as fast as 1 week or as long as 4 months.

Ants are a nuisance in most spaces around our properties. If we do not wish to create a controlled ant farm, the eggs that a queen may lay, can get quickly out of hand.

She will look for safe and dark spaces where you may not notice them. If the queen is inactive or dead, there will be no more eggs laid. Keep your home free of open containers of food and especially anything that is sweet.

Can a Worker Ant Become a Queen?

No, a worker ant cannot become a queen. Worker ants are incapable of laying eggs.

Is a queen ant born or made? The queen is always born with wings. Without her, there will be no ant colony.

There are instances of certain species of worker ants becoming queens, but they are extremely rare. These ants would never be kept in any controlled ant farm.

Why Can’t I Buy a Queen Ant in the United States?

The Department of Agriculture in the United States has banned the sale of queen ants. The ecosystem survives with a delicate balance.

If a queen ant was able to escape her colony and relocate to an ecosystem that shouldn’t have her species, she would become an invasive insect to this area. The natural biodiversity will be affected.


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