Does Frontline Kill Ticks? {Is It Better Than Advantage?}

Are you looking for the very best tick killing product on the market? Does Frontline Kill Ticks?

Why is Frontline so expensive? Does it really work? Do ticks die right away when they make contact with a Frontline treated dog or cat?

In this article, we’ll find out how well Frontline stacks up as a category leader in killing ticks and fleas.

Does Frontline Kill Ticks?

Absolutely. I have personally spent thousands of dollars over a decade of applying Frontline on my canine companions. It’s worth it!

Frontline is an industry leader because they spend countless amounts of money on research and development to kill or repel fleas and ticks. The aim is to protect our animals from getting Lyme disease, heartworms and plenty of other illnesses associated with ticks, fleas or even lice.

Frontline is the best choice for a once a month medication that you drop on the back of a dog or cat’s neck for a full 30-day protection until the next dose.

Does Frontline Kill Ticks that are Attached?

Sure! This is not the purpose of Frontline however. If you find a tick attached to the skin, you must remove it immediately with a pair of fine tip tweezers.

Pull slowly and gently in an upward motion to make sure the legs or head of the tick doesn’t pull apart and get stuck inside the skin.

Frontline will repel and kill fleas and ticks that come into contact with your pet. The product says that is stop flea or tick eggs from hatching as well. Your home is indirectly protected when your pet is dosed with Frontline.

What Happens to Ticks after Frontline?

A tick is looking for a host. If a dog or cat rubs against a blade of grass, bush, shrub or any vegetation low to the ground where a tick can be found, the next step is to transfer onto the animal without the host noticing.

The tick that is not repelled by the active medication in Frontline will make direct contact with a protected host. The tick will eventually fall off and die without being able to attach itself.

The length of time for a tick to die after making contact with a host that is treated with Frontline ranges from 18 hours to 48 hours.

Does Frontline Really Work for Ticks?

Yes. I have been using Frontline on my canine companions for many years. I can clearly stand behind a product that has offered my canine friends full protection from fleas and ticks.

I first discovered a tick on my puppy that was swollen and looked like the size of a coffee bean. I gently pulled that sucker off with a pair of tweezers and purchased my first 3-pack of Frontline.

I tore open the package and pulled out a small container with a long neck on it. You snap the tip of the neck and begin to pour the liquid contents of Frontline directly onto the back of your animal’s neck where they can’t reach, scratch or lick it off.

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Does Frontline cause Itchiness?

No. Your dog or cat should not feel any irritation from Frontline. The medication on the back of your animal’s neck looks a little wet for the remainder of the day.

Refrain from washing or bathing your pet for a few days following the dose. Your animal friend is now fully protected from ticks and fleas for the next 30 days.

There is no foul odor, skin reaction or discomfort. Your pet will forget all about it on no time.

How Long Does It Take For Frontline To Work?

Frontline will get rid of fleas first. This will happen within 12 hours. Then lice and ticks will die off in 48 hours. In the meantime, it’s wise to inspect your dog or cat carefully to see if there are ticks latched onto the skin. Gently pull them off with tweezers.

Do not wait for 48 hours because the longer the tick stays attached, the more likely any possible diseases can be transferred. Frontline is meant to cover and protect your animal friend for the next 30 days without any worries.

The initial inspection should not be ignored. Once you are sure that there are no parasites or pests on your pet, expect Frontline to take care of the rest from now on. Set a calendar reminder for the next dose in the following month.

Can I Use Frontline Twice in One Month?

There is no need to use Frontline twice in the same month. If you are looking for additional coverage, purchase a flea and tick collar. This is a less expensive option and creates a second layer of protection.

You can also purchase flea and tick shampoo that you use to bathe your dog each week. Frontline can be applied once every 2-3 weeks.

Your vet will not advise this. We do not need to overuse or overspend on a product that is already expensive for a reason.

Why Is Frontline So Expensive?

Frontline is the category leader for flea and tick prevention. You spend more on a company that spends more on developing its product. The research, case studies and development of Frontline over the years has expanded into a trustworthy product that does what it says.

Ticks and fleas are a problem of the past once your pet is on a monthly schedule with Frontline doses. The most expensive products in any category are usually the best and most popular name brands. The same applies to electronics, food and household products.

Does Frontline Repel Fleas and Ticks?

Yes. Frontline repels fleas and ticks as a shield method. The application process take seconds to administer on the back of the neck of your furry friend, but the coverage and protection lasts a month.

Fleas and ticks are repelled which keep the threat of Lyme disease at bay. Even mosquitoes that can transfer heartworm disease will stay away from an animal treated with Frontline.

Does Frontline Protect against Lyme disease?

Yes. There are many studies conducted by 3rd parties and Frontline research teams. The consensus is that Frontline is 97.6 to 100% effective in reducing attached ticks. If ticks are unable to attach, then Lyme disease is not going to be a problem.

Topical ointments are only recommended as additional options when entering hot-spot areas known to contain higher levels of ticks or Lyme disease.


Is Frontline or Advantage better?

I prefer Frontline. I have also read articles that agree with me. The question is subjective and brand loyalty comes into play. I have been buying and applying Frontline for so many years with success that I cannot switch brands.

Frontline can back up this claim as the better option by referring to one of many studies that compares the two giants in attacking or repelling ticks and fleas. Frontline comes out on top and is highly recommended for your dog or cat.


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