Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Bed Bugs? {Does It Really Work?}

It is no secret that one of the most common home remedies for treating a bed bug infestation is with tea tree oil.

Are you wondering does tea tree oil kill bed bugs?

Used to both, kill and repel insects, it is one of the first suggestions you will most likely hear from anyone who has been dealing with such problems for a long time.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Bed Bugs?

Although tea tree oil is well known to repel some kinds of insects like mosquitoes and flies, it is not a very dependent repellent for bed bugs. Tea tree oil on bed bugs only works if they are in direct contact with each other.

This usually makes it tricky and sometimes ineffective to get rid of bed bugs since they are very good at hiding.

Tea Tree Oil for bed bugs

How to Use Tea Tree Oil For Bed Bug Bites

Tea tree essential oil is quite well known for its anti-pain, swelling, and anti-itching properties. It is also antimicrobial, which means that they also help in preventing bacterial infections. This makes it a great antidote against bug bite discomfort.

  1. The easiest way to apply tea-tree oil is to just pour a couple of drops on a piece of cotton and then press them on your skin, especially on the bites.
  2. You need to do this every couple of hours, this will not only reduce the reddening and the irritation caused by the bites, but it will also help in healing quicker.
  3. However, sometimes people tend to be sensitive to these oils and hence it is better to first try the oil out on a small patch of your hand just to make sure that you don’t have any allergic reactions to it.
  4. Once sure, you can move ahead and use this all over your body to treat the bug bites.
  5. Tea tree oil is one essential oil that you don’t need to dilute before using. You can directly apply the drops on the bites itself but since it is oil, it is thick and sticky and might drip if applied in excess and so it’s better to dab them on your skin to avoid creating a mess.

How Do You Use Tea Tree Oil to Kill Bed Bugs?

If you would like to repel or kill bed bugs using tea tree oil simply follow the steps below:

  • Make a 20 drops of tea tree oil into a spray bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with water.
  • Spray all areas with this mixture and let it dry.
  • Repeat this process several times a day.

Your aim is to kill bed bugs by making direct contact with this spray. If you do not see the bed bugs and you continue spray the area,  you are creating a repellent instead.

The smell is going to deter bed bugs from returning to this area where you have sprayed with tea tree oil mixed with water.

Does Tea Tree Oil Repel Bed Bugs?

Yes. Not only do bed bugs hate the smell of tea tree oil, making direct contact with it can greatly affect their exoskeletons.

If your aim is to use tea tree oil as an insect repellent for a natural insecticide against bed bugs then simply apply 20 drops of it into a spray bottle filled with water.

Not only will this mixture work towards repelling bed bugs, you can also use it on your own skin if you have any bed bug bites.

Due to its non-toxic nature you can freely spray tea tree oil and water all over your home to repel bed bugs or other nuisance pests.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Bed Bugs Instantly?

You will need to make direct contact with the bed bugs that you see in order to instantly kill them with tea tree oil. Diluting drops of tea tree oil into a spray bottle will help disperse it widely across all surfaces where you suspect bed bugs to be present.

With our repeated attempts, we have noticed that bed bugs continue to crawl for quite some time after we sprayed them with tea tree oil mixed with water. The liquid must be absorbed into their exoskeletons in order to kill them.

Another method of using tea tree oil mixed with water is to try and drown the bed bugs with repeated sprays to kill them much faster.

Do Bed Bugs Hate the Smell of Tea Tree Oil?

Yes. Bed bugs cannot stand the strong and pungent odor that is apparent in all bottles of tea tree oil. Some people will simply open a bottle and leave it near their beds to repel insects.

Others will pour it oil into a bowl with water and keep it on the nightstand. We tend to rely on spraying tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle all over our bed and let it dry.

We like the smell, but bed bugs hate it and will wish to get a far away from it as possible before direct contact kills them.

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Final Words

Bed bugs can be a huge pain for homeowners and business owners alike. Only the very thought of these blood-sucking pests is enough to keep anyone up all night with dread.

These insects can give you several painful bites that can itch for hours, and can sometimes get particularly difficult to control.

More often than not people will attempt to use a DIY solution using home remedies to control and repel bed bugs before contacting a pest management professional.


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