Does Vinegar Kill Fleas? How to Use Vinegar Flea Spray

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If you’re a pet owner, then I’m sure, you hate fleas.

We all know that fleas are not only annoying but also they’re responsible for many diseases or unusual behavior of our pet.

Their bites carry itches & irritation to the skin of our pet, and we can’t see our pet in such a situation.

It’ll be so good if we get to know that there is no need to spend huge money on the flea treatment products.

People often talk about the use of vinegar against fleas. There are some common questions that I’ll answer in this article, and these will be very helpful to you.

Killing fleas with Vinegar

Does Vinegar Kill Fleas?

No, Vinegar does not kill fleas.

There is a misconception in people that you can use vinegar to kill fleas in your house. But, they’re wrong.

It does not actually kill fleas, but you can use vinegar to repel fleas from your pet’s body.

In the article published on, Darcy Matheson, author of “Greening Your Pet Care” clearly said that vinegar does not kill fleas, it just provides an unpleasant environment for fleas, the unbearable smell and taste of vinegar repels fleas away from your pet.

How to Use Vinegar Flea Treatment

Vinegar Flea Spray for House

So, now, you know vinegar can be used to repel fleas from your pet’s body, but it doesn’t mean, you should pour a bottle of apple cedar vinegar on your pet.

There are three ways to do vinegar flea treatment for your pet.

  1. Use a diluted solution of apple cedar vinegar to bathe your pet.
  2. You can also add vinegar to your dog’s drinking water. In the starting, your dog will not like the taste, but you can increase the percentage of vinegar over time.
  3. The most effective way to use this home remedy is by Vinegar Flea Spray.

To create the vinegar flea repelling spray, just add an equal amount of apple cedar vinegar and water. Put the solution in a spray bottle, and spray it on your pet whenever you suspect fleas or your pet is going outwards.

If you notice fleas in your house, then you can also use this mixture on the carpets, bedding or on other places where you suspect them.

When using the vinegar spray, make sure, you don’t spray it on your pet’s eyes, nose or near the ears.

Is Vinegar Flea Spray Sufficient for Flea Treatment?

Well, it depends on the level of infestation. If you see flea poop on your dog, then it’s a bad sign for your pet.

It can be used as a helpful home remedy, but fully depending on it is not a good choice.

It can be enough for a few fleas, but, if you’re facing a flea infestation in your house, and on your dog or cat, then, unfortunately, vinegar flea spray is not sufficient.

If your dog is infested with fleas, then you should use K9 Advantix II for Dogs, that’s a really good product, read the detailed review here.

You have to use flea bombs for your house treatment, and some other effective ways to get rid of them.

Final Words

So, now you know, vinegar does not kill fleas, but you can use it as a preventive measure. Just like vinegar, you can also use coconut oil to repel fleas.

If your dog does not have fleas, but you are also afraid of them, and then go ahead, use this flea spray on your dog.

How do you prevent fleas from your pet? Please tell in the comment section, it can be helpful for all of us.

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