6 Home Remedies to Get Rid of House Dust Mites

Have you ever experienced how annoying these little creatures can be? If you have, then you fully understand the need to have these creatures under your control. You probably have tried certain methods to get rid of dust mites, only to end up having them multiply in your house.

It’s imperative that you learn easy house remedies that help kill these pests and stop further infestation in your home.

So, we have created 6 easy and effective home remedies to help get rid of dust mites. These methods are totally safe and without making use of chemicals.

Dust Mites Treatment

Home Remedies for Dust Mites Removal

Method 1: Use Hot water for washing your bedding

Among the many places where dust mites love to hide and the breed is your beddings. Dust mites are known to be attracted to dead human skin cells and moisture (sweat), which is easily found on most of your beddings.

An easy and efficient way to get rid of them is to heat them up. You wash with hot water, temperature (54 degree Celsius or 130 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature makes it difficult for dust mites to survive.

For this method to be effective, you need to wash your beddings regularly – at least once a week. After washing, not all dust mites are totally removed, you need to use a hot dryer to remove all remaining dust mites.

Method 2 – Make use of allergenic covers

Old pillows are known to have dust mites, bed bugs, dead skin cells, and their feces. They could all weigh about one-third of the weight of your pillow.

In light of this, it is advisable to dispose of any pillow that has been used or stow for at least 6 months. You can get new washable pillows or use allergenic covers to protect your pillows.

Using allergenic mattress covers helps you control the growth of dust mites on your pillows. It prevents the accumulation of dead skin cells and any pests from having access to the pillow. It also protects from you dust mites existing inside your pillow from coming out and causing any further problems.

Equally, dust mites can access your covered beddings if the pore size is higher than 10 microns.

Method 3 – Using Freezing Treatment

The first method made use of heat to treat beddings because dust mites can’t survive at a higher temperature. However, not all materials can be washed using a washing machine, which is why freezing treatment is used.

This pest cannot survive under low temperature, so put your pillows, stuffed animals, and other bedding in an airtight bag and freeze up to 48 hours. This low temperature and duration get all bugs and dust mites killed.

Method 4 – Choose Hard Flooring

Do you how much dust mites exist on your carpet? About a hundred times than a bare floor. Carpet is one of the most favorable places, they easily breed in there. Carpets are a constant source of food to them and the best place to lay their eggs.

The best choice over carpets is a hard floor – linoleum, laminate, or tile – it has no room to store dead skin cell or moisture. However, if certain factors hinder you from replacing with a hard floor, try using a dust mite Vacuum cleaner with high suction power frequently.

Method 5 – HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Dust Mites Removal

Vacuum with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are the perfect way to physically get rid of pests. Dust mites vacuum cleaner sucks feces, eggs, dust and pests from your carpets, floors, sofas, bedding and anymore likely place.

Although it is very effective, doing it wrong might get some allergens into the air and you end up having your allergies worse.

To avoid this, while using the vacuum put on a mask always and make use of small and slow strokes.

Method 6 – Frequently Cleaning

Although this method seems simple and easy, it is a very effective home remedy. Regular cleaning keeps getting rid of dust by making them starve. Cleaning removes specks of dust and dead cells which are what pests feed on.

Cleaning your house might stir up allergens into the air, to avoid this make use of damp cloth whenever you are cleaning.


Any of the methods discussed above will not only stop an infestation but also help get rid of them. You can choose any of the methods you find convenient.

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