14 Facts about Mouse You May Not Know

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Mice are rodents which usually enter in our house between the months October and February because they look for the shelter where they can protect themselves from cold. But, there are many things which you don’t know about these cute looking rodents. In the below, I have shared a few things which you will find interesting and it will also help you to fight against them.

14 Mouse Facts

14 Mouse Facts

Mice are very intelligent creatures, and they have a very complex level of communication, which is both vocal and odorous. The communication of these rodents is often beyond the auditory range of the humans.

Like humans, they also communicate with facial expressions which tell about their mood to others.

Mice are very innovative, and they have a lot of curiosity, that’s why they try every new thing, run through tight gaps, and they bite things with their powerful teeth.

Mice are highly organized. In their underground homes, they make it very clean and in an organized manner. They have specific rooms made for the food storage, and for the shelter.

Usually, mice don’t go away from their homes up to 3-8 meters in the search of food, because they like to stay close to their home which makes them feel safe from predators.

These little rodents have a great balance, and they can even walk on the very thin rope. Even, they can walk on the vertical surfaces.

They are also good jumpers. They can jump down from 3 to 4 m without hurting themselves.

In the old times, mice were often used for various experiments in many countries.

They have very tiny bodies, but still they eat 15 to 20 times a day.

The mouse produces 40 to 100 droppings every day.

They are also very good climbers and very good swimmers.

If a mouse is kept in a lab, then it can live for up to 2 years, but in the wild areas, they live only for about 5 months because of the predators like snakes, cats, and foxes.

These cute looking rodents spread a lot of germs. Actually, these mice carry nearly 200 human pathogens.

Female mice can give birth 6 to 10 times per year.

So, these were the special facts which you may not know about these little rodents. If you know something more which I have not included in this article, and then feel free to share in the comments.

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