Best Gopher Poison Baits in 2021: With Pros & Cons

Gophers and moles are the type of species that knows how to locate their favorite food, and ends up building their habitat within the proximity, and ends up damaging your garden and vegetation. They end up digging a tunnel which often destroys lawns and roots of your crops and plants. If this is not prevented early on, you might end up with gopher infestation, leading to serious damages.

In this article, we will recommend the best gopher poison in the market! The products in this list will ensure that you will get rid of the sneaky creatures in your garden and backyard, so you can reap your hard-earned crops and vegetation. 

Best Gopher Poison Baits

1. Atlas Giant Destroyer

The Atlas Giant Destroyer is one of our top picks among gopher baits, as this product is one of the economical solutions to your gopher infestation. The cartridge contains four cartridges per card, and it includes two cards per pack, amounting to 8 total tubes. The cartridge size is 2 ounces each. 

This product is a rapid gas killer mainly used on tunneling and burrowing uninvited species and animals in their habitats, especially tunnels and burrows. Aside from gophers, this product kills rats, groundhogs, skunks, moles, and ground squirrels. 

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With its cartridge, this gopher killer can be easily extinguished with water. We recommend pushing the product deep into the tunnel or hole in the mound for maximum effect upon usage. This type of gopher poison can also be used in a variety of areas around your household. 

It kills gophers, moles, and ground squirrels almost instantly upon contact. That is why we place it as our first pick because it is economical and an effective gopher killer. However, make sure to use protective gear and equipment upon usage for safety purposes.

So have a handy gopher poison in your homes so you can get rid of those sneaky species when you feel like they are paying a visit in to your plants or vegetation. 

  • It kills gophers, moles, woodchucks, rats, skunks, and ground squirrels.
  • It is purchased at a great value.
  • There are 8 total tubes.
  • The cartridges can be instantly extinguished with water.
  • It must be used with great caution.

2. Victor Poison Peanuts

Peanuts are one of the favorite foods of gophers. What better way to bait them than to attract them with poisonous peanuts? The Victor Poison Peanuts is easy to use, as it easily punches holes in tunnels or burrows with its cone tip design. You can easily use this upon purchase.

Additionally, its tube makes it easier to pour the peanuts into gophers’ habitats. This makes prevention and getting rid of those sneaky creatures easier. Gophers will easily fall into this bait, as they will think that they are eating regular peanuts.

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This product has a unique formula that is palatable to rodents. Although this is a delicious bait for rodents, we recommend that you use protective gear and equipment upon usage for safety precautions. We also suggest avoiding areas where children and pets are prone to reaching and accessing the product for safety purposes. 

Such products must be kept away from children and pets’ reach, as they contain harmful and poisonous chemicals. So use this product with great precaution to help protect your family. 

Overall, this product is one of the best gopher poison in the market. Try out this product and let us know your experience with it. 

  • It kills upon contact.
  • It easily punches in tunnels or burrows due to its cone tip design.
  • It contains a unique formula that is palatable to rodents.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It contains chemicals that are harmful to children and pets.

3. Monterey Gopher Bait

You can get rid of your sneaky and unwanted rodents with the help of Monterey Gopher Bait! This gopher killer is one of the most effective, strychnine-treated grain bait. It is used to help prevent and manage gopher infestations. 

This bait can control gopher infestations in rangelands, pastures, croplands, and non-crop areas. It is also known as an easy-to-use bait due to its design. So you can easily use it and kill rodents upon purchase.

Additionally, this product should only be used below ground. It will effectively kill and control gopher infestation, which gives stressful free thoughts whenever you check out your plantation. Hence why this is one of our top picks for best gopher poison and a must-have in 2021!

It is important to note that this product should not be placed above ground or over crops or anywhere else around food or feed crops, as this contains harmful chemicals. This can pose harmful risks to your family once they have eaten crops which were directly in contact with the bait. 

Use this bait with great caution to avoid any inconvenience and en loved ones’ safeones’ safetynd those within the proximity of the poison. Remember, we only target the sneaky rodents here! 😉 

  • It is easy to use.
  • It can be used to control rodent infestation in various areas.
  • It contains strychnine-treated grain.
  • It is affordable.
  • It can only be used below ground.

4. Neogen Mole & Gopher Bait

If rodents are trying to have a picnic in your vegetation, invite them to a picnic with Neogen Mole and Gopher Bait. This fish-flavored, weather-resistant bait kills rodents quickly due to its active ingredient, diphacinone. These pellets are formulated to kill rodents upon consumption. 

It is important to read the label before usage to ensure maximum effectiveness. This is only used below the ground applications and should not be in direct contact with crops. The reason is it can poison your crops and cause serious damage. 

Hence why the Neogen Mole and Gopher Bait should be applied directly into moles and gophers’ tunnel and burrow systems for its maximum efficacy. This tactic will effectively kill those rodents and prevent any infestation to your croplands.

Since this bait has harmful chemicals that effectively kills those sneaky gophers, you should keep this product away from children or pets. If your pets have accidentally swallowed or consumed this product, you should call your veterinarian at once. 

Overall, if you need to get rid of your gopher problems in your yard or vegetation, make sure to try out the Neogen Mole and Gopher Bait because we guarantee that this product will not fail you and your needs. 

  • It is water-resistant.
  • It is fish-flavored.
  • It is applied below the ground.
  • It kills moles and gophers in contact.
  • It contains harmful chemicals.

5. Motomco Gopher Killer Bait

The final star on our recommended list goes to Motomco Gopher Killer Bait. This product is specifically formulated not just outdoors such as underground, lawns, and farms. But this product can also be used indoors and in your homes where rodent infestation can be prevented.

This bait has an active ingredient called Zinc Phosphide, which works quicker and faster than anticoagulant baits, which makes this product twice as effective. So if you are trying to get rid of your rodent infestation, this product is the right solution for you. We also recommend this product for prevention control. 

This product was also approved for manual applications outdoors, such as lawns, backyard, etc. It is important to note though that this is advisable to be applied only below the ground, as this might cause direct contamination to crops and vegetations. So make sure that you keep this bait away from your crops to avoid direct contamination. 

Keep this bait away from children and pets as well. For safety purposes, keep children and pets from the area being treated. This may cause poisoning if accidentally mishandled. 

Despite this, this product has been included in our recommended list as it is one of the most effective gopher baits in the market. Do not miss out on getting your hands on this product. Money back guaranteed 😉 

How to Use Gopher Poison Baits

Before anything else, you should be able to know the proper and strategic placement of your gopher poison baits for maximum effectiveness. You need to know the direction of the tunnel and where it is going. After identifying the direction, we recommend that you bait the gopher’s tunnel around 18-24 inches from the main opening in the mound. 

In terms of usage, there are two types of gopher baits. One is a granular bait and a block bait. For granular bait, you need an elongated stick to poke a hole down in the gopher’s tunnel or burrow. Once you have done this, you may pour the granules into the hole then cover the hole and the opening of the tunnel itself. 

For block bait, the easiest way is to shove a piece of bait as far as the mound as you can. You may use a stick or piece of rebar for marking purposes, then cover the opening of the mound. This ensures that you will capture and get rid of those sneaky rodents. 

Final Words

It is vital to always be vigilant and check for any gopher infestations in your yard or vegetation. Remember that prevention is always better, as rodents can cause a lot of damage in just short amount of time. So always be prepared by trying out our recommended gopher poison baits to protect your vegetation free from rodents. 

It is cost-efficient to always be prepared and control gopher issues rather than wait for an infestation to happen. 😉 

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