Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches: Fast & Easy

Remedies for killing roaches in your home

You can’t ignore cockroaches in your house. They spread various kinds of diseases, and we don’t like to see them. If you want to get rid of them, then you can use poison, traps, or call an exterminator. Using these methods will cost you money, and especially calling an exterminator will cost you a lot of dollars. But, you’ve another option. You can use various home remedies to get rid of cockroaches in your home.

Suppose you get rid of them completely, then what? After some time, you’ll have another roach infestation. Therefore, you should know the places from where they enter into your home, what are the signs of a roach infestation, and especially some effective homemade remedies to kill roaches. In the below, we have shared all the necessary things which you should read.

Your House Attract Roaches?

If you have roaches in your house then it’s important to get rid of them. But, why cockroaches are living in your house? Knowing the causes of cockroach infestation is also an important thing which you should know. Suppose, you kill all the roaches, but what if roach infestation happens again.

Once your house gets infested with roaches, it becomes difficult to get rid of them completely. You should know the reasons, why they are coming in your house? So that, after killing them, you can prevent another roach infestation. These are the common causes & reasons why they are staying in your home.

Poor Food Storage

Any type of food, whether it’s human food, bird food, or pet food, is the biggest attraction for roaches. Even, cockroaches attract towards cardboard like termites, because of the cellulose present in the cardboard. Ensure that, your food items are tightly sealed so that they don’t get any food in your home. If your food storage areas are clean & sealed, then it doesn’t mean roaches are not present in your home. These roaches can live in extreme conditions, and they can survive for up to 3 months without eating.

So if your food is stored in uncovered places, then roaches can get attracted to it. Cover your food items, and eliminate at least their one reason to stay in your house.

Insufficient Pest Control Measures

Roaches multiply fast. If you found few roaches, and you ignore their presence, then soon they will multiply and you’ll face a roach infestation in your home. Therefore, once or twice in a week use home remedies for a cockroach infestation, so you don’t have the worry.

If the infestation is very high, then you should use some trusted cockroach killing products to remove them from your house.

How they Enter in your House?

Roaches live in dirty places, and therefore they cause diseases. Roaches come into your clean house through drain pipes and small crevices. So, it’s important to look closely at the drainage pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. These are the common places from where these dirty pests come into your house.

To eliminate their entrances, fill all the small crevices. Make sure, they can’t enter through drain pipes by filling unnecessary holes from where these enter in your house. Near their entrances, you can use pepper, bay leaves, and many other home remedies to repel roaches so they don’t come in through these places.

They Live in Dark Places

Roaches hide in the remote corners, and crevices. Cockroaches prefer dark, moist places to hide and breed; therefore you can found them behind refrigerators, sinks, and under major appliances. If you have cockroach infestation in your house, then common places where you can find them are the kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement, or other areas of the home that are not normally inhabited.

Keeping your house clean is the key to repelling them. Sweep and mop regularly in the garage, basement so these pests don’t get attracted towards them. Seal the trash properly, because its strong odor attracts roaches and other pests.

Signs of Roach Infestation in your Home

Now, you know how roaches enter your home, where they hide, and how to stop them from entering. But, how do you know whether you have a cockroach infestation in your home or not? You should look at the common warning signs of cockroach infestation in your home, which are given below.

Shell Casings of Hatched Eggs

If there are a lot of roaches in your home, then you’ll spot their egg shells which remained after the small cockroaches come out from them. These can be found in the corners, kitchen, and other places.

Cockroach Feces

Roach feces are the common signs of their infestation. Small roaches produce feces that resemble black pepper or coffee grounds, while larger ones produce cylindrical feces. Generally, you can guess the level of infestation by the number of feces.

Cockroaches have smell

A serious infestation can cause a musty or strong oily odor.

Found Dead Roaches?

From time to time, if you find dead cockroaches means there are a lot of them.

They produce sound

In the night when they come out, you can hear scurrying.

Spontaneous Lookup

If there is cockroach infestation in your home, then roaches come out in the night, when you shut down the lights. After some time 30 to 60 minutes, ON the lights spontaneously where you suspect them, if they are present, you’ll see them moving. You can use a torch by turning OFF the lights to detect them.

Spotting a Roach in Daytime

They prefer to live and feed in the dark, and they don’t go outside in the daytime. So, if you found a roach or a few moving in the daylight, means you have a serious infestation in your home.

Stomach Related Problems

If your family is facing stomach related problems, then cockroach infestation in the kitchen can be the reason for it. These roaches carry harmful bacteria and spread diseases.

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Jar Trap (Coffee + Water)

If you’re looking for inexpensive home remedies to kill cockroaches, then you can use coffee grinds. Follow the steps given below to kill them.

Fill 2-3 large glass jars with water up to 50%. Place some paper cups in the jar having wet coffee grinds. You can use dry coffee grinds, but moistened works better. Now, your trap is ready. Roaches will get attracted towards the scent of the coffee grinds and will enter the jar of water.

Place this jar having coffee and water where you think cockroaches are present. You can place them against walls, baseboards, or anywhere you think. Once they crawl inside the jar, they will not be able to get out of it.

Check the jars daily. You will get some dead cockroaches. Remove the cup of coffee grins and dump the water along with dead roaches into the toilet.

Refill the jars with water and coffee grinds, and you’re ready again to kill your enemies until they’re fully gone from your house.

Some people say that perk present in the coffee kills the roaches, but the thing is, “We don’t care”. It kills cockroaches, and that’s the only thing matters to us. Am I wrong?

Use Borax and Sugar to Kill Cockroaches

Organic things can be used to attract roaches. You can use sugar or cornstarch, or whatever attracts them. In this homemade remedy, we use sugar to attract cockroaches and it acts as bait, and borax kills them. Follow these steps to kill them.

Prepare a mixture of sugar and borax.

Now, apply the mixture near the roach infestation in your home. You can apply the mixture to places like the sink, in the dark areas, near drainage pipes etc.

Roaches will get attracted towards it because of the sugar present in it, but they will get killed by borax.

Generally, Borax is used by the commercial exterminator to kill various kinds of pest. Borax harms the digestive system of cockroaches and dries out their exoskeleton. It’s one of the best home remedies for killing cockroaches. Before using it, read the caution.

Caution: Borax is dangerous for cockroaches, but it’s also dangerous for humans and pets. So, keep it safe and away from the rich of children and pets. Use it very carefully. Put gloves to make the mixture, and after completing your task, wash your hands 2-3 times to stay on the safe side.


When you mop the floors and bathroom cabinets, use lemon juice in the water. The citric smell keeps the roaches and germs away.


Cedar is also a common cockroach repellent which is used by the homeowners. It can be found in the forms of chips, and balls.

Baking Soda and Sugar for Killing Cockroaches

Do you remember, we discussed the most effective home remedy to get rid of cockroaches by using borax and sugar? In that remedy, we used sugar as bait which attracts them while borax kills them. But, if you don’t want to use borax because of its dangerous nature and considering your kids and pets, then we have an alternative for you. You can use baking soda instead of borax along with sugar. Sugar acts as bait, while baking soda works as a killing agent. Here, baking soda destroys their digestive system and decrease their population.

You just need baking soda and sugar. Same like that remedy, prepare a mixture of baking soda and sugar. Sprinkle it on the infested areas, they’ll eat it and you’ll found dead roaches.

Using Listerine

Listerine can be used a cockroach repellent. You have to make a solution by adding an equal amount of water and Listerine. In the solution, add 2-3 drops of dishwashing fluid to it.

Now, spray the mixture in the different places in your home. This will repel the roaches. Repeat it once or twice a week to see good results.

Pinesol and Blanch Remedy for Getting Rid of Roaches

Pinesol and Blanch mixture has a strong smell which can be used to repel cockroaches away from your house. To make this toxic mixture, add 2 cups of Pinesol and Blanch, and some boiling water. Now, pour the mixture on the infested areas.

The mixture of Pinesol and Blanch produce a toxic and strong smell. Therefore, keep the windows of the room open for 20-30 minutes.

Bay Leaf for Getting Rid of Roaches

Bay Leaves can be used as a natural remedy for roach control and repel them away from your home. Bay leaves don’t kill them. Bay Leaf is a herb which is generally used in cooking in the Asian countries. Cockroaches can’t bear the strong scent of the bay leaves, and they leave that area.

To use this remedy, you have to dry some Bay leaves in the sun and make powder by using any tool. Now, sprinkle the powder on the affected areas. Soon, they will leave your home and make their nest somewhere else.

Ammonia-Water Solution

Because of the strong smell of ammonia, it can be used as a homemade cockroach repellent. Add 2-3 cups of Ammonia in 1 bucket of water. Mix the ammonia and water properly. Wash the possibly cockroach-infested areas in your house by using this solution, like the bathroom, kitchen, and other places. Due to its smell, roaches will leave your house. But, your house can be infested again by these dirty roaches, therefore use this remedy once or twice a week to keep them away from your residence.

Jar Trap to Get Rid of Cockroaches

This works on a very simple concept, but it’s effectiveness is impressive. The concept is simple, roaches go inside, but can’t escape out of it. It’s one of the best household remedies for roaches. To make a Jar Trap which attracts roaches follow these steps.

  • Take a jar, and wrap duct tape or anything to give some friction on the outer surface so the roaches can climb into the jar. You can also make a ramp to make it easy for them.
  • The inner surface of the jar should be slippery, such that roaches can’t come out by climbing it. You can coat petroleum jelly like Vaseline on the inner surface to make it slippery. You can also mix the petroleum jelly with some gel bait.
  • Put something in the bottom of the jar which attracts cockroaches to get into the jar. You can use a banana peel, onion slices, or anything of which you know works.
  • You can put some beer, fruit juices, or sugar water so that they’ll die by drowning.
  • Leave the jar for a night or two. You’ll catch some cockroaches in the jar. If they’re still alive, put some boiling water to kill them instantly.
  • Empty the jar with dead roaches, and repeat it to kill more.

Fabric Softener to Get Rid of Roaches

It’s another one of the effective home remedies to kill roaches in your home. You just need a spray bottle, water, and some fabric softener. When you spray fabric softener on cockroaches, it’ll produce difficulty in breathing and they’ll die due to suffocation. To kill them effectively, follow the steps.

  • Make a liquid mixture having 3 parts of fabric softener and 2 parts of water.
  • Take a spray bottle, and fill it with the mixture you just prepared.
  • Now, you have to spray this solution on the roaches. To work effectively, you must hit the lower mid-region and head of the roaches.
  • You can also turn the roaches before spraying the solution.

Use Catnip to Repel Cockroaches

Catnip Herb is a cockroach repellent, and it’s one of the effective natural remedies for cockroach infestation. You can find in the nearby nursery. This herb can be used near kids and pets because it’s non-toxic to both humans and pets. But, it’s not good for cats, they don’t feel good. So, if you have cats, then look for another remedy.

Spread some leaves of the Catnip herb on the places where you see roaches. You can also spray catnip tea in the infested areas. To make catnip tea, add 1-2 teaspoon of catnip in 2 cups of water.

Boric Acid for Killing Roaches in the House

Professional exterminators use boric acid to kill various types of pests. Like borax, it’s also dangerous, and it’s extremely important to keep it away from children and pets. Wash your hands properly. To use boric acid against roaches simply put it where you find them. Boric Acid is also a Home Remedy for Killing Termites.

Cayenne Pepper

Pepper can be used as a natural home remedy for roach control. Whether its smell is responsible for the roach repelling effect or some ingredient present it, but who cares. It works, and this is the only thing that matters to us.

You will need 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, 1 crushed white onion, 1 crushed garlic clove, and 4 cups of water. Yes, you need all of these things but pepper is the main ingredient. To prepare the repeller, follow the steps.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of pepper with a crushed white onion, and garlic clove.
  • Add 4-5 cups of water in it, and boil it to the high temperature.
  • Wait, till it reaches the normal temperature, and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Now, you’re ready to spray the killing solution on the cockroach-infested areas.

Soda Bottle Traps for Roach Control

To make a soda bottle trap to catch cockroaches in your home you need few things, these are a plastic bottle for making a trap, a sharp knife or blade to cut the bottle, water, and soap. To make this trap, follow the steps given below.

  • Cut your plastic bottle by using a knife, from near the bottleneck.
  • Take the separated part of the bottle, and place it into the body of the bottle, in the opposing direction. You can use tap to fix the parts on their positions.
  • In this trap, we try to make this bottle look like a pipe for cockroaches.
  • Prepare a solution of having soap and water, and pour it in the bottle.
  • Now, place your trap where you find roaches.

The cockroaches will crawl inside the bottle because it looked like a pipe and will die due to suffocation.

Sticky Trap

You can make a homemade sticky trap catch roaches. This remedy won’t kill them but you’ll catch them, then you can get rid of those dirty roaches. To make a sticky trap, you can use a high-quality tape, or you can use glue traps which are used to catch mice.

If you are using tape, then place it on the board. Be careful, the sticky side should be on the top so that roaches can be caught.

If you are using glue, then just place glue on the board.

Whether it’s a glue trap or tape trap, you’ll need bait. Place an onion in the middle of the board which will attract roaches, and they will stick on the board, unable to move. These type of traps also used for catching mice.

Mint Oil

This remedy doesn’t work as fast as others, but definitely worth a try. Spray mint oil in the sinks, and corners of your kitchen, and bathroom. This remedy will take the time to show its effect.

Moth Balls

Moth Balls is an excellent repeller of all kinds of pests including cockroaches. Place a few mothballs where near the infested areas. However, mothballs can be dangerous to humans, therefore it’s advised to keep your children and pets away from them.

Cucumber Trap for Killing Roaches

People debate about the effectiveness of this remedy for killing roaches. But, if you’ve cockroach infestation in your home, then you’ve every reason to try it. You can find the cucumber in your fridge if don’t buy one. You need some cucumber peels and aluminum can. According to the fans of Cucumber Trap, when cucumber peels are placed in the aluminum can, they react to the metal and produce a stink and kill roaches when they get into the contact.

You just have to place the aluminum can having cucumber peels near the roach infested areas. Wait, and see the dead roaches.


These are the most effective home remedies for cockroaches, and you can use more than one remedy to increase dead numbers. But, after getting rid of roaches completely, it doesn’t mean they’ll not enter your house again. Therefore, after killing them, use some repellent remedies so that they won’t enter your house.

Do these cockroach control home remedies work for you? Did you get rid of them? Let us know in the comments.

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