Homemade Ant Traps: How to Use DIY Ant Traps in Your House

If you’re facing an ant infestation in your house, then you can use various methods to get rid of them from your house. Like, you can use traps, poison baits, sprays, and even, you can call pest control companies to do the job.

But, sometimes, there is no need to use any chemicals in our house.

If the ant infestation is low, then you can get rid of them easily by using homemade ant traps.

These homemade ant traps are easy to set up, and won’t cost you money. You can create a DIY ant trap in minutes by just using the things that you can find in your house.

Ant traps are not just physical traps that hold ants, it is just a trap that looks good to ants, but eventually, it kills all of them.

So, let’s get started.

Homemade Ant Traps

4 Popular Homemade Ant Traps

Borax and Sugar

If you’ve read some other articles on this website, then you know that borax is a good insecticide that can be used to kill fleas, roaches, and even you can kill termites.

But, if you want ants to feed on borax, then you have to mix something in it that makes it attractive to ants.

You can add something sweet like sugar is the tested one.

You’ll need these three things:

2 Cups Sugar

2 Tablespoon Borax (or Boric Acid)

1 Cup Water

Now, you need to mix these three things and boil the mixture for at least three minutes. Allow it to cool down. When it gets cool, it’ll become thick.

Now, you’ve your ant trap that will attract ants, and when they’ll feed on it, they’ll die.

Borax and Jam (or Honey)

Just like the borax and sugar trap, you have to mix the borax and jam (or honey).

You can also take honey in the place of jam because we just need something sweet.

Create a mixture by adding equal amounts of jam and borax.

Now, place the mixture (it’ll be like a paste) as bait on different places where you suspect their infestation is worse.

After eating this bait, they’ll be gone for good.

Yeast, Sugar, and Molasses

In this method, we need three items, yeast, sugar, and molasses.

If you don’t know about molasses, then I’ll tell you in brief.

Molasses is a viscous product that comes from the refining sugarcane or from the refining of sugar beets into sugar.

In this remedy, you’ll need to create bait that will attract ants, but it’ll kill them eventually.

You’ll need these things:

2 Tablespoons of Molasses

1 Tablespoon Yeast

1 Tablespoon Sugar

Create a mixture of these three ingredients, and place them as bait on various different locations.

Baking Soda + Sugar

Here, in this DIY Ant Trap, sugar works as an attractant, while baking soda kills them. When ants feed on the mixture of baking soda and sugar, then baking soda reacts in their digestive system, and eventually, they die.

Sugar and baking soda are of similar size; therefore, you don’t have to do boil the mixture or any other thing.

You’ll need only two things; sugar and baking soda; both in equal quantities.

Place the mixture where the infestation is high, or where you suspect their activity.

Another good thing with this homemade ant trap is that it is a non-toxic mixture. You don’t have to take a lot of precautions.

But, still, you should place the mixture or bait away from the reach of children or pets.

Final Words

We all know some popular commercial ant killers that are able to eliminate an entire colony.

But, if you’re on a tight budget, and you don’t want to use some commercial products, then these homemade DIY ant traps are perfect for you.

Along with homes, you can also use these traps to get rid of ants from your car.

But, these are not the only homemade traps for ants. There are many different versions people use.

If you know something that really works, then please share with us in the comment section.

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