Best Horse Fly Masks with UV Protection: {8 Tried & Tested Masks}

Usually, the warm season is the best season for a nice ride around the ranch, especially with your horse.

However, the warm season can also bring the worst infestation that can harm every single equine companion all over!

With flies and mosquitoes spying on your horse as an easy target, you better equip it with the best horse fly mask to keep those pests away!

Hopefully, you can find it in this selection below.

Best Horse Fly Masks in 2021

Cashel Crusader Long Nose Fly Mask with Ears

The Crusader is claimed to be rated as The Best Fly Mask for Horses by clinicians and equine publications for lots of good reasons!

With its patented three-hole cap, it eliminates forelock damage and ensures your horse’s comfort as its mane won’t get caught by the mask.

Made out of soft nylon micro-mesh, this material blocks out 70% of damaging UV rays to keep your horse from getting sunburned in harsh summers, which the nosepiece is crucially helpful with for horses that have white noses, and it even extends up to the ears so insects can’t get in.

However, as the mesh is soft, this can only lead to a short lifespan as you can find holes across the mesh after some time, especially if your horse has a habit of rubbing its face against a tree or any surface.

Along with that is the issue with the nosepiece. As it’s too long, it can ball up while your horse is grazing and, with how it’s partly settled against the nostrils, condensation may gather there and dirty it even further. 

Going back to its features, holding it all together is a double-locking Velcro. Therefore, you can already imagine how secure it is around your horse’s head.

  • Three-hole cap
  • Protects from insects and UV rays
  • Double-locking Velcro
  • Mesh is weak
  • Nosepiece is too long and can ball up while horse is grazing
  • Condensation may gather at the nostrils and dirty it

Professional’s Choice Comfort Fit Fly Mask

Other than its name, Professional’s Choice has a lot of professionals commending this fly mask as one of the best out there. Let’s see why that’s the case, shall we?

Right off the bat, compared to the rest of the fly masks in the selection, the Professional’s Choice doesn’t use Velcro in any way. 

The smooth, stretchy material of the lycra conforms to your horse’s face comfortably. As long as you choose the right size, it should fit nicely while the material allows breathability to keep your horse from feeling hot and stuffy wearing it.

It even has designs other than plain, solid colors that show you and your horse’s quirkiness from unicorns to adorable sloths!

However, just like the Crusader, this quality is double-edged, especially for destructive horses that love to rub their heads against things.

Another distinct feature that sets Professional’s Choice apart from the others is this being the only horse fly mask with eyecups!

As the mesh is sheer, the horse’s eyesight won’t be hindered at all, especially with how the eyecups are bubbled out to keep them from touching the equine’s eyes.

But, again, the material is sheer, therefore it’s prone to tear easily when your horse rubs its head.

  • Form-fitting
  • Breathable
  • Lots of designs
  • Eyecups are sheer and bubble out
  • Material is easy to rip
  • Not for destructive horses

Kensington UViator Protective Fly Mask

Kensington continues to serve the equine industry up to this day from the UViator Protective Fly Mask.

Just from the name, you could easily tell what this concentrates more on. You guessed it: the UV protection!

With its Textilene solar screen designed to block up to 90% of harmful UV rays, you can say this is THE horse fly mask with the best UV protection!

However, this does come with a price.

YouTube video

As the screening is black, your equine companion might find it jarring to see through a dark filter. Just like people, there are some who find themselves disconcerted wearing shades, so you should expect the same to your horse.

Just like Crusader’s, Kensington features a nose cover that protects the horse’s nose from UV rays with its solar screen.

But, compared to Crusader’s, you can remove Kensington’s nose cover easily, so you don’t have to deal with the issues Crusader has!

Furthermore, the protective mesh even extends up to the horse’s ears!

For aesthetics, Kensington gives you simple plaid designs that serve as a trademark from the rest of its products.

Inside the mask has a soft trim lining, but maybe it’s not soft enough for some horses as it’s not made out of fleece or wool. Therefore, expect your horse to try and get rid of it if that’s the case.

  • 90% UV protection
  • Removable nose piece
  • Protects the ears
  • Plaid designs
  • Screening is black
  • Has no soft lining inside

Durvet Fly D Duramask Fly Mask

Durvet Fly D has all the basics for a fly mask, except it’s lacking one nose cover, which makes this a weak competitor compared to the other fly masks in the selection. 

Although, if you’re to look on the bright side, you won’t have to remove the Durvet while you feed your horse as it only blocks off the eyes. 

Other than the nose cover, it’s also absent of any UV protection as it only fends off pests, so maybe it’s for the best that you have spare fly masks at the ready for sunny days.

But let’s see what else Durvet has to offer.

Just like the others, this features the double-locking fastener from Velcro located beneath the chin for that security.

The mesh is sufficiently durable with how it’s reinforced compared to the other’s softer material, so that’s a plus.

Fleece lines the edges for a comfortable fit, but the mesh’s durability doesn’t apply to it when the edges are easily frayed along with the Velcro straps, so it’s advisable if you have spares other than this because having a durable mesh is rare to come by.

  • Durable mesh material
  • Protects from insects and UV rays
  • Double-locking Velcro
  • Comfortable lining
  • No nose cover
  • No UV protection
  • Fleece lining isn’t durable

Harrison Howard CareMaster Horse Fly Mask

Harrison Howard provides a nice blend between lightweight and heavy protection in the CareMaster Horse Fly Mask.

At a glance, its unique design is an eye-catching one, right beside Crusader and Kensington.

Anatomically shaped for your horse’s head, this design ensures comfort and durability, held together by secured touch closures and its sturdy material to keep its shape even with the horse rubbing its head against a surface.

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Despite its light screen, the fine, translucent mesh is both made for high visibility and UV protection that’s already tested in labs. Furthermore, any dirt your horse may accumulate while wearing the Harrison Howard can be easily rinsed with how fine the material is.

Pair this with midge-proof, breathable material that offers skin-friendly protection, and it’s already on its way to being one of the best horse fly masks in town!

However, the interior comes with a downside.

As it’s lined with thick fleece padding, although it’s designed for your horse’s comfort and to avoid gaps, it could easily backfire as the padding’s thickness could cause it to rub more against your horse’s nose and cheeks.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Anatomical shape
  • Protects from insects and UV rays
  • Double-locking Velcro
  • Thick fleece padding rubs against nose and/or cheeks

SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask

Design-wise, you can instantly tell the SuperMask has a great resemblance to the Durvet as this provides the essentials.

Only at surface-level, anyway.

It serves to keep flies, dust, and dirt from the eyes; the usual. But, compared to Durvet, this comes with UV protection, as well!

Although, yes, it only protects the eyes, and not the ears or nose.

Just like most of them, this fly mask has a double-lock closure located beneath the jaw to make it harder for your horse to reach.

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For the aesthetic, the mesh features an exclusive Tri-Color Shimmer Weave that reflects your horse’s unique color between copper and silver. You could do the same for the trim as you have the option from the simple black trim, or the exotic cheetah and lynx trims!

Other than pretty designs, the trim is plush enough to keep flies out. However, despite being advertised to provide comfort, the fleece lining the edges can still rub against your horse’s cheeks and have it lose its hair there due to the trim’s creases and thickness.

While the similarity between Durvet and SuperMask is distinct, it does go further than that as the screen is as durable as the Durvet, just as the lining is as weak as Durvet’s.

  • Protects from insects and UV rays
  • Double-locking Velcro
  • Mesh design options
  • Fly-proof fleece lining
  • Durable mesh
  • Fleece lining can rub against cheeks
  • Weak lining

Pro-Force Equine Fly Mask

From horse food to fly sprays, Pro-Force is already well-acquainted in serving the equine community as it delivers you the Pro-Force Fly Mask.

Could this be another horse fly mask to be included in giving out the basics with a game-changing feature underneath? Let’s check it out!

Despite its basic design, this provides maximum protection from flies and harmful UV rays, like the SuperMask.

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For both comfort and security, it has a double-locking fastener that you can adjust according to your horse’s unique features, with fleece lining the trim to prevent any undesirable friction or rubbing like most of the fly masks listed.

Unfortunately, the Velcro isn’t strong enough to hold up against an irritated horse as it can be removed after a while, and although the mesh is advertised to be “made to last”, it’s not as durable as you’d hope it to be.

However, what makes this unique is the triangle shape in the middle of the mask, located by the horse’s nose.

That’s where the Equi-Glo Nite Reflector is located. With this, it can be easy for you to find your horse in the dark!

  • Protects from insects and UV rays
  • Double-locking Velcro
  • Reflective at night
  • Mesh is not durable
  • Can be removed by horse

Cashel Quiet Ride Horse Fly Mask

Another one from Cashel, but this time it focuses more on lightness as it’s not as heavy-duty as the Crusader.

Made out of soft, breathable nylon mesh, this gives you protection “on the go”.

Therefore, this mask’s purpose leans more into “riding mask” rather than “fly mask”.

While, yes, technically, you could ride with a few of the fly masks in the selection, especially the ones with lighter and thinner screens like Professional’s Choice, this Quiet Ride is exclusively made for riding as it’s less sturdy than a normal fly mask.

If you thought most fly masks were already weak, wait till you use this one. It’s not even meant to be played or rubbed by your horse as it’s significantly much more fragile!

But it does ensure comfort as the thin material allows your horse’s face from being flushed and stuffy with heat.

Another perk of its thinness is, despite its dark screen, compared to Kensington, it does well from hindering your horse’s vision.

Other than that, with being “on the go” in mind, this has stellar security as it fastens quickly and securely over most bridles out there.

  • Lightweight and breathable mesh
  • Dark yet easy-to-see screen
  • Fastens quickly and securely
  • Thinner than normal fly mask
  • Not made for rubbing or playing around in


Things to Consider Before Buying a Fly Mask for Horses

  1. Pay Attention

First off, you should be attentive to your equine’s conditions. Are they prone to cuts? Is their pasture wide open with little shade?

Those are a few of the questions you’ll need to know the answer to before getting a fly mask best for your horse.

  1. One Step At a Time

Whether your horse is still young or hasn’t been trained yet, take extra care in having them try on the fly mask!

Anything that touches an equine’s face is bound to be foreign in their eyes, so be patient. 

Train them by getting them used to objects being raised over their heads. Make sure they see it first before anything, though, but not long enough that they’d keep bumping their noses against it because they’ll eventually get confused and keep you from having them put it on.

Then, cue your horse to lower its head so you could place whatever it is you have for it on top of its head.

  1. To Rip or Not to Rip

Velcro might mean quick and easy for you, but it’s not the same for your horse!

When ripping it off so close to the equine’s ears, there’s a chance it could be sensitive to its noise. You should make it familiarize itself with the sound from something else, like a fly bonnet, so it could be easier to have it wear a fly mask.

But, don’t worry! If it really doesn’t like it, there are other fly masks available where you can simply slip it over their heads! The best example of this would be the fly mask from Professional’s Choice.


Providing comfort to your horse is tricky, especially with how unique each one of the equine community is.

But doing so will surely strengthen the relationship you both have with one another, and giving it a fly mask is a good first step as any!

As long as you pay attention to what your horse companion is doing, you’ll be able to tell what kind of fly mask it wants for itself.

Once both of you find the best one there is, then it’ll result in a happy rider and companion.

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