How to Repel Snakes Away from your Garden: Easy & Effective

Most of the North American snakes are not poisonous. In fact, they eat other pests in our garden like rats, mice etc.

But, we afraid from them, and we don’t want them around our family, and pets. If we find a snake in our garden, we try to get rid of it as soon as possible. And for that, we often take the help of professionals.

But, you can also take help from some DIY methods that will help you to repel snakes away from your yard. So, let’s find out.

Repel Snakes from garden

4 Ways to Repel Snakes

Clean Up your Garden

Eliminate the areas where snakes and the small rodents like mice, rats hide. These include tall grass, woodpiles, fallen trees, leaves. These are the perfect places for their hiding. If you clean your yard, and the snakes didn’t find a place to hide, they will go elsewhere.

Get Rid of Other Pests

There are many pests which snakes eat like insects, rodents etc. But, from all of these, their favorites are rats, voles, mice, moles, and other similar rodents.

So, if you can eliminate these pests from your garden, then the snakes will not get any reason to stay in your yard because you’ve already cleaned up your garden.

It means, in your garden, the snakes will not get food, and there will be no place to hide.

Sonic rodent repellents work great for keeping the rodents away from your house. While if you don’t want to use these electronic devices, then you can use rat traps for getting rid of small rodents.

Eliminate the Wet Areas

Snakes prefer cool areas, so to avoid it, you can eliminate the water sources from your property. They like cool areas, where sunlight can’t reach.

So, eliminate water sources, and do whatever you can to bring more sunlight to your garden.

Use Snake Repelling Products

There are many high-quality snake repelling products available which you can purchase. These are manufactured by professional companies, and they work really well.

I recommend that you read this short article about best snake repellents for the garden. This article will guide the most popular products and the best choices for you.

But, from all of these, Ortho Snake B Gon Repellent is widely used. So, you can try that too.


Generally, snakes are not poisonous, but we afraid of them. To reduce your fear, you can get information about the poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, so the next time you will encounter a snake, you’ll know whether it’s dangerous or not.

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