Some Interesting Facts about Termites You May Not Know

Termites are the creatures which exist on Earth for more than 250 million years. Today, we know about 2600 known species of these insects. Usually, they inhabit subtropic and tropic areas, but you can find them surviving in other climates also. You can find them in almost every continent and maybe even in your home.

These wood destroying insects can cause a lot of damage to your house, and therefore if your house is infested with termites, then it becomes necessary for you to take some serious steps to get rid of termites.

Today, in this article, I have shared some facts about termites which you may not know about these little creatures. So, let’s take a look.

The protection of the mound is in the hands of soldiers. When these soldiers sense any danger, they produce vibration to alert the other termites about it.

In the termite mounds, soldiers and workers spend their whole life in the dark areas, and therefore, they are almost blind.

The queen of the termites’ lives somewhere between 15 to 25 years, which looks fake, but it’s true. In every 15 seconds, she lays one egg, and in one day, she lays an approximately 30,000 eggs.

In the large mounds, there can be more than 3 million termites in them.

According to some scientists, there are 1000 pounds of termites for each human lives on the planet.

Whether wood is decaying or not, the termites can eat them.

The place where a colony of termites lives is called a mound. The largest known mounds were 42 feet tall.

Workers build the mounds, and also take care of its maintenance.

The mounds are made of soil, digested wood, mud, feces, and saliva. And they are very stable, and also highly strong.

In the colonies of termites, there are workers, soldiers, nymphs, reproductive females, and males. They perform a different function according to their shape and size.

The termites look quite similar to ants, but actually, they are related to dirty insects, roaches.

A lot of animals also eat termites as their primary food, these include; aardvark, pangolin, anteaters, aardwolf, birds, and other large bugs. In some parts of the worlds, you can also find people who eat termites as a special treat.

So, these were facts about these little wood-eating creatures, and you can surprise your friends with the help of them.

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