Will a Dryer Kill Bed Bugs? Everything You Need

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One of the most common questions that people ask is,

Can we kill bed bugs with clothes dryer?

Actually, it’s a really good question because these pests can’t survive at high temperature.

So, if I’ve to give a quick answer to this question, then I’ll say,

Yes, the clothes dryer can kill bed bugs.”

But, just putting the clothes in a dryer and hoping bed bugs will die along with their eggs is a high expectation.

You should have a proper knowledge about how high the temperature should be and how much time it’ll take to kill them along with their eggs.

So, today, in this short article, you’ll read about how to use a dryer to eliminate bed bugs from clothes. So, let’s get started.

Does Dryer kill bed bugs

High Temperature Kills Faster

If the temperature is 113oF bed bugs will die, but their eggs can survive even at a slightly higher temperature and for a longer time.

According to the Dr. Dini Miller of the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech, the 113oF temperature can kill bed bugs within 90 minutes, but it’s not sufficient for their eggs.

If you raise the temperature to 118oF, these bugs will die in only 20 minutes, but the bed bug eggs still take 90 minutes to die.

So, at higher temperatures, they die faster.

Will a Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

The heat produced by the dryer is enough to kill all the life stages of bed bugs.

can bed bugs survive dryer

But, it should be noted that some machines take a longer time to reach the required temperature.

Let’s suppose your dryer takes 15 minutes to reach the sufficient temperature, and you put the clothes out after 20 minutes. This will be a mistake. The effective heat treatment went for only 5 minutes. So, make sure, you calculate the time after the machine reached the required temperature.

Which Setting Should I Choose (Low, Medium, or High)?

Most of us don’t have a clear idea about how high temperature it’ll be if it is low, medium or high.

Different brands have the different range of temperatures.

But, generally, you can expect the Low setting will provide temperature from 110o to 135o.  

The Medium setting will provide 135o to 150o.

The High setting will provide 150o to 180o.

If your clothes can bear high temperature, then I’ll recommend choosing the High setting. It may be 150o, 170o, or 180o, depending on the brand, but this high temperature will kill bed bugs and their eggs.

But, Dryer Can’t Eliminate the Infestation

Now, you’ve killed some bed bugs, but unfortunately, it can’t eliminate the infestation from your house.

It only kills those present on your clothes, but what about those hiding in your mattress or in the box spring?

You need something more.

Calling a Pest Control Professional is always an option that costs a lot of money.

But, you can save hundreds of dollar by using steam cleaners. Just like the dryer, steamers use a very high temperature to kill these bugs.

Final Words

Now, we get the answer to the question, “Does Dryer kill bed bugs & their eggs?

It works.

But to completely get rid of them, you need to eliminate each and every bug from your house.

Make sure, when you do traveling, don’t carry these bugs. Protect your mattress from getting infested and other preventative measures.

If required, call a professional.

Now, after using the dryer please comment here about your experience, it’ll be very helpful for all of us.

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