7 Mosquito Repelling Plants to Keep Pests Away

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Mosquitoes are a worldwide problem. Almost every home suffers from their attacks. It’s not like you can’t protect yourself, there are many mosquito killing and repelling products are available which you can use. But, in these products they use chemicals which can be harmful.

Using products is not the only way to repel mosquitoes away from your home. In this article, we are going to share information about the best mosquito repelling plants which you can use. You can grow them in your garden or in your home according to your requirement.

7 Mosquito Repelling Plants

Best Mosquito Repelling Plants

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Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a great mosquito repelling plant. It’s a member of mint family, therefore it’s also known by the name of Horsemint. You can grow this plant very easily in your garden. To use it against mosquitoes, you just have to crush its leaves and rub them on your skin. It’ll work as a mosquito repellent.


Lavender is another great plant which repels mosquitoes. Its purple flowers look gorgeous, and it gives you another reason to grow it in your garden. Its flowers work as a great pest repellent which repels other pests also including mosquitoes.


Pennyroyal is used in various mosquito repelling creams because of its pest repelling ability. You can plant pennyroyal in your garden, and its flowers will increase your garden’s beauty. These plants also attract beautiful butterflies. Some people even use this plant in their food to add flavor.


Feverfew is a great plant for repelling mosquitoes including other flying insects. You can plant in your garden, close to doorways, and windows. If used along with lavender and citronella grass, it gives maximum benefit.


Citronella grass produces strong aroma which repels mosquitoes. It’s one of the most common ingredients in the mosquito repelling products. It’s very easy to grow, and you can even grow them in a pot and place them near a window or your bed.


Grow lantana plant in your garden or pot. It’s one of the few plants that repel mosquitoes without crushing its leaves. Placing the lantana plant near the doors and windows can be very effective to repel them away from entering your home. It can be poisonous to pets if injected in large quantities. Avoid rubbing the leaves on your skin because it can produce irritation.


Peppermint is one of the most famous pests repelling plant. It produces strong, poignant scent. You can grow peppermint easily because it grows fast and doesn’t require much attention. To repel mosquitoes, scatter peppermint leaves in your room, or you can also rub them on your skin.

So these are the best mosquito repelling plants which you can grow. These are not the only plants which can be used, but these are the ones which are easily available and works great.

You can grow these plants near the places where you suspect mosquitoes can breed. If you have a mosquito breeding problem, then you need to know what kills mosquito larvae, so that you can eliminate them from growing their population.

Share with us, how you handle the mosquito problem? Do you use plants to repel them?

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