Orange Essential Oil for Termites: Treatment with Orange Oil

You may have heard that you can use orange oil for killing termites in your home.

But, is that true?

If yes, then can we depend on it because orange oil termite treatment is much cheaper than hiring pest control companies and professionals?

Today, you’ll get the answer to each and every question. So, let’s get started.

Killing termites with orange oil

Does Orange Oil really kill Termites?

Yes, it kills termites.

But, its success is only limited to drywood termites. If your house is infested with other types like Subterranean or Dampwood, then you will need some other method to control them.

Here, I’ll recommend that you should also read about these home remedies for killing termites in your house.

Orange oil comes from the outer peel of the oranges. It has been used for centuries because it improves the immunity of your body.

How Orange Essential Oil Kill Termites

Along with other ingredients, the most important ingredient in the orange oil is D-Limonene. It has a high citric content in it. The D-Limonene is a chemical which is believed to a very effective insecticide which is able to kill mosquitoes, flies, cricket, mites, ants, and other pests.

The theory behind the working of orange oil is that the citric acid present in the D-Limonene dries out their exoskeleton from inside.

When we inject the orange oil to get rid of termite infestation, then they get into direct contact with it, and some of them eat that wood which absorbed the orange oil. Now, the termites who have orange oil in their system, they will dry out from inside, and they’ll die from lack of moisture.

Limitations of Orange Oil for Termite Treatment

The orange oil products don’t work for a long time. You have to reapply it again after some time. In a couple of days, its effectiveness will reduce.

The orange oil treatment works well for Drywood termites, but, if your house is infested with Subterranean or Dampwood, then this method is not useful for you.

Can we Depend on Orange Oil?

Before using it you must know which type of termites is present in your house. If they are Subterranean or Dampwood, then using it will be of no use.

Another thing is that orange oil termite treatment works only for small infestation. If you are suffering from a high infestation, then you need the help of some professional ways. You can use termite killers, or you can also call the pest control companies.

If you want to use it, then you can take help of other home remedies like borax. Read this article to learn more about borax as termite killer.


Orange oil is a good option if you don’t want to spend big money and the infestation is low. It’s effective, but it can’t replace the professional termite killers.

So, now you’ve to decide which method you have to choose because it totally depends on the level of infestation in your house.

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