How to Protect Your Horse from Flies: 5 Simple Ways

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It feels bad when we see that our horse is getting irritated by the flies.

Everyone wants to protect their horse from these small insects whether they’re flies, mosquitoes, or the other similar insects.

But, how we can do that?

Is there any way by which we can do that without disturbing the comfort of our equine.

So, today, you’re going to read about a few ways by which you can protect your horse from the flies.

protect horse from flies

5 Ways to Protect Horse from Flies

Use Fly Sheets

Using a horse fly sheet is a great way for the protection against flies. It contains an open weave mesh which keeps the bugs off from the horse’s body.

There are many designs available, and from all of them, you can select anyone you like.

Even, some fly sheets also contain the horse fly repellents for the more protection. With this added protection, the flies didn’t come to the horse, and even if they come, there is a fly sheet to protect it.

Horse Fly Masks

Flies get attracted to the eye secretions, and therefore they land on the horses’ eyes, and thus they cause infections.

These fly mask for horses, as the name suggests, are just the masks that cover the horses’ face and protects them from the flies and mosquitoes.

You can find a variety of masks according to your choice, like whether you need a mask with ears or without ears.

A good quality mask will not irritate your horse, and it’ll be quite comfortable for the equine.

Use Ear Nets

Sometimes, they are called as fly bonnets or the fly hoods. Some horse owners used them to protect the horses’ ears from flies and other bugs. Generally, they use them during riding, because at that time, it will not be comfortable with using a fly mask.

But, if you’re thinking about using an ear net, then carefully read all the instructions.

Use Fly Wraps

These are the leg coverings to keep the flies away from the horses’ legs.

Use Horse Fly Spray

These are the sprays or repellents which work to repel or kill the common flies that try to come near the horse.

The horse fly spray will kill the flies or it’ll repel the flies, this will depend on the product to product.

Final Words

Flies irritate the equine, and it’s a common problem of all the horse owners.

The above-mentioned tips will surely help you.

You can use the products mentioned above for the maximum benefit, but if you don’t want to use a third party product, then you can also make your own mask, horse sheet, or the horse wrap.

Even, you can create a homemade horse fly spray, but it’s a lengthy process.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article. You’re welcome to share any tips for the horse protection against flies.

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