Will Raid Hornet Spray Kill Spiders {Does It Work, Any Good?}

Are you thinking to use raid Hornet spray to kill spiders, are you wondering if the spray will actually work and kill the Spider.

Is the spray any good at killing the Spider?

Should you use something else to be killing the Spider?

Will Raid Hornet Spray Kill Spiders?

Yes, raid Hornet spray will kill spiders, But it it not the best spray to kill spiders as there are other sprays that are specifically for spiders.

For the raid Hornet spray to work you will need to spray the spider directly or if you cannot locate the Spider, spray the spider web which will in turn kill the spider when the spider walks on the web and inhale the chemicals in the spray.

The spray will kill the Spider when the spray gets into their organs and will cause them to suffocate and eventually die

I use Terro spider killer which you can view here, you can use this spray indoors and outdoors and will also kill other insects.

Will Raid Hornet Spray Kill Spiders

How To Use Raid Hornet Spray

Before you use raid Hornet spray there are a few things you need to follow.

Follow these steps to use the Hornet spray safely and effectively.

  1. Shake Well Before Use : This will ensure that the chemicals in the spray are mixed properly before use
  2. Only Use Outdoors : The spray is designed to be used outdoors, if you use it indoors it will produce a very potent smell which can cause breathing problems yourself anybody else around.  If you have spiders indoors I recommend you use vinegar to kill them
  3. Remove Pets and Children : Before spraying make sure that there are no pets and children in the area and keep them away what up to 4 hours after spraying.
  4. Spray Directly on Spider : This is the most effective way of killing the Spider as the spider will absorb the chemicals in the spray which will cause them to Suffocate overtime.

The below video shows you what happens when you spray a spider with hornet spray

YouTube video

What Spray Is Recommended To Use To Kill Spiders

The best spray to use to kill spiders are spider killer sprays which have been specifically designed to kill spiders.

I use Terro spider killer which you can view here, you can use this spray indoors and outdoors and will kill other insects such as ants roaches scorpions ticks and silverfish.

Some tips for using these sprays are as follows

  • If possible spray directly on the Spider
  • Spray near entry points in your property
  • Spray around skirting boards
  • Spray in crawl spaces

How Long Does It Take For a Spider To Die After Being Sprayed with Raid

It will typically take up to 1 minute for a spider to die after being sprayed with raid.

You only need to spray the spider once as the spray will suffocate them to death which could take up to a minute.

You should leave the spider for up to 10 minutes after the spraying to make sure they are dead before being removed.

When you remove the Spider I recommend to wipe the surrounding area with a wet wipe.

Do I Need to Spray Directly On The Spider

It is not required to directly spray the spider to kill it, but the spider does need to come in contact with the spray, The spider will absorb the spray when they walk over it and this will then cause them to suffocate.

Of course the most effective way of killing a spider is to directly spray it if possible.

Does Raid Kill Black Widow Spiders

Yes, Raid will kill all spiders including black widows.

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