Difference Between Earwig and Silverfish: {Silverfish vs Earwig}

There are a lot of people who compare Silverfish and Earwigs. However, most people have a hard time finding out which is which, and we understand why.  These pests are commonly mistaken for each other due to their uncanny similarities, but how do you difference between silverfish vs earwig?

The easiest way to tell is to count how many appendages are attached to the abdomen, Earwigs have two whilst silverfish have three. Silverfish are also covered in scales while earwigs have smooth bodies.

So in this article, we will guide you on distinguishing the difference between silverfish and earwig. Make sure to read thoroughly, as this will help you get rid of them if you know how to spot them correctly. 

Similarities Between Silverfish and Earwig

Below I will go in to more details about the similarities between silverfish vs earwig;


First of all, earwigs and silverfish have slightly flattened bodies. This resemblance causes most people to confuse them with each other. They are also both equal in size. That is why we understand the confusion when it comes to both of them in terms of appearance. But there is a way to tell their difference, and we will share that information on the pater part of this article, so stay tuned!


Both silverfish and earwig prefer the same thing. They both are known to have exquisite taste, such as old books and newspapers. Too bad if you are a collector of such things, as they are hot items to these pests. So you better watch out for your old books and newspaper if you are a collector, as these pests love munching on them. 


The silverfish and earwig have the same personality and behavior. They both enjoy humid, dark places; that is why both of them can be found underneath rugs or in attics or basements. They are also both active at night, as they are considered nocturnal. So if you want to get rid of them, and wonder where they can be found, now you know! 

Differences Between Silverfish and Earwig

Below I will go in to more details about the differences between silverfish vs earwig;


Although silverfish and earwig have flattened bodies, they are usually different in color. Earwigs are usually black or brown, while silverfish are pear gray and shiny. Another difference in appearance is that earwig has wings while silverfish have flattened bodies that taper from head to toe. 

In terms of size, earwigs are one-fourth to one and one-fourth inches long, while silverfish are one-half to one inch long. Earwigs also have two pincher-like appendages, while silverfish have three antennae-like appendages. You will be able to notice the difference between these creatures through their appearances.


In terms of behavior, the only great difference in their behavior is their predatory moves. Silverfish are known to be harmless creatures, while earwigs use their pincers when they feel threatened or feed on other smaller insects. 


In terms of habitats, you can spot a silverfish in parts of your home that don’t have a lot of foot traffic, especially when there are old newspapers, books, or family albums. These are the places where silverfish like to hang. On the other hand, earwigs prefer the great outdoors. They like to stay in damp, dark places, such as the underside of flagstones, tree bark, or decaying wood. 


In conclusion, although it is hard to know the difference between silverfish vs earwig, we hope that this information helped you distinguish between these pests. They can also be controlled if you are able to spot them and know their similarities and differences. We hope that this article helped in educating you about these pests. 

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