Things You Need To Know About German Roaches Bites

A bite from a pest may happen to all of us when we are stuck in a situation where there is an infestation.

Cockroaches rarely bite, but they can and German cockroaches could be the worst of them. What are some things you need to know about German roaches bites?

If cockroaches do not feed on blood, why are they biting you? Are they looking for dead skin or food crumbs and biting while they search you?

In this article, we’ll figure out how to recognize German cockroaches and all the things you need to know about German roaches bites.

Things You Need To Know About German Roaches Bites

German cockroaches bite at night and it hurts. The bite is not poisonous, but requires soap, water and possibly ice to reduce swelling, ward off infection and help in recovery. Their bite is large and wide. It does not look like a bed bug bite.

What Do German Cockroaches Look Like?

German cockroaches can be identified with the following characteristics:

  • light brown
  • 2 black horizontal stripes behind head
  • nymphs darker than adults
  • adults about 13-16mm in length
  • they have wings
  • they rarely fly do to their size and weight
  • omnivorous diets consisting of dead skin, hairs, fingernails, crumbs of any sort. 
  • bites cause swelling
  • bites can irritate skin

No one wants to get bitten by a German cockroach. The bite is larger and more irritating. They can lead to lesions or infections as German cockroaches are riddled with bacteria that we don’t want near us.

Top 12 Tips On German Cockroach Bites

German cockroaches are large with 2 horizontal stripes behind their head. Here are the top 12 details that may help prevent German cockroach bites:

  1. They bite at night or in complete darkness.
  2. The bites hurt and will wake you up.
  3. They like to target your mouth and hands where food traces are available.
  4. The bite is large, wide and swells up.
  5. Their bite is 5x stronger than a human’s bite.
  6. Wash the bite with soap and water.
  7. Scratching the bite spreads the infection.
  8. Allergic reactions or asthma may occur.
  9. They don’t want to bite, but it may happen when they are nibbling on your skin.
  10. The bite is not poisonous or venomous. It just hurts and it swells with the possibility of pus developing inside.
  11. There is no need for medical help.
  12. You can try alternative remedies such as lemon juice, tea bags and Aloe Vera to treat or soothe the bites.

When Do German Cockroaches Bite?

German Cockroaches like to bite when the house is calm, still, dark and everyone is sound asleep. This gives them time and space to be stealth and make their way onto unsuspecting humans in order to search for:

  • food remnants
  • dead skin
  • finger nail bits
  • fallen hair

Be careful around your hands and mouth where a German cockroach may find traces of food. Wash up thoroughly before bed.

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Where Do German Cockroaches Like To Bite?

German cockroaches are opportunistic and will bite while they are feeding on anything available. The bite might be by accident or when they are nibbling on your dead skin, fingernails, hair or crumbs left behind.

Your hands and mouth interact with food the most, leaving them vulnerable for the German cockroach to investigate closer while you are asleep. This makes me quiver as I type this.

You will be awakened with a sharp pain in around your mouth or fingers. The bite will be wider and will swell compared to smaller insect bites that may not feel or look anywhere near the same.

Does A German Cockroach Bite Hurt?

Unfortunately yes. German cockroaches have a powerful bite with strong jaws to chomp through anything that may contain traces of food.

The bite is compared to be 5 times stronger than a human bite. The force of the bite is 50 times that of their weight.

Some people do not feel anything, but this is rare. Most people will be awakened with a sharp pain. The pain could cause you to screech and wake up or scratch in your sleep. Scratching it will make it much worse.

You must wash the bite with soap and water, then you can use soothing treatments of aloe or even tea bags to calm the swelling and pain down to a tolerable level.

Don’t worry though, you haven’t been injected with poison and this feeling will go away soon.

Can German Cockroaches Cause Allergies?

German cockroaches like many other roaches are interacting with disgusting bacteria throughout their travels. There is no surface deemed too dirty for cockroach to tread through.

These pests could cause infections, allergies or asthmatic reactions in some cases. Allergic reactions to the bacteria that makes contact with your skin is possible.

The bite however, is not toxic and should not require medical attention. Allergies or asthma on the other hand, are unique to the individual and must be addressed on its own.

Can I Scratch A German Cockroach Bite?

Try not to scratch a bite from a German cockroach. The bite swells and the affected area may develop pus underneath it. If you scratch, you may open the wound and spread the infection around your skin which will make things worse.

The fist step is to clean the area with soap and warm water. You can use ice or cold Aloe Vera gel to calm the itchy or burning feeling.

Inflammation will be reduced with ice and applying alcohol on the bite may reduce the chances of infection. The bite itself contains no poison or venom and will not require a trip to the hospital.

Why Do German Cockroaches Bite?

German cockroaches may actually bite by accident. They do not feed on your blood and are not looking to attack.

They are stealth pests who come out at night and prefer you to be asleep. They do not wish to disturb you, but they will look for food or anything edible on your body from dead skin to hair follicles.

The nibbling action may create a bite if they are not careful. The bites are rare, but they happen and you should be aware of how to act when this occurs.

  1. Treat the bite with soap and water.
  2. Then use ice, rubbing alcohol, aloe or even a warm tea bag to soothe it.
  3. If you are bit be a German cockroach, this indicates that you have an infestation.
  4. You must sanitize and chemically treat your location to prevent this from happening again.

What Does a German Cockroach Bite Look Like?

The photo below compares a German cockroach bite compared to average insect bites such as fleas or mosquitos. A German cockroach is a much bigger pest and so is its bite. The skin will raise and swell.

The mark could be bright red or white in the middle indicating pus developing underneath. It may resemble a large bump and will definitely not be confused with a bed bug.

You will most likely experience this bite in your sleep because this is when cockroaches do most of their damage. Do not expect to be bitten more than once.

A German cockroach is not looking to bite and is not able to feed on your blood. Other bites usually appear in clusters, but a German cockroach bite is usually large and singular.

What Happens if a Cockroach Bites You?

You will feel pain, itchiness and notice swelling if a German cockroach bites you. In some cases, you may feel an allergic reaction or a flare up of asthma.

Sometimes infections occur because cockroaches are in close contact with harmful bacteria that may interact with your exposed skin and flesh if they nibble or bite.

Thankfully, the bite is not poisonous and will not require medical attention. Use ice, aloe vera, warm tea bags, rubbing alcohol and possibly and painkiller to help get through the worst of it.

It will pass and you will recover. Do not scratch or you will prolong recovery.


We hope this article helps you identify a German cockroach and the information provided will guide you through the steps needed to better understand the implications from a German cockroach bite.

Overall, the idea of a cockroach crawling on you while you are sleeping is unnerving and unsettling, but the only bright side is that they are not poisonous and carry no venom.

You must sanitized the home and use chemical treatments to prevent them from returning. A German cockroach will not bite on purpose because there is no reason to pierce through your skin.

They do not feed on blood and only wish to nibble on dead skin, hair, crumbs of food or pieces of fingernails.

We wish you the best of luck in your efforts to make sure a bite from a German cockroach never happens to you, but if it happens, there is enough information here to put you at ease. Please don’t scratch and use ice instead.


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