Peppermint Oil for Mice: Repel Mouse with Peppermint

Does peppermint oil really repel mice?

A lot of people agree that, after using peppermint oil they didn’t find any mice in their homes. But, the number of those people is also large who says, this oil didn’t work. Now, what’s the truth?

Yes, Peppermint Oil works. But, what about those who say, it didn’t work?

If you’re using it in a wrong way, without knowing its limitations, then you can’t expect a good result. The scent of this oil repels other pests also along with mice.

Today, I’ll show you how you can use it to save your house from these little rodents.

Peppermint oil as mouse repellent

Make a Peppermint Spray

A peppermint spray can be used more conveniently in the large spaces like baseboards. It’s also effective where you can’t reach. But how to make a peppermint spray? It’s very easy.

What you need

Spray Bottle

1-ounce peppermint oil

1-ounce water

Pour the peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle, and then shake the bottle well.

Use Cotton Balls

Just dab cotton balls in a few drops of peppermint oil. Then place these balls wherever necessary.

You should place these cotton balls where you expect their entry. The place from where they enter in your house is the most important place. You can also place these cotton balls in the different corners, and other parts of your house.

Things to Know

The peppermint oil works as a repellent, but it can’t repel mice out of your house, which already entered in your house. People make this mistake very often. They place the cotton balls in their house and saw that mice didn’t leave, and make an assumption that peppermint oil doesn’t work.

You should place the cotton balls at the places from where they enter in your house, so that they will sense the scent of peppermint from outside, and will not come inside. But, if they come inside, and then you place peppermint cotton balls to repel them, they will not leave your house. They will just find another corner where they don’t feel its repelling scent.

So, the main point is, place the cotton balls on the places from where they enter into your house, and also place some of them in different corners.

Final Words

Using this oil works as a repellent, and there are chances that you can’t get rid of mice by just using peppermint if they already entered into your house. But, if you use it on the entrances, then definitely you’ll see the results.

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