Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Review: Troubleshooting

Kill Mouse with Electronic Trap
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Do you have a Victor Electronic Mouse trap? Or do you want to buy one?

Whether you’re looking for a review before purchasing, or want some answers after purchasing, this article is what you’re looking for. This article includes everything you want to know, from Victor Electronic Rat Trap Instructions to Troubleshooting.

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Review

Victor Electronic Mouse trap M2524 Review

It’s the most popular electronic mousetrap by Victor on Amazon. Why? Because it’s not much costly, kills a mouse with electric shock and you don’t have to touch that dead animal.

This small trap delivers a high-voltage shock to kill a mouse in less than 5 seconds. According to the company, you can kill up to 100 mice per set of batteries (4AA), but you’ve to purchase them separately.

It is very easy to use but it’ll be good to read manual, you just have to place the bait, place the trap at a good location, and turn it ON.

This Victor trap of model M2524 has an advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a rodent enters the unit. Once it enters, the system delivers a high-voltage shock which kills the rodent instantly, in less than 5 seconds.

When the green light of mousetrap blinks, means it killed something and it blinks for up to 7 days. When you see a red light blinking, means batteries are low.

When you killed a mouse with it, you don’t have to touch that dead animal, just empty the trash without touching it. Whenever the door opens, its built-in safety feature deactivates the trap. Along with that, its unique tunnel prevents kids and pets from reaching the main killing place, means it’s safe for your children and pets. You can use it anywhere in your home. With these things, it is considered as one of the best rat traps on the market.

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How to set up Victor Electronic Mouse trap M2524

  • Before setting the trap, make sure the trap is in the “OFF” position.
  • Insert the bait in the back of the kill chamber against the access holes.
  • Now, insert the 4AA batteries.
  • Identify the location where you see mouse activity, and place the trap.
  • Now, turn the switch “ON”. If you see the green light flash once, means it is working.
  • Once you caught a rodent, dispose of it in a trash receptacle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Model M2524

Do this work for rats and other rodents?

It works best for mice because its opening gate and the passage is small. So, you can kill mice, or small rats, as long as they can enter it.

What are the dimensions of this machine?

6.2 x 3.2 x 1.8 inches

Can we use it outdoor?

Yes, you can use it outside but make sure it doesn’t get exposed to wet, keep it in a dry place.

How to know that it killed a mouse?

When it killed a mouse, a green light will blink approximately in every 7 seconds. So, when checking it, keep looking for few seconds or otherwise you may skip the blink.

How to empty a mouse trap after killing?

You would be feeling relaxed to know that, you don’t have to touch the dead animal. Just open it, and dump it in the trash. Even, you don’t have to look at it.

When light blinks red or green, what that means?

When you’ll turn ON the trap, you’ll see the green light once, and then green light will stop. You will see the green color again when it’ll catch something. When your batteries will be low, you will have a red light.

Is this trap can catch more than one mouse after setting it?

No, you’ve to empty it when it catches one. It needs to be empty and reset each time before using.

M250 Pro Professional Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Review

You can say that M250 Pro mouse trap is a bigger version of model M2524. It delivers a high-voltage electric charge to the rodent, which kills it in seconds. You don’t have to touch the dead animal while emptying it.

The Victor M250 Pro can kill up to 3 mice without resetting, which means after setting it once, it can kill 3 mice, reset it again and it will kill 3 more. When it kills, the green light blinks for up to 7 days to signal that it killed something.

To dispose of, just open it and get rid of dead mice. Its automatic feature deactivates it when the top door opened accidentally. It uses 4AA batteries, but again, not included in the box.

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Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Instructions

  • Make sure, it’s in OFF position, before setting it.
  • Insert the bait in the back of the kill chamber.
  • Insert the batteries.
  • Identify the best location for placing it.
  • Turn the switch ON, and kill your enemy.
  • Now, dispose of it in trash.

Frequently Asked Questions about Model M250 Pro

What are the dimensions?

3 x 4.5 x 10 inches

What is the difference between Victor M250 Pro and M2524?

The black electronic trap M2524 kills one mouse after setting, while M250 Pro kills up to 3 mice after setting once.

Can we use it outdoor?

Yes, you can use. But, this is an electronic machine; therefore, you’ve to be careful because placing it in the wrong place can damage it.

How many rodents it can kill in one setting?

It can kill up to 3 mice, but it depends on the size.

What is green or red light in M250 Pro?

Green light blinks once to tell, the trap is ON. And killing a rodent, a green light will blink after every few seconds for up to 7 days. Red light means batteries are low.

Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap M260 Review


If your house has a lot of mice, then it’s made for you. It kills the mouse by electric shock. The company states that it can eliminate up to 10 mice per setting, but this depends on the size. The number can go up or down.

Victor Multi-Kill Trap has 3 plate designs, and it can kill in less than 3 seconds. After killing, the Shock N Drop chamber rotates, drops the mouse in the collection drawer and becomes ready to kill more.

Don’t worry; it’s safe for kids and pets. If you’ve more mice, then this is the solution of your problem.

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Victor Multi-Kill Mouse Trap Instructions

  • Make sure that it is OFF.
  • Insert a small amount of bait against the back wall of the kill chamber. Be sure not to place it directly on the plates, as this will not allow a proper connection between the mouse and the plate.
  • Insert the batteries.
  • Identify the best location, and place your killing machine.
  • Turn switch to ON. If you see a single flash of green light, means it is working.
  • Kill the rodent, and dispose of it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Model M260

What are the dimensions?

8.5 x 4 x 5 inches

Can we use electronic trap outdoor?

Yes, but place it carefully, as it is an electronic machine it can get damage.

How many mice its collection drawer can handle?

According to the company, it can handle 10, but it depends on the size.

What is red or green light in M260?

When you turn the switch ON, you’ll see a single blink of green light and then it’ll stop. When you’ll catch a rodent, you’ll see it again. The red light blinks for showing low batteries.

Caution: It’s easy to use them, but still if you use inappropriately, you can suffer from electrical shock or serious injury. So be careful.

Why buy Electronic Mouse trap by Victor instead of snap trap or something?

These electronic traps are the best thing available for killing a mouse in a humane manner. These are the perfect killing machine. If you work with a snap trap or by any other means, you’ll give a painful death to that little creature. Along with that, it increases your dirty work of cleaning the areas, which I bet you don’t like.

As the name suggests, electronic mousetraps work on electricity and give a fast and pain-free death by giving an electric shock. The rodent gets killed in few seconds.

It doesn’t feel good to kill a living being, right? But, these rodents can cause the disease to your family. And they become dangerous when you’ve children in your home. You can read this article which provides information about the disease they spread and how to protect your children from them.

10 Questions You Want to Get Answered

Electronic Mouse Trap Bait

Which is the best bait for an electronic mouse trap, and how to use it?

According to Desley Whisson, Extension Vertebrate Pest Specialist at the University of California, contrary to popular belief, rats prefer fresh, high-quality foods and will reject spoiled or inferior food items when given a choice. Therefore, rodent baits should be made from high-quality food materials, and baits which have become rancid or insect-infested should be discarded.

Usually, corn, oats, wheat, or barley are the grains most preferred by rodents. But you can test, which works best for you. And then you can decide where to put bait.

How to test bait?

You can conduct a bait-choice test by placing a small amount of each of several non-toxic baits about one foot apart from each other in different locations, where you see rodent activity. As you’re just testing, so you can use anything. Try peanuts, cheese, seeds, bread etc, or whatever you can think. After few days, you’ll know which baits are more preferred by them.

When to empty the collection drawer of my trap?

We recommend you should check it daily, and empty it after every catch. Because of dead mice in it, it may cause a foul odor in your home. Therefore, empty it after killing one, don’t wait for few days.

What is the best location for placing a trap?

On the first time, when you place the trap, it may happen that you may not kill something for few days because rodents would not want to get inside a new thing. So, unplug your trap and place it along with the walls where you see their activity. You can also use bait when it is in OFF position. So that, mice will get habitual of it, and they’ll start to come inside to eat food. Then after few days, turn it ON and kill them.

Do rats and mice have different behaviour for traps?

According to the University of Florida, rats and mice have different behaviour around new objects. Rats are cautious, and therefore, it may take a week before they approach a trap. While mice are curious and will normally approach traps the first night. So, if you don’t catch a mouse in the first few nights, then probably the trap is in the wrong place.

How to bait Victor Electronic Mouse Trap?

Do you think, mice come inside and eat the bait, do my trap not working?

Don’t overbait electronic traps. A lot of people do this mistake and think that there is a problem with their machine. Suppose, you add a lot of bait in it, and some of it fall onto the metal floorplate, the trap zaps it and de-activate. Now, the mouse can come with honor, and will eat the whole of your bait without getting any shock. They don’t need a lot of bait to sense it. Insert bait carefully with the help of a tool like a toothpick.

In some electronic traps, the mouse has to contact with both plates present in it. Therefore, plates need to be get cleaned from debris, hair, or any other things.

What is the best bait to use?

For trapping mice, use peanut butter, chocolate, oats or nesting materials such as cotton or string as bait. Like humans, mice also have a different taste, so you can test other variations also.

How do I know that I’ve trapped all of them, and there is no need to place traps?

It’s practically impossible to tell that when you’ve trapped all of them. But you should place the trap continuously for few more days when you think you’ve hunted all of them.

How many traps do I need in my house?

There is no exact number. It depends on their population. More traps will kill more mice. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use more than one from the beginning.

Do I need to clean places where I see rodent activity?

After killing rodents, and the areas where you see them, you need to clean those places. But, take care when cleaning. The EPA blog recommends that you should avoid actions that raise contaminated dust, such as sweeping or vacuuming rodent feces. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a detailed article about the cleaning after rodent activity, you can also read it.

Final Words

These little creatures can spread diseases, therefore, it becomes necessary for us to get rid of them.

So, we discussed everything including Victor Electronic Mouse trap review. Now, if you want to purchase, then you’ve three choices. You can choose anyone. So, if an army of mice attacking you, then you should buy Victor Multi-Kill Mousetrap. But if you’ve few mice and don’t want to spend much, then you can go for Model M2524 or M250 Professional.

So, how you use your mousetrap to kill them? What baits you are using and it worked for you? Do share in the comments!

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