What Attracts Chiggers? {Do Chiggers Stay In Your Bed?}

Ouch. Did you just get bit by a chigger once again? What attracts chiggers? These nasty little pests show up when you least expect them.

We’re sick and tired of these little chiggers and we’re hoping that we can find out what attracts them in order to prevent them from biting us again.

In this article, we will find out what attracts chiggers.

What Attracts Chiggers?

Chiggers are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we are exhaling as we move about in their territories.

We may end up accidentally stumbling into their habitats or environments where they will not hesitate to jump aboard and bite us.

Chiggers are also attracted to tight clothes and will most likely find a sweet spot around our sock line or waistline. They are attracted to low socks where skin is present or between your belt, waistline and your shirt.

What Scent Keeps Chiggers Away?

Chiggers can be repelled by some of the following scents and we suggest that you use them accordingly to keep these little pests away from you:

  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Tea tree
  • Citronella
  • Witch hazel

You can apply these essential oils topically around your waistline or sock line. You can also drop about 5 to 10 drops each of any of these essential oils into a small spray bottle and fill the rest with water.

This way, you can spray your outer clothing as well as your skin. None of the items above should irritate your skin if you do not suffer from sensitivities.

Diluting them in water will help to spread out the effectiveness of these essential oils that chiggers hate.

Where Are Chiggers Most Common?

Chiggers are common all over the world, but in the United States you may find them mostly in these areas:

  • South
  • Southeast
  • Midwest

The active period for chiggers are usually in the early spring all the way until the early fall. Their activity subsides once the first frost begins to develop around mid-autumn.

  • They are most active in temperature between 77 and 86 degrees.
  • Temperatures under 42 degrees kills chiggers.

After this point, you shouldn’t have to worry about chiggers any longer until the following spring.

How Do I Get Rid of Chiggers ASAP?

You can keep plants like thyme, lavender, peppermint,  witch hazel and more around your garden to repel chiggers since they don’t like the smells. If you enter their own territories, you will not be able to get rid of chiggers, but you may be able to repel them from you.

You can spray on essential oils like tea tree oil or peppermint, but if you have been bitten already you must counteract the bites with the following:

  • Wash the area with hot soapy water.
  • Take a hot shower to kill any larvae that may be present on your skin.

Once you have performed these two simple tasks, you will be able to get rid of chiggers and soothe their bites on your skin to prevent them from getting worse.

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Do Chiggers Stay In Your Bed?

Chiggers are not attracted to your bed, they are attracted to your warm body and the carbon dioxide that you are expelling.

A chigger will not be able to survive on your bed without a human present for longer than three to four days. They are looking to bite from their juvenile nymph-like state in order to become adults.

They cannot do so by feasting on warm bodies and biting regularly. Surviving on a cold bed without a warm body is impossible for a chigger, therefore they will not stay in your bed when you are not there.

How Long Do Chiggers Live on You?

A chigger doesn’t wish to survive on human for more than 2 to 3 days. The larvae of chiggers can attach to hosts, but they cannot burrow into the flesh.

The bite that you will encounter will be caused by the nymph state of chiggers who are looking to feast on their hosts as much as possible in order to grow into an adult.

These itchy bites will begin about three hours after they begin feeding on your skin.

What Attracts Chiggers to Your Yard?

Chiggers are attracted to your yard because they are sensing carbon dioxide from the air that we are breathing.

They know that we are present and they are drawn to our yard because of the carbon dioxide first and foremost. They also enjoy yards that are moist,  full of brushy areas where they can hide.

Chiggers are mostly looking out for the following:

  • Overgrown grass
  • Leaf-covered areas
  • Dense shrubs or landscaping
  • Heavily shaded areas
  • Carbon dioxide

You may see chiggers in clusters as they begin to infest in areas where the female lays her eggs. The locations above could become the most suitable for chiggers as a way to find hosts to latch onto and bite.

Kill Chiggers in Yard Naturally

If you wish to kill chiggers on your own in your backyard, you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the hot spots where they congregate.

Look around brushy areas and also consider applying organic pesticides. Whenever you are using these products, wear gloves, glasses and a mask.

Chiggers in the home can be repelled and killed with the spray of apple cider vinegar. You can also use baking soda, boric acid or diatomaceous earth as well in your home.


Getting rid of shaded areas around your yard is more effective at reducing the bigger populations of chiggers than spraying your property with insecticides.

If a chigger can’t find a suitable place to hide, they will stop focusing on your yard and look for a neighbor’s instead. A chigger infestation that gets out of hand might need a professional Pest Control expert.

Meanwhile, cover your skin especially around your socks and waistline. Tuck your socks into your pants and apply essential oils in the form of a spray on to your skin and clothes to repel chiggers who are attracted to you and the carbon dioxide you are exhaling.


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