Where Do Flying Termites Come From? {Do They Bite?}

Are you seeing a swarm of flying termites? Where Do Flying Termites Come From?

Will these termites bite? Do all termites fly? Why are there a bunch of wings near your windows or doors?

In this article, we’ll find out where flying termites come from and what we can do to prevent them.

Where Do Flying Termites Come From?

Flying termites tend to swarm after rain showers and other weather conditions that trigger their arrival. Moisture, warm winds and street lights or lighting from your property causes these “swarmers” to arrive to your area.

Swarmers do not bite, but they fly in large groups looking for a new location to mate and create colonies. Flying termites shed their wings and create locations where eggs are laid with workers and soldiers being born to create most of the damage that termites are associated with.

Why Are There Termites Flying Around My House?

You are seeing flying termites because they are looking for a new place to make a nest. If they are near your home, this is not a good sign. This is how termite colonies begin.

It starts with a swarm of flying termites. The swarming termites who fly will not damage your home. “Swarmers” are the scouts and the original mates or kings and queens of colonies.

It’s the colony that results from these flying termites that become the intruders who seek to eat cellulose found in wood.

Do Flying Termites Mean Infestation?

No. Not yet. A bunch of flying termites are called swarmers. The swarmers may drop their wings and you might notice them discarded or scattered around the outer edges of your home.

Once they enter the walls or foundation of the home, this is when they begin to expand their colonies.

Termite colonies without wings are now living in your yard or home and looking to eat their way into damaging anything you have made of wood or paper.

How Do You Keep Flying Termites Away?

If you would like to get rid of flying termites, you will need to be proactive and take some of these necessary steps to prevent them from becoming a colony in your home and surrounding property.

  • Eliminate any chance of entry.
  • Seal gaps.
  • Cover cracks.
  • Cover your foundation.
  • Reduce moisture.
  • Go through the crawl space and basement.
  • Remove excess water from the roof.

It’s easier to prevent termites colonies than getting rid of them once they begin doing their damage.

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What Are Flying Termites Attracted To?

The major attraction for flying termites is a source of light. They also like moisture, but it’s the light that brings them closer to your property.

If you can turn off lights outside your home during termite season when swarmers are present, they may look elsewhere where it’s brighter. Streets lamps and light through window draw in swarmers.

If the windows are open or there are cracks in the windowsill with the lights on inside, these swarmers may find their way into your home to start a colony.

Do Flying Termites Bite Humans?

Winged termites do not bite humans. They are only concerned about developing a new termite colony.

They swam in warmer weather conditions and particularly in areas where is it moist with some lighting drawing them towards certain directions at night. They are looking to mate and create new colonies.

Where Can I Find Flying Termite Colony?

Flying termites have not formed a colony yet. The colony will begin once they find the right location to mate and begin causing damage when they find wood sources to feed on.

You may find wings that have been shed indicating that these termites have moved on to the next stage in their life cycle.

The areas where you may find these wings are around doorways and windows. If there is access to your home from cracks or crawl spaces, the flying termites may find them.

How Do You Deal With Termite Swarmers?

Termite swarmers are flying termites. You must try to contain them before they succeed in creating a colony.

  • Shut all doors and windows.
  • Vacuum up any winged termites you see on the ground or in windowsills. 
  • Spray them with termiticide.
  • Call termite exterminators. 
  • Show them the evidence of winged termites you have killed or vacuumed up. 

Do Termites Fly?

Not all termites fly. The flying termites are called swarmers. They are not flying insects like wasps or mosquitoes who spend their entire lives flying.

These flying termites only do so when they are looking to a new spot to develop a colony and mate. This is short period in their life cycle.

Once they find the right location, they will shed their wings and begin feeding off cellulose found in wood.

Do All Termites Fly?

No. There are several categories of termites:

  • Termite queen or king
  • Workers
  • Soldiers
  • Alates (flying termites)

The Alates are the swarmers that fly. They are the only termites with wings. All termite kings or queens used to have wings. They are the originators of the colony.

They way they fly together create swarms that are unsightly and potentially harmful to locations where they shed their wings and begin colonies.


The next time you see flying termites swarming in your neighborhood, there are some necessary steps to keep them away from your property. It probably rained recently, warm winds are pushing them closer to your area and the lights on your street are inviting them over.

Shut off your lights on your property and inside your windows. Seal all entryways and close all openings for now. Remove excess moisture and keep your area as dry as possible.

Once you notice a bunch of shed wings around your home, this is a sign that flying termites have entered the next stage in their development.

Mating and feasting on wood commences and your problems may get worse. Call a professional for an inspection to reduce your chances of a swarm turning into an infestation.


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