Where Do Wasps Make Nests? {Do Wasps Make Nests in the Ground?}

Wasps are incredibly diligent and hard-working species of insects that will stop at nothing to build their nests. But, where do wasps make nests?

Can they make them in the ground, around your windows or in the hardest to find locations that may actually be located inside your house without you even noticing?

What happens to wasp nests during the winter? In this article, we will try to answer all of these questions and more in order to find out much more information regarding, “Where do wasps make nests?”

Where Do Wasps Make Nests?

Wasps prefer to make nests in areas that are near soft, moist or decaying wood. They are also looking for an area that has a void, crack or cavity. In this location they can burrow into it and build a nest by combining wood pulp from:

  • rotting logs
  • electrical poles
  • eaves
  • awnings
  • roof edges
  • sheds
  • garages

Unfortunately, the inside of your home is not safe from a wasp nest. All it takes is for the queen to make her way into your home and then she can even make a nest in your crawl space, attic or even the bathroom vents.

How Do You Find a Wasp Nest Nearby?

If you’re looking for a wasp nest near your property and you wish to find out if you helpful tips on where to look, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at these following locations when searching for wasp nests:

  • Check your eaves.
  • Look under windowsills.
  • Inspect garden sheds.
  • Shine a light in your garage.
  • Look on or under playground equipment.
  • Examine lawn furniture and patios.
  • Look for gaps in soffits or exterior fascia.
  • Check under wood decks.
  • Look for electrical wiring in or around the utility box.

There are endless locations where wasps can find voids or gaps to build nests. They would like to do so near wood because they will use it as their building material.

Always be safe, covered up and ready for any possibility when you get near wasps. Do not force the encounter and always find your nearest exit point.

How Do You Tell if Wasps Are Building a Nest?

You might be able to tell if wasps are trying to build a nest around your property if you recognize the following signs:

  • swarms of insects
  • lots of buzzing sounds
  • thin visible structures that look like paper
  • strips of wood missing from poles, fences, decks, logs or trees

Once you notice any of these signs above, it’s time to act immediately. You can inform a professional extermination company that can help you deal with the problem or you can tackle on the issue yourself if you don’t notice it getting too bad already.

It will take them four to six months to build that nest so you might be able to get to them before they actually are they able to. Spray the area with peppermint oil, dish soap and water if you can. If not, keep a safe distance and call a professional.

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Do Wasps Stay In Their Nest in Winter?

During the winter, wasps reduce their activity and try to stay in their nest for their hibernation. The problem is, most of these wasps don’t even realize this, but they’re going all going to die. The only survivor is going to be the queen.

Temperatures are going to drop, frost is going to arrive and most of these wasps are going to stop activity altogether and die from the cold. Usually the nest gets abandoned at the sign of the first frost.

Therefore, the queen has no need to stay in this nest and will look for a suitable spot to overwinter and stay warm until it’s time for her to come out in the spring to find another location to build a new nest and start a new colony.

Do Wasps Make Nests in the Ground?

Yes. There are species of wasps that prefer to build nests in the ground. They will look at old burrows built by rodents. These are perfect cavities or voids when they can build their own nests. It’s a perfect location for many wasps because they will go unnoticed.

You will not be able to find the nest. Since the nest stays stealthily hidden, it will be hard for anyone to notice it. You will have to use smoke and dust to treat the ground to prevent any wasps from nesting there.

It will take them about 4 to 6 months to complete the nest. During this time over the spring and summer, you can eradicate and eliminate the possibility of this nest from being created.

If you do not wish to tackle this problem on your own, contact your professional service to assist you.

How Long Does a Wasp Nest Last?

Even though it takes about 4 to 6 months for the nest to be actually built, it may only last about 3 to 4 months. By the end of the summer, the temperature starts to drop and wasps will begin to die off slowly.

Once the weather gets colder right by the end of the fall, there will be no chance for most of these worker wasps to remain alive. They will not be able to fly any longer and it will die off.

Once the colony is dead, the queen has no purpose for the nest any longer. She will find another spot to hibernate and wait for the winter to end until she can start a new nest the following year.


Wasps like to build nests out of wood pulp that is easily stripped off decaying, rotting wood or wooden structures that are not treated. They will use their mandibles, clawing away at it and wishing to build the nest near it.

Remaining close to their building materials will help them complete their job faster. It’s up to you to inspect areas that may end up becoming perfect spots for wasps to build nests around your property.


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