3 Best Horse Fly Masks in 2017: Trusted & Reliable

It feels bad when we see our horse getting tortured by bugs & insects.

You can help him to fight against various kind of bugs like gnats, bees, and others.

But, How?

You can use horse fly spray, but some people don’t like spraying on their equine. Using fly masks for horses is another very effective solution to this problem.

But, wait, what’s the most effective & affordable horse fly mask?

Today, in this article, you’ll read reviews of 3 fly masks which are tested & trusted by hundreds of users.

People love them because they work. So, let’s start.

Top 3 Horse Fly Masks

Cashel Crusader Long Nose Fly Mask with Ears

This horse face mask is manufactured by Cashel, which is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to fly masks.

It’s one of the best horse fly masks with ears which you can find. It blocks 70% of the sun’s UV rays.

It has a patented 3 hole cap design that gives the comfort, eliminates forelock damage, and whether your horse is in the stall or in the pasture, it will remain stationary.

To make it comfortable, the panels are constructed with the soft-coated nylon micromesh. It’ll protect the skin, the soft tissues of the eyes, and the forehead from the insects like gnats, flies etc.

It will also protect the ears. The ears of your horse will remain comfortable in the sheaths, which are made of Wickaway, a soft, moisture-wicking material that is light & silent. It allows the full range of movement for the ears along with giving protection against the insect bites.

Another good thing is that you can purchase it in many different sizes according to your horse. Cashel also offers a without nose mask, if you want.

The price is not high, it’s highly affordable. It’s long-lasting, durable, soft & flexible. It’s everything you need for the protection from insects.

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Farnam SuperMask

This is also a great protection mask, manufactured by the Farnam.

It keeps the debris, dirt, dust, and the flying insects away from your horse’s face & eyes. It gives a full proof protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, and therefore it’ll prevent many eye injuries.

It’s fly proof, but along with that, it’s also soft and comfortable. Your horse will stay comfortable in it, and it’ll not rub on its eyes.

Another thing which makes it different from other fly masks is that, it has double latch closure which is located under the jaw that makes it harder for the other horses to reach.

You can trust on its quality, and it’ll work for months without any problem. With this mask on the equine’s face, you will protect him from all the bugs & insects.

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Kensington Natural Collection Fly Mask

Kensington Fly Mask provides a durable protection against the harmful UV rays, debris, and from the biting insects. To protect your horse from all these things, you need this protect mask.

Many times, we face a problem with the fly masks is that, it opens up, or displace. With the double locking elastic throat latch, this Kensington Natural mask will stay in the place, and therefore, you don’t have check it frequently.

Whether your horse is white, or brown, you can get one similar to you coat that will blend with it. It’ll not ruin the look of your favorite equine. Sometimes, when a horse wearing mask comes in contact with others, then the other horses start pulling and biting it, because it looks different. The natural color similar to your equine’s coat also gives protection to that situation, because this it works like a camouflage.

There will be no sticking, no abrasive, and it’ll allow 78% air to pass. It’s affordable, and one of the best mask for UV rays & flies.

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These were the most popular & effective fly masks for horses. But, when fighting against bugs, wearing just masks is not enough. You have to protect your horse’s full body, and for that you can choose horse sheets.

The price is not high; you can also read the reviews of popular horse sheets.

Have you ever used any horse mask? If yes, then what are your thoughts about using them?

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