About Us

Hello and welcome to thepestmanagement.com Hello, I’m Jason. I have 11 years of experience in dealing with pests and I thought I would create this blog to help others with your pest control needs with easy and affordable tips and tricks for you.

I hope you find the site useful, if you have any feedback for us please post it in a commend on the article or you can contact me via this link.

Meet The Team

Listed below are all the members that run this site and what they do.

1. Jason Barrett

Role : Site Owner
Joined : Since day 1 October 2019
About Me : I have worked for a pest management company in the UK for 1 1years now and I created this site in my spare time to share my knowledge of what I have learned on the job.  I currently have one other author on this site writing content of which I fact check before posting. My Author Page to learn more about me
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2. Brian Arial

Role : Writer
Joined The Team : Brian joined the team in January 2020
About Brian : Brian Arial worked with me in a pest control company for the last 4 years and he really knows he’s stuff.  He’s not been in the industry for as long as me but he has good knowledge dealing with most pests.  I am very happy that Bryan is part of this site. Visit Brian’s Author Page to learn more about him.

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Currently the youtube channel is sharing with another pet site of mine, but I do plan to create a dedicated channel for pest management soon.

What We Do

As I said above we both work for a pest company in the UK.  Most of the call outs we get are rodent based or fly based.

I decided to create this site to help others with dealing with pest issues that you can tend to yourself.

Site History

I have created this site from scratch and added around 100 articles to the site.  I hope they come in useful for you. They also help me to remember what I did on a job if I need to reference it again. 

Bryan started to help me with the site about a year after I created it and he has also added around 100 articles. 

All articles are fact checked but if you think any articles have incorrect information in them please let me know about it.