Homemade Bird Mite Spray for Birds: {Bird Mite Treatment}

killing bird mites on birds

Did you know that mites don’t only feed on humans, they will also feed on humans when they have access to us.

These little vampires drink blood until they get their belly filled. Their bites on humans give irritation, itching, swelling, and leave reddish spots on your skin.

That’s the reason, why you need a bird mite spray.

You can’t live peacefully in a house where bird mites are present.

If you are a bird lover, then it’s necessary for you to do the bird mite treatment of your house.

Tell me if I am wrong.

You are seeing these mites on your birds. You remove them physically, and they appear again.

As, these mites can also feed on humans in the absence of birds, so, it is possible that you are also facing bird mite bites on your skin.

In that case, you want to get rid of them.

But, the question is,

What is the best bird mite killer spray on the market?

You can’t just buy any product and hope that it’ll work.

I highly recommend you to read the whole article, but, if you’re in a hurry, then at least read the next section where I’ll share what is the best insecticide for killing these mites.

I Recommend…

Here, I’ll talk about 2 cases.

Case 1: If there are mites on your birds, then what product you should use to kill them. You need an insecticide that you can spray directly on your bird.

Case 2: If you are facing a bird mite infestation in your house, then a bird mite spray is not the best option. It can kill the mites, but it’ll be very costly for you.

Killing Mites on Birds

If I have to recommend just one product to kill bird mites that are present on your birds, then I’ll recommend Scalex Mite Lice Spray for Birds. (Available on amazon)

I could suggest you a very cheap bird mite spray, but there is no use of that if it doesn’t help your bird.

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This Scalex Mite Lice Spray is a natural organic insecticide that can be used directly on the caged birds, and it is very effective in killing the bird mites.

Before purchasing any product, I suggest you read customer reviews and only buy it if you find it worthy.

You can read the customer reviews of Scalex Mite Lice Spray if you want.

Dealing with Bird Mite Infestation in your House

If you’re facing a bird mite infestation in your house, then purchasing small bottles of bird mite killer spray will be very costly for you.

In that case, I’ll recommend you Onslaught Insecticide for Bird Mites.

It is one of the most effective insecticides for bird mites that you can purchase.

It kills the pest on contact, and you can use it anywhere like indoors, outdoors, bedrooms, and in food-related areas. Just don’t spray it on your food items.

It provides a long-lasting protection over the bird mites, and do not allow them to breed at all.

It is very effective, and therefore bird lovers love it.

You should definitely see the customer reviews and other details of Onslaught Insecticide.

Bird Mite Repellents

If you want a bird mite repellent, then I’ll suggest you choose Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent.

It is effective, long lasting, works on many kinds of insects, and cheap.

There is no better repellent than Sawyer.

Thousands of people use it, and they’re very happy with it.

If you want to purchase it, then the price will not be an issue for you. You can see the reviews and price of Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent on Amazon.

Homemade Bird Mite Spray

There are some homemade bird mite sprays that can be used against bird mites.

Essential oils like tea tree oil, neem oil, citronella, rosemary, eucalyptus and similar ones can be used to kill these mites.

But, are homemade bird mite sprays effective?

Unfortunately, the homemade sprays are not very effective.

You can try them if you want.

If there are a few mites, then you can expect the result will be good.

But, if you are dealing with an infestation or your birds have been attacked by these mites, then I’ll suggest you to not waste your time on the homemade bird mite killers.

Instead, just purchase Scalex Mite Spray or the Onslaught Insecticide.

How to Kill Bird Mites

Killing Bird Mites in your Home

If there is an infestation in your home, and you want to kill each and every bird mite that is hiding in your house, then you have to use a commercial product.

As I told you earlier, Onslaught Insecticide is a great product for killing the mites that are present in your house.

How to Kill Bird Mites on Humans

If the bird mites have attacked any human being, then you don’t want to use a bird spray.

If this is the case, then removing them physically is a time-consuming option, but it is one of the best options you got.

You can take help of some homemade coconut oil blend along with tea tree oil, citronella, rosemary, eucalyptus, and neem oil. This blend of essential oil is able to kill bird mites.

You can also take help of bleach. Cleansing your body with a diluted solution of bleach and water can be an option. But, make sure, the bleach is much diluted.

Removing mites from your hair is a difficult task. You can take help of vinegar and water.

Once you are able to remove all the bird mites from your body, then do not leave your house as it is. You have to get rid of them.

Use any effective insecticide for bird mites to eliminate them from your house.

How to Get Rid of Bird Mites on Pet Birds

If the mites are present on your pet birds, then simply use the Scalex Bird Mite Spray.

It is effective and can be used on birds.

But, once you kill the mites from your pet birds, then don’t forget about it. You have to use the spray after every few days otherwise these little pests can come back.

About these Pests

A lot of people think bird mite are tiny insects which are only associated with birds, so you really don’t see a need for a bird mite insecticide. Sadly, you get surprised when these little tiny insects are said to have been the cause of your illness. Then, you start wondering —bird mites treatment.

It’s always unpleasant. However, in order to combat bird mite and make them stay off, you need to properly understand what bird mites are and their habitat.

It’s really not difficult to figure out what they are. The name, bird mites, seems self-explanatory. Bird mite is a unique species of mite, they feed only on birds. They are like vampires, feeding on blood alone. They get themselves attached to a bird, feed as much as they can until they get their belly filled. Bird mites also have favorite birds they are often seen to be attached to, like —pigeons, chickens, sparrows, and starlings.

What Do Bird Mites Look Like?

Bird mites when they are found not feeding, they appear tiny and clear in color. It’s really difficult to see bird mite when they are not feeding because of it appears colorless. However, when they are feeding, they appear very dark in color due to the bird’s blood all over them.

They are dangerous pests, with their saliva being the cause of itching.

Although they have their natural food as bird’s blood, these pests sometimes improvise feeding on human blood instead. This improvisation happens when birds have their nest close to or on your house. Immediately these nests are abandoned by the birds, the nest needs to feed or the only option they have is feeding on you.

Bird mites have it easy to feed on humans blood, they have all the advantage — tiny, can pass through cracks and have clear color — this is an infestation.

The infestation affects any living thing at home — humans, and pets alike. Although they cause no serious issue to our health but might be a little unpleasant: Itching and severe irritation; Reddish spots on the skin; Discomfort and swelling; Infections from scratching.

Dust Mites or Bird Mites?

Bird Mite Looks

Most people get confused, they think mites generally as dust mites. This is so because most common allergies caused by mites are actually dust mites doing. Bird mites, if not properly attended to might lead to serious health issues.

Why Should You Get Rid of Bird Mites?

Do you keep feeling bitten at night? And you curious why — nights? They are mostly active at night, you might end up unable to sleep at all.

They love to stay on beds, where they can breed perfectly and use the fabrics to protect their eggs.

It’s much worse when they infest your home. You find them all over your bed, cloth, chairs, wardrobe, hair and even your skin.

Female bird mites feed more on blood because they need to lay more eggs. When your home is already infested with these little, tiny creatures, bird mites treatment can really be challenging.

How to Get Rid of Bird Mites?

How to Kill Bird Mites

They are common ways of getting rid of bird mites, same principle used in preventing dust mites.

  • Wash your bed regularly with hot water.
  • Use the special bird mites repellant cover —zippered vinyl to protect your beddings.
  • Always try vacuuming and dusting your home frequently.
  • Use bird mites insecticide to stop the little creature from biting you to attenuate the possibility of irritation.
    Removing bird mites physical from your skin is very effective. Doing this requires you cover yourself with a homemade coconut oil blend — neem oil, tea tree, eucalyptus, citronella, and rosemary essential oils — the blend is effective in killing bird mites and the coconut oil should be rubbed all over your body so they are not able to stick to your skin. This may take an up to a week until your home is totally free from them.
  • Most people believe lying in a bath is more effective than showering. This concept is wrong because mite won’t get killed or eliminated by just lying in a bath. However, you can shower with hot water — loofah and Epsom salt to get mites off your skin.
  • You should also cleanse your body using bleach and water (Note: make sure it is very diluted). Look for a spray bottle and mix both the bleach and water inside it. When showering, be careful not to allow the diluted bleach into your eyes.
  • Mites also hide in our hairs, so getting them off might be a little challenging. Wash your hair with a mixture of vinegar and water. You can also add to tea tree oil to your shampoo, which is an effective natural ingredient is killing bird mites.
  • When doing your laundries, make use of hot water and add ammonia solution to your laundry detergents. You need to dry your clothing and bedding in the sun (you need heat). These process can be repeated few times until you are sure the mites are all gone.
  • This steps above might help prevent the infestation. However, it might not be totally effective with the bird’s nests still close to your home. Also, get all cracks and holes fixed to keep your house totally safe from bird mites.
  • You can also use some effective bird mite spray for home.

Bird Mites Treatment 

Bird Mite Spray

For Caged Birds

Some of us have bird mites living with us, we have birds as pets which is a host. So, the best way to prevent an infestation is to kill the pests in the bird’s nest.

8 In 1 UltraCare Mite and Lice Spray, 8-Ounce pump

The 8 in 1 is an effective spray that kills bird mites and lice. It’s manufactured by Eight in One (8 in 1) to help combat major problems faced by caged birds. It’s really easy and safe to use. You can spray directly on the birds.


  • Kills mites and lice on all caged bird
  • May be sprayed directly on the bird
  • Safe and effective when used as directed
  • 8 oz spray bottle


  • It has proven effective to kill mites
  • Affordable price
  • Safe and easy to use


  • It might not be able effective if there is an infestation
  • Works only on birds

Scalex for Birds – Mite & Lice Spray – 32 ounce

Scalex is an insecticide bird mite spray which helps kill bird mites. Unlike it other, Scalex for birds is a natural organic insecticide, manufactured by Gimborn-redi. It has proven effective in combating mites originating from cages.

Direction for use: For effective bird mites treatment, apply twice a week on birds and in cages. While applying, be careful not to spray the bird’s eye, as it may cause serious damage. Also, during the period of spraying with Scalex wash the bird’s cage thoroughly with hot water.

It is one of the best bird mite killer sprays on the market.


  • Economical
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Effective with good positive ratings
  • Uses natural ingredients


  • Might not be effective when there is an infestation
  • Can cause harm if sprayed onto the eyes

Bird Mites insecticide

Bird Mite Insecticide

This is best used outside the bird’s cage. It will help control and kill bird mites either indoor or outdoor.

Onslaught Insecticide

This is a very effective insecticide, it performs well in contact with the pest. This product works perfectly anywhere — indoors, outdoors, bedrooms, and food-related areas. Onslaught insecticide is fast-acting and have long-lasting control over bird mites infestation and do not allow them to breed at all.

Using Onslaught Insecticide on infested locations and areas where your pets stay will help eliminate bird mites.


  • Effective in stopping mites from breeding
  • Applicable everywhere
  • Last longer effective on mites
  • Works on birds and pets alike.


  • Price

Bird Mites Repellant

Permethrin Insect Repellent by Sawyer

Bird mites are known to hide in fabrics and clothing. So, making use of sprays and insecticides may not be effective. This product by Sawyer is produced to be a repellant to all insects. However, the permethrin repellant kills bird mites and certain other insects.

It’s completely safe to apply on your clothing, fabrics, plastics and much more. Permethrin repellant is completely odorless when dry and stainless.

Directions for use: for optimum results, you should follow the instructions written on the product.


  • Proven effective with good customers review
  • Safe to apply on your clothing
  • Odorless and stainless


  • Price

Eco Living Friendly by ELF brand

This is a safe, unique and non-toxic bird mites repellant. It is used to control all kinds of mites. Anywhere you are home, hotels, hospital, school and many more, it totally safe to use. Also, unlike many other repellents, you can apply on your skin, pets, and wash with it.


Bird mites infestation can start anytime, anywhere. Although they may differ in species they are all the same. They are unpleasant having they around us. They pose the same problem and symptoms.

It’s a wrong idea to wait until your home gets infected before starting the bird mites treatment. Infestation might be really challenging, so get you home free from mites.

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