Can You Burn Logs With Woodworm? {Should You Be Worried?}

Do you have any logs lying around that you wish to use for building or burning? What if these logs have cavities and holes drilled through them naturally from the effect of woodworms? Can you burn logs with woodworms?

Infected Timber is no fun to have around your home. If you have them and you are not worried about burning them, should you do so if you know that they had been infected by woodworms?

Should you be worried about woodworms in firewood? In this article, we will find out the answer to the question, “Can you burn logs with woodworm?”

Can You Burn Logs With Woodworm?

Yes. Even though woodworms have been present inside dry or moist timber, you can decide to bring it outside in burn it.

The risk of logs that are infected with woodworms may involve the spread of them two other boards and joists that are integral for your home’ s structural integrity.

The larvae or woodworms would have a hard time infecting dry timber, but storing it outside under the covers or burning them will not be an issue for concern.

Burning Woodworm Infected Timber – Yes or No?

Yes. If you have an old property where you are noticing joists or chipboards that are full of woodworms, take them out cut them up and burn them away. You can throw them in a wood burner or an outdoor fire.

Keep this wood logs away from the rest of your home. Look around for fresh holes that woodworms may have caused in new timber.

Do not leave old infested wood lined up around or close to other types of timber or lumber that is going to be of use for you in your renovation process or for any other purpose.

Should I Be Worried About Woodworms in Firewood?

The larval stage of beetles is where woodworms become present in firewood. If you are concerned about woodworms present inside moisture rotting wood, you should decide to burn them right away.

You can also make attract woodworms to old pieces of wood that you are getting ready to burn. Leave them away from new or fresh timber and lumber that you are going to use for other purposes.

In time, if these infected logs develop with woodworms, grab the entire pile and burn them on an open fire.

How Do You Treat a Piece of Wood That Has Been Attacked by Woodworm?

If you have a piece of wood that is attacked by woodworms, you can treat them in the following ways

  • dip
  • spray
  • brush

Furniture beetles or wood-boring beetles in their larval stage are known as woodworms. If you can treat all affected timber with Permethrin based treatment that you can either dip, spray or brush, you will be able to protect these items from any outbreaks of woodworms in the future.

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Woodworm in Logs

Woodworms contained in logs will not transfer over to the rest of the lumber in your house if you maintain a safe distance. Keep the logs at least 20 feet away from your home.

Get a basket to store the logs if they are going to be in your home. You do not want the logs to make direct contact with the surfaces of your floorboards.

This would prevent any risks of woodworms being transferred from a log into your floorboard. Also keep in mind that timbers is usually soaked in chemicals during the construction process. This would prevent them from rotting and it would also keep woodworms away from it.

How to Treat Firewood for Woodworms?

When you have logs of wood that are cut fresh, you are inviting many types of insects to move in including woodworms.

You need to remove the wood from the forest quickly and cut them into smaller logs before you store them in a basket that is covered.

Do not let the firewood make direct contact with any other wood in your home. Once they are exposed to air the wood will begin to cure. Firewood should be kept away from moist or damp spaces. This would prevent woodworms from infecting it.

If you wish to put it on any type of wood treatment, the chemicals in them would prevent woodworms from penetrating through.

How to Dispose of Wood with Woodworm

You will find holes in wood that beetles are trying to emerge after passing through their larval stage where they were known as woodworms. Between April and September they will mate and lay eggs in the wood.

The wood can be disposed by burning it or chipping it. You can also send it to a landfill. Burning logs of wood that are infected with woodworms is a common way to get rid of these pesky little pests.

Where Can Woodworm Be Found Outside?

Woodworms can be found in and out of our homes. They can infest:

  • Skirting boards
  • Floorboards
  • Joists
  • Logs
  • Firewood

You may find wood worms in a variety of hardwood trees including:

  • Elm
  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Willow

If the logs are old, decaying, rotting or withering away due to old age or disease, woodworms or the beetles in there adult will be drawn to it. Woodworms enjoy fungal decay as well.

Are Woodlice and Woodworm the Same Thing?

Woodworms and woodlice are not the same thing. Would lice are harmless, but it would be a nuisance if they infested in large numbers. Woodworms are actually wood-boring beetles and their larval state.

If the adult beetles lay their eggs inside the cracks of wooden objects, they will be infected. Woodlice are known to eat decaying vegetable matter and would leave your wooden objects alone.


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